Satanic Forces of Darkness Double Down

This election has brought a lot of dark people into the public eye. It’s all coming together: black magic, satanic rituals, sex cults (obsession with pizza, pasta, sauce and cheese) and satanic-ritual pedophilia. The extent of this surprises even us here at Winter Watch, though our authors have written about it and exposed it for some time. We ran the article “Wikileaks Proves Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along” well before the latest Podesta bombshells.

conntvixyaafapxIt’s just that we always felt there were good guys or white hats in the background. At worst, we thought there were some neutral non-Satanists even within the Clinton ranks. Alas, we were too optimistic. Sadly, it is really looking like the virtuous have been thoroughly purged and compromised. Our article on America firsters James Forrestal and Admiral Inman describe the model used. As it is, the majority of high level government officials are on hotel CCTV with prostitutes and have dossiers with which the Crime Syndicate can go public. It is also obvious that many others are part of the homosexual-pedos or pervert network. This, in turn, means the system finds the worst sort of operatives and psychopaths. This elaborate cult network controls politics, the flow of information and culture.

Accordingly, humanity is in the grip of a vicious Satanic cult, whose power is so great that they can make their winning war against normalcy seem inevitable. Even when their plots are exposed, they can convince everyone that it is racist, hateful and in bad taste to believe it. I am taken aback with how the cult Crime Syndicate uses reverse projection and scripts describing those who see the truth as “dark” or “deplorable.”


Not surprisingly, HRC decided to wrap up her campaign by doubling down with her satanic friends at a rally in Cleveland. Hilda had a good turnout for a change thanks to Jay Z and Beyonce, who took the stage alongside her. Several other degenerate rappers were also in tow. Recently, (((People))) magazine ran a twisted, upside-down, dystopian cover claiming Beyonce is the world’s most beautiful woman. Whodathunk?

Jay Z decked out in his Alistar Crowley sportswear. Nothing to see here, move along?

Jay Z is presented as an icon of diversity and “inclusion.” HRC quoted some of his gibberish about Martin Luther King and on which WW won’t waste space or time. In reality, “icon” Jay Z is reverse projection as well. He is notorious for using racial epithets and calling women “bitches” and “hoes” and other blacks “niggers.” He promotes lewdness and drug culture. There is nothing redeeming about him.

This photo of Jay Z with Spirit Cooking queen Marina Abramovic pretty much says it all.

But apparently, since Jay Z is an established tool of the satanic cult, this is okay. The rest of us are called “dark, frightening deplorables” in this Kosher, upside-down dream world. Even before the release of the Wikileaks emails, we were introduced to a photo of Jay Z and his pal, Ms. Spirit Cooking herself. It’s a network alright.

Weirdo Marina Abramovic whets the appetites of fellow satanists by presenting herself as edible ‘art.’

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  1. Trump camp child-rape-tied extortion – Patent lawyer Thomas Francis Meagher, who stepped up to represent Katie Johnson, who said she was raped by Donald Trump at age 13, was threatened with legal sanctions, potential lifetime disbarment & personal bankruptcy, if he didn’t abandon the victim … and the same threat applies to any other lawyer, hence the case was ‘dropped’ by her lawyer in terror, tho Katie maintains her testimony that Trump raped her.

    The ‘Law Newz’ website – snidely protective of the ‘rights’ of wealthy people like Trump & Clinton, & the USA gangster lawyers who serve them – reports this threat by Trump’s lawyer Alan Garten.

    Trump’s 79-year-old older sister (born 1937), United States Federal (national) Appeals Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, right below the Supreme Court, holds a high position in the USA judge-&-law-firm bribery apparatus, & can help ensure the ‘legal procedure’ rules are twisted against anyone

    The world is deceived about the US legal system because of the impression conveyed by Hollywood movies & the ubiquitous US television shows. People also trust in fraudulent organisations such as the USA ‘American Civil Liberties Union’ – ACLU, which represents CIA fakers Snowden & Assange, and also the paedophilic ‘Man – Boy Love Association’ … whilst refusing to assist most actual US legal system victims, de-legitimising them ‘because even the ACLU is not interested’.

    The reality is that lawyers in the US are regularly dis-barred & bankrupted, even jailed, for bringing a case opposing major US political figures, or especially judge bribery (e.g., senior lawyer Richard Fine of Los Angeles, dis-barred & even jailed) … facts & truth & law do not matter, when such extortion is serving top political figures.

    Katie Johnson cannot turn to the Clinton campaign – as the Clintons are also involved in such legal system extortion – or the CIA & Mossad agent Julian Assange – who is as quiet about USA legal corruption as he is quiet about Israel, even though Assange has files on corruption of US national-federal judges whom Assange claims to fear would put him on trial.

  2. Here I was ready to spread this story far and wide until I ran across the ((( ))). I’m not going to explain to my friends and family why I sent thtm to a racist, antisemitic website to learn the truth about something. It’s utterly devastating to your credibility with the regular folks…

  3. From:
    “Netanel Lederberg claims that Frank had a Gnostic philosophy wherein there was a “true God” whose existence was hidden by a “false God”. *This “true God” could allegedly only be revealed through a total destruction of the social and religious structures created by the “false God”*, thus leading to a thorough antinomianism.”

  4. Seems it’s getting so if one wants to expose this satanic garbage without getting deplatformed or whatever one has to write fiction novels with such characters who get theirs in the end (including a Jay-Z/Beyonce type except not pop or rap). One way or another it needs to be exposed since it’s only getting worse, and I will help expose it! Been doing this since the late 90s (when rock music really started getting as bad as it could…today’s rap and hip-hop and pop… can it get any worse?)

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