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The Hillary Trance, Coughing, Phlegm Trainwreck

As indicated, I no longer watch mainstream media, so have little idea of what the American populace is calling “news” these days. Most by now are probably aware that Hillary Clinton does not appear to be a healthy person. But when you look closely at the overall scene, this appears to be much more than an unwell individual. More accurately, she’s a trainwreck.

The latest jaw dropper was yet another coughing fit, which can be viewed below. Take note that she discharges two large pieces of what appears to be hardened phlegm into a water glass. Some are claiming these are throat lozenges — but does a healthy person suck lozenges while making a speech? Furthermore, almost a full week had elapsed since her last speech, so a tired speaking voice doesn’t make sense either. This is not just a summer cold either, as a whole series of coughing attacks over time are shown here.

There is no shame in illness, but there is plenty of shame in a Presidential candidate deceiving the voters about it.  For heaven sake, the entire country will be impacted by this sick, going-down-hill woman in the White House. Congestive heart disease? Vascular Dementia? Parkinson’s disease? All three? Shame on medical professionals for not speaking out and shame on the Crime Syndicate networks for firing one that did, Dr. Drew. Here she can’t even speak. What kind of reckless, selfish woman and system would permit this? It is Shakespearean in scale.

This is illness, a seizure not personality.

What is the larger-picture game plan with this? Does Hillary bow out pre-election or afterward in favor of Soros’ handpicked stooge Tim Kaine? The odds of this being a normal election and presidential hand off is quite low.


But it gets worse. Hillary has a handler whose role is to keep her ticking when she trances or zones out, probably as a result of her brain vascular injury. He is also seen stabilizing Clinton when she ambles about like a woman of at least 80.


This medical handler is shown here openly carrying an injectable device of what is likely Diazepam, first marketed as Valium. This is a medication of the benzodiazepine family that typically produces a calming effect and is used for treatment of anxiety, panic attacks, states of agitation and seizures. It is commonly prescribed, perhaps too much so, but the handler must feel the situation is so precarious that he has the injectable in his hand and at the ready.

Next, we see Hillary zoning out as she prepares to give a speech. In this instance, the handler coaches her not once but twice “to keep talking, you’re okay.” The handler actually makes physical contact with his hand, which is very unusual security protocol. The response of the handler was very quick and, until he actually touched her, Clinton appeared very disoriented.

Furthermore there are strong indications that Hillary is wearing a catheter for unknown purposes under her pant leg.

This whole election and these scenes stink to high heaven and point to a deliberate trainwrecking of the 2016 presidential election.

14 Comments on The Hillary Trance, Coughing, Phlegm Trainwreck

  1. Some moments I fear the cabal is handling big issues rather expertly, using real truth itself as a weapon to push people where the cabal wants … here, the ‘Hillary Clinton truth’ which is already partly mainstream media … alongside some ‘migrant crime wave truth’ … and even some ‘globalisation undermines workers’ truth

    One can see an endgame, of ‘revolutionary populist nationalists’ taking power across the board … all supposedly ‘insurgent radical’ but pro-Israel etc & ready to co-ordinate in what pretends to be ‘anti-NWO’ but may well be NWO 2.0 … MSM pretends to hate Trump etc but I really wonder if they are just superbly playing on how sheeple don’t trust media

    The induced migrant invasion & rape crime waves & gangs taking over German cities etc, shows the cabal expertly playing both sides: Migrant waves sent & funded by Soros etc … whilst Soros’ allies, the neo-cons of ‘Gatestone Institute’, use true stories of rape crime horrors etc to stoke up ‘populists’ … & though even Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels themselves wrote of coerced migration of de-stablising foreigners, as a big anti-worker tactic, the entire ‘Left’ seems bought off to deny what is happening, with migrants or globalism or banks … leaving the Israeli-tied new-right ‘populists’ as the only ones who seem to be speaking general ‘truth’ to working classes, about their incomes & personal & family safety

    Cabal is managing the ‘big issues’ to play right into weaknesses of human psychology … giving people the illusion they are ‘winning’ with Brexit, Hillary’s train wreck, new-right populists, etc .. and even though the cabal leaves big ‘evidence trails’ for lesser issues for truthers, folks are overwhelmed by big issues like rapes in the streets by foreigners, & job losses & insecurity, the rest is noise

  2. “Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live,” says Medical School Professor. Hillary Clinton might actually have 1 year to live based on medical records that were leaked indicating she has a disease called Subcortical Vascular Dementia.

    • Yup she had them lodged in the back of her throat. A real idiot sucking on 2 while speaking.
      No common sense even with a cough drop.
      It will be One chaotic day in the iCal orafuceafter whither, all to rectify bill’s impeachment semen legacy.

    • Probably, but how could someone talk normally with lozenges? If I try to talk with gum or suckers in my mouth I have saliva pouring out or a lisp.

  3. Wha goes around come around. She has contract murdered so many, it’s just like Rod Serling warned.

    Ding dong, she’s almost dead!!!

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