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Microsoft Services to Crack Down on ‘Hate Speech’

PHOTO: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

30 August 2016

RUSSIA TODAY — The end may be nigh for trolls on Skype and Xbox. Microsoft is launching a customer support service that allows users to report hate speech. Conversely, the new system also includes an appeals forum to reinstate contested content.

For hate mongers on the internet, Microsoft would become judge, jury and executioner. On Friday, the software conglomerate rolled out a new system for airing grievances regarding hate speech posted on Microsoft-hosted services.

In the weeks following the Twitter harassment of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters movie star Leslie Jones, pressure has been placed on the technology industry to figure out a solution to abuse and hate speech spread digitally.

This is “why for many years we’ve sought to protect our customers by prohibiting hate speech and removing such content from our hosted consumer services,” Microsoft wrote in a press release. []

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