UK: Schools Ban Girls From Wearing Bows – Just Another Attack on Healthy Genders

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By Penarddun | 3 March 2017

DAILY STORMER — Everything is done for a reason.

(((They))) will not stop until every white child is on-board the faggot train.

Manchester Evening News:

A mum says teachers are treating JoJo bows ‘like guns‘ by banning them from schools.

We reported last week how the huge, brightly-coloured hair clips have become the latest trend among young girls.

Usually worn to decorate a high ponytail, they have become a must-have fashion accessory thanks to JoJo Siwa, a 13-year-old YouTube star and dancer in the US reality show Dance Moms.

I had no clue these big bows were back in style, and I was certainly happy to hear that girls are currently getting back into wearing them again as it is a step in a very traditional direction.

Nothing is greater than thinking that a child is actually embracing their gender instead of deliberately going against it.

Of course though, that sort of healthy activity must be and will be stopped.

But some schools aren’t happy and at least two in Manchester – Victoria Park Junior School in Stretford and Fairfield Community Primary in Bury – have reportedly banned them altogether.

While one headteacher says they are a source of distraction in the classroom, parents with children at the schools say it’s a step too far.

A mum with children at Victoria Park said her daughters simply want to follow the latest trend but have been told to remove them at school.

She told the M.E.N: “They looked nice and I didn’t have a problem with the girls wearing them to school as it wasn’t going to interfere with their school work, it was just the latest fashion and the trend the girls wanted to wear.

The girls then came home and said jojo bows are now banned from the school because that’s all the girls talk about. I couldn’t believe it, how petty is the school to ban hair bows.

Heaven forbid a little girl wants to look and act like a little girl. […]

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