‘There Are No Moderate Rebels’ – Tulsi Gabbard Destroys the Deep State’s Syria Narrative

A massive shipment of ground-to-ground 'Grad' missiles sent by US allies (and the CIA?) to rebels fighting against the Syrian government in 2016. PHOTO: via Ron Paul Institute

By Michael Krieger | 28 February 2017

LIBERTY BLITZKRIEG — Tulsi Gabbard has continued to impress ever since she came on the national scene last year with her courageous and very public support for Bernie Sanders in the rigged Democratic primary.

Most recently, she continued to demonstrate her knowledge of geopolitics and willingness to stand up to America’s unelected government, aka the Deep State, in a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Note, the clip is about a month old, but important to watch if you haven’t. 

If the Democrats have any hope of becoming a decent opposition party which not only resists the worst of Trump, but also rejects the perverted neoliberal/Deep State ideology currently embraced by establishment Dems, Tulsi Gabbard will have to play a key role. […]

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