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To #WomensMarch: A Comment on the Male-Priviledge Claim

The chart above shows the St. Louis Fed’s latest report on labor participation among U.S.-born men (aka “natives”). Looks like the last eight years of Obamanomics has really put the lid on the coffin and accelerated an already bad trend — and this in a supposed “recovery.” Also see “Immigrants Replace Low-Skill Natives in Work Force.”

Among natives without a high school degree, the fraction who were neither working nor looking for work rose from 26 percent in 1994 to 35 percent in 2015. Over the same period, the fraction of their immigrant counterparts who were out of the labor force actually declined from 12 percent to 8 percent.

This is the so-called native-born male privilege that the social justice warrior (SJW) cucks and bitches go on and on about. Black males have suffered worst of all under this Matrix scam. Don’t miss what I have to say about this SJW plague.

No wonder the U.S. has created an on-the-plantation police state. No wonder mind-numbing drugs are being aerosoled overhead and put into the drinking water. And The Big D (depression) is close at hand. This is a volcano ready to erupt.

5 Comments on To #WomensMarch: A Comment on the Male-Priviledge Claim

  1. Excellent point, Russ. But this particular march isn’t about women or women’s issues. There are plenty of real issues for women that could be brought to the fore with this rally, but I don’t hear any of them being discussed today. Rather, this so-called #WomensMarch is just an anti-Trump rally. As a woman, I’m disgusted to see the Dems co-opt women and women’s issues this way. But what else is new, right?

  2. So true. My son, 26 college degree in humanities,complains about it all the time. Says the women have become hostile and combative, everyone is hired by staffing agencies and few people have real company jobs. Many of his friends, reasonably intelligent guys, have no jobs at all. The girls get hired though ( part of the SJW strategy for sure ). These women don’t get it; they can’t see the erosion set in motion by the SJW machine and they will suffer for it. The guys will bail. There’s a very delicate dynamic that allows men to achieve their full potential alongside women achieving their own fulfillment. We just keep moving away from it. Trump’s Chabbad tendancies are not a positive factor, but if he can get jobs back for the guys, it will be a start. I don’t like DeVos either, but the SJW indoctrination of the public school system has made quite a mess. Perhaps we’re ripe for the disruption principle. I say no more public schools, make them all charter and let the games begin.

    • I hear you loud and clear, Douteux55, and only disagree with your faith in charter schools. IMHO charter schools sound good in theory but in practice are really only another way to open the public purse to private interests and maintain govt control over education…a better approach would be to credit/refund back to parents who home school or private school all of the property tax monies that they paid to support public schools….benefits would be better education (much better!) and a drastic reduction in the public school monster (charter schools are part of the monster)….

      • You’re right that charters are bogus but if we had nothing but them, no public schools for holding pens, then people might see how they really work. Just refunding tax credits to the religious right doesn’t entirely solve the problem either but chabbad wants religious schools covered and they’ll get it. Kushner.

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