CNN Wages War On Alt Media As Clinton Camp Implodes

By Baxter Dmitry | 3 November 2016

YOUR NEWS WIRE — CNN, the network so thoroughly exposed by WikiLeaks as a propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling party, have declared war on alternative media, warning their viewers that independent outlets are “biased” and “misleading.”

An article by Brian Stelter headlined “The plague of fake news is getting worse — here’s how to protect yourself” lays out guidelines for CNN’s audience to follow while they navigate the big, bad world outside of CNN’s media empire.

Stelter informs his audience that alternative news sites can be broken down into three categories:

#1, Hoax sites with totally made-up news headlines that try to trick you;
#2, Hyperpartisan sites that aren’t lying, per se, but are misleading, because they only share good news about your political party and bad news about the other party;
#3, “Hybrids” that purposely mix a little bit of fact and then a lot of fiction.

Let’s get this straight. The network that enabled employee Donna Brazile to funnel debate question to Hillary Clinton, and only fired her after it was revealed by WikiLeaks that she did it more than once, is accusing alternative media of being “hyperpartisan” and “misleading.”

The same network that has been exposed by leaks as having at least nine senior employees who wine and dine with the Clinton campaign manager – at his house – with the express purpose of colluding to “frame the HRC message” and “frame the race.”

This is the network accusing alternative media of being “hyperpartisan” and “corrupt.”

Speaking of WikiLeaks, CNN is the network that did its best to discredit the whistleblowing organization by promoting the unfounded establishment propaganda about Russian links – and was caught lying to Americans about their First Amendment rights by claiming it is illegal to “possess these stolen emails” and therefore everything viewers learn about WikiLeaks publications must be “learnt through us.

This is the network claiming that alternative media “tries to trick you.” […]

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