5-Year Anniversary: Fall of Gaddafi, Disintegration Report

“We came, we saw, he died! Ha, ha, ha.” — Hillary Clinton’s sense of humor about death of Gaddafi

Par for the course, five years after Muammar Gaddafi was taken down, one of the principal criminals of the operation, Hillary Clinton, looks set to become POTUS, and the current POTUS smugly mocks Donald Trump for his doubts about American faux elections. This affords a juncture in which to gauge the results of the ongoing Libya back to the Stone Ages operation that these two “buck stops here” frauds and criminals organized.

Libya is currently in total disorder, as chaos rules supreme. Oil revenue has been slow to renew. Different warlords and gangs marginally control the major cities. Naturally, “ISIS” — which is nothing more than paid mercenaries and phantoms from around the world — holds the town of Sirte. This affords the opportunity for U.S. warplanes to reign airstrikes on that town to reduce it to rubble. Judging from this video, it looks like mission accomplished, to borrow a phrase from George W. Bush.

Vladimir Putin explains (as diplomatically as is possible) the hypocrisy and deceit (contradiction between words and acts) involved in terms that anyone with an I.Q. over 84 could comprehend.

In our stories from Around the Web today, we learn that the International Organization for Migration has found that 71 percent of migrants travelling from North Africa to Europe have experienced exploitation and trafficking. Nearly half of the migrants surveyed (49 percent) indicated that during the course of their journey, they had been held in a location against their will in circumstances that amounted to kidnapping for ransom.

How is it that none of this happened under Gaddafi’s watch, but it is epidemic now? Why is it that NATO and Obama have their hands completely tied on the trafficking? They don’t have the intelligence, drones and operatives on hand to interdict this? And why is it that only once in Europe do the criminals (aka “humanitarians”) have the migrant assistance and welcome organizations there at the ready? There’s that “contradiction between words and acts.” If you ignore this or are ignorant, then you have blood on your hands. I see none of the leftists “humanitarian” groups involved in halting the trafficking whatsoever, only with the encouraging of “into the darkness” migration; and once in Europe, facilitating weaponized migration. I submit the whole operation is one and the same.

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