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Defense Sec. Mattis Hails U.S.-Saudi Relations as War Pushes Yemen to Brink of Famine

Saudi King Salman receives US Secretary of Defense James Mattis. PHOTO: Al Arabia/SPA

19 April 2017

DEMOCRACY NOW — U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in Saudi Arabia Tuesday for the first stop on his week-long trip to the Middle East and North Africa. Speaking on the plane to reporters, Mattis hailed the U.S.-Saudi Arabia relationship.

Defense Secretary James Mattis: “We’re on our way. First stop, Saudi Arabia. As you know, this is a nation that has been a key security ally since 1944, when FDRand the king began this relationship. They remain a pillar of our security framework for the region and for American interests.”

In Riyadh, Secretary Mattis called for a political solution to the ongoing war in Yemen, where the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition has been fighting Houthi rebels. More than 10,000 people have been killed, the majority killed by the Saudi bombing campaign, and the war has pushed Yemen to the brink of famine.

The UN World Food Programme warns Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) is at an alarming stage in most of war-torn Yemen, reaching levels of 25.1 percent. Only international food aid can save war victims from starvation. PHOTO: WFP/Asmaa Waguih

While in Riyadh, Mattis also called North Korea’s recent failed missile test “reckless.” The Guardian is reporting the U.S. military is considering plans to shoot down future North Korean missile tests and that Mattis has briefed Congress on the possible escalation.

2 Comments on Defense Sec. Mattis Hails U.S.-Saudi Relations as War Pushes Yemen to Brink of Famine

  1. only the mafia ever use the phrase “pillar of teh community”, and “american interests” is capitalism speak for OIL

  2. House of Saud has long been compromised by Mossad/Jewish agents of change. The british oil relations with the middle east go back 120 years now.
    Only reason we want to bomb N. Korea and not Riyadh.
    Same reason China is not on N. Korea’s side in the ‘war’. Mao Tse Tung was another hand picked agent by Yale of all people. China has been compromised since.

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