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Trailer for ‘Racist’ Netflix Series ‘Dear White People’ Gets a Million Dislikes in Just 1 Day and Sparks Customer Revolt

  • Controversial new programme has garnered a huge backlash
  • Numerous subscribers have cancelled their Netflix service in response
  • Users slammed the forthcoming show as ‘not reverse racism, just racism’
  • One of it’s writers, Jack Moore, posted on Twitter: ‘F***white people’
  • It’s claimed the company deleted 100,000 negative comments from YouTube

By Peter Lloyd | 10 February 2017

DAILY MAIL — The trailer for a controversial new Netflix programme has sparked a fierce race row – losing the entertainment company numerous customers in the process.

More than 250,000 ‘dislikes’ were registered for the Dear White People preview on Friday, just 24 hours after it was officially uploaded to YouTube.

But the true scale of the discontent could be much higher after claims the online broadcaster deleted both a million views and 100,000 accompanying negative comments. […]

1 Comment on Trailer for ‘Racist’ Netflix Series ‘Dear White People’ Gets a Million Dislikes in Just 1 Day and Sparks Customer Revolt

  1. I’ve actually seen the Spike Lee movie Dear White People and it isn’t what is portrayed in the trailer. In fact, the trailer is meant to derive the response it got, from blacks and whites alike. The plot of the movie sees uppity african americans at an Ivy League college, tired of mockery by their white 1% spoiled brat types who dominate the college scene. The protagonist oddly enough is a closet gay black guy who isn’t into ‘african’ things or the ritual chest thumping we see in the trailer. This black loner is outcast from the ‘true african’ clique and goes his own way. Spike Lee was an admirer of Malcom X, but I can’t speak for his motives or meanings behind the movie but the title and trailer alone are meant to snare the lowly TV watchers of this country. What I got from it, (as an avid reader of TNN and proud of my families lineage) was to take your own path in society and not get caught up in racial politics or group think/hegelian dialectic. I feel strange saying that as Spike Lee comes across sometimes as one who would promote old Bill Hegel’s dialectic….

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