False Flags and Staged Deceptions: What’s the End Game for the Crime Syndicate?

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People may ask what’s the point of reality- or deception-based false flags. The primary strategy is trauma and tension through images of terror. In the case of the Berlin and Nice “truck attacks” and the Brussels airport commotion, it was more Muslim boogeyman demonization for the purpose of warmongering in the Middle East and stirring ethnic tensions in Europe. In addition, these are used to intimidate compromised European governments to toe the line.

But I always watch the narrative for what else is on the plate. In many cases, the Crime Syndicate rolls out one of the most nefarious, rancidly corrupt, smooth-talking criminals and liars that they have: media spinmeister John Miller, who was instrumental in the 9/11 false-flag plot.

In the first video below, you can hear Mr. “Has All The Answers” Miller spin a yarn just before the second WTC building was eviscerated on 9/11. Sitting in the network studio, he declares that the building is “leaning.” In the second video, Miller blathers about another take-your-eye-off-the-ball decoy, something about how WTC #7 dropping “is good news and will help with the rescues.” In nearly every appearance, Miller’s whole purpose seems to be disassembling reality and calmly doing so right in your face. Someone should put together a “Best of John Miller” Youtube video so we can fully process his nonsense.

Miller alternates between working for corrupt mainstream broadcast news and for the NYPD as a “terror expert.” By way of background, Miller’s father was a well-known columnist and a close friend of Luciano crime family boss Frank Costello, whose wife, Lauretta, was Miller’s godmother. Miller married (((Emily Helen Altschul))), daughter of banking mogul and Goldman Sachs Group partner Arthur Goodhart Altschul and member of the Lehman family. What an ideal Crime Syndicate pedigree.

Miller’s latest spiel is about eliminating your privacy in communications and the internet. Once again, he is up to no good and states, “We’re seeing not just iPhones that can’t be cracked but entire communication systems that are designed to be impenetrable, and we’re seeing those become the primary tools of terrorists.” Funny thing is that the latest Wikileaks dump completely refutes that yarn.

The fact of the matter is that Miller’s friends already have the technology to hack encryption. Recently, it was revealed that Israel’s Cellebrite is helping the FBI hack iPhone encryption. The idea now is to legalize it and remove all impediments.

And it looks like this agit-prop is going to be ramped up even further. There’s now a story that 400 ISIS terrorist boogeymen are on the loose in Europe and the U.S.

As ISIS wreaked havoc on Goy nations like a Golem run amok, did you ever wondered why Israel was never attacked by ISIS (aka ISIL, aka Daesh)? Well, I did. We finally saw “an event” recently and what a B-team fraud it was! At minimum, absolutely watch 1:40-2:20 of the second of the two videos below.

4 Comments on False Flags and Staged Deceptions: What’s the End Game for the Crime Syndicate?

  1. ISIS/Turrorists never seem to attack any place or anyone of substance. It is always aimed at poor/middle class targets.
    Gee, wonder why that is.

  2. He said the fire was burning “down” the building. Hold a match straight up and watch it burn itself up — or extinguish itself. How did ((( they ))) know people would be so stupefied!!!

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