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An Honest Meditation for Truthers and Conspiracy Realists

Use the following meditation with a dose of B-12 and maca powder to ward off black magic, cultural Marxism, the Crime Syndicate and New Age gibberish/nonsense. Use to manage the gift of being awake.

Research into the hypoalgesic effect of swearing showed that the use of profanity can help reduce the sensation of pain. This phenomenon is particularly strong in people who do not use such words on a regular basis. For maximum effect, do properly and in moderation [“11 Reasons Cursing Is Good For The Soul“].

The study by Keele University researchers found volunteers who cursed could endure pain nearly 50% longer than civil-tongued peers.

Advanced Fuck That Meditation

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  1. All jokes aside, I like (((Lloyd Glauberman)))’s Hypno-peripheral processing, binaural beats are good, too. Reducing stress is critical for the nationalist. It is disheartening to observe the ongoing dissolution of our society and feel impotent. Mens sana in corpore sano.

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