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Pizzagate: Formation Of The Government Narrative


By Herschel Smith | 11 December 2016

CAPTAINS JOURNAL — There has been a lot found over the last week or so concerning #Pizzagate. To begin with, watch this video, or if you don’t want to, read the transcript of what she says. She is wife of a Mafioso, and she says that the royals and politicians are killing and raping children for “fun.”

Did you read the transcript? Make sure you do. This isn’t fake news, it’s just news you won’t be told by the U.S. government or the MSM. The American MSM traffics in fake news. I do not. Here is another report.

Next up, the Washington Post, NYT (this link works too) and ABC News have all scrubbed the news report of Norway’s pedophile ring bust.  It was initiated by an AP report, and it’s accurate.  Norway isn’t denying it, and it won’t go away.  In all, 150 Terabytes of data and information was seized.

So what is the MSM in America is trying to cover up?  Is there a connection to TCF?  What is it that the MSM doesn’t want you to know?  How far does this go, and how widely across the isle do the fingers point? […]

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