Greece Drags Feet as Parasite Guild Moves to Foreclose via Privatization

New nationalists need to keep their eye on the Greek bailout ball. EU and troika hacks representing the Parasite Guild are now said to be withholding €3 billion of additional kick-the-can-down-the-road bait because Greece isn’t playing ball on — drum roll please — privatizing state assets and, of course, cutting pensions and more austerity. Yes, privatization is what the game is all about with the debt-based Parasite Guild rackets (aka privately held central banks).

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Perhaps with anarchy reigning in the nationalists and euro-skeptics, Greece will say no and default. It’s not likely, however, so the massive credit-based LBO takeover of sovereign assets continues apace. The private central banksters acting as proxies for the parasite guild have been purchasing 50% of the traded volume of bonds in the secondary euro credit market, much with zero interest rate return. Indeed, the aggregate balance sheet of the big six privately owned central banks is up to $20 trillion, or 40% of GDP.

In plain English, unless there is Gottfried Feder-type resistance and reset, a massive foreclosure cycle is coming. Read all about it here: “Exits: Key Step in the Movement Toward Liberation from the Debt Enslavers.”


The cognoscenti of the world are incredibly slow on the uptake; but finally — and really for the first time that I have observed — a ZeroHedge article titled “How Central Banks are LBOing the World in One Stunning Chart” blurted it out. ZH gets a blue ribbon!

Those wondering if this means that central banks are engaged in a creeping, stealthy, indirect LBO of the world’s assets on behalf of third parties, the answer is perilously close to a resounding “yes.”

Unless you are a TNN reader and an attentive one at that, you may not have noticed that with a debt to GDP of 132%, Italy is in a debt trap. It has avoided its day of reckoning because it has a bankster mole, Mario Draghi, who runs the European Central Bank (ECB). Mario has arranged for the privately owned ECB to lard on a variety of Italian insolvent debt securities, including Italian sovereigns.


Perhaps nobody has noticed it or it’s forgotten but vampire squid Mario Draghi has the perfect background to run the mass privatization of European assets and put them into the hands of the Cabal and Parasite Guild. Whodathunk?

1991-2001 – Director general of the Italian Treasury and headed the government’s privatization committee

2002-2005 – Vice-chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs International and a member of the firm-wide management committee

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