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(((Google))) Pulls Out All the Stops: Proves Red Pillers Are Right


(((Google))), which we discussed previously in “You Tube Social Justice Brigades are Coming for Your Videos,” has outdone itself again. Do the following images searches and images and behold the results. I offer the first search term result for “European people art“:


Now, see for yourself the search results for “American inventors” and “white man white woman.”

Wikipedia, white pride:


Notice a pattern? This has to be one of the greatest exercises ever for red pilling and waking up the comatose. It is literally Hitleresque.



If you don’t donate to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) “charity” to fight Pepe, how will Abe Foxman earn his $687,000 salary?


Incredibly the Illuminati card game was frog prescient years ago.


10 Comments on (((Google))) Pulls Out All the Stops: Proves Red Pillers Are Right

  1. Editor note: mocking Jewish hypocrisy, trickery, behaviors, overratedness, or their commentary is fair game on TNN. However please refrain from race war and Shoah remarks even as satire. Those will be deleted.

      • To be frank, my question is a bit disingenous…or dickish….
        I know what type of ‘Shoah remark’ is frowned upon and why.
        My point is that getting a clear picture of what really happened there
        is crucial as we go forward. I understand that it is hard to keep these conversations civil, but the conversation must take place at all cost…..Maybe just not on TNN and that’s the choice of the owners of TNN.

        • I am referring to two Shoah issues: one is the more extreme bad taste mockery seen on Stormer sites. I think it is counterproductive and plays into the opposition’s hands.

          The second is what you are probably addressing: historical revisionism. We have decided to conform to the egregious and chilling European law on the matter. Shockingly approximately 2,000 Germans are convicted each year under the Penal Code S.130 for reviewing the Holocaust (Shoah). This is punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment and fines, and also has social sanctions. Our courage has it’s limits.

          That said the imprisonment of the 87 year old German woman Ursula Haverback is an outrage on free speech grounds alone.

          • Thank you for your reply. «Egregious and chilling» are good words to describe what is happening in our western democracies regarding historical investigation. You’ll notice that other ’causes célèbres’ – like the Armenian holocaust – are trying to get the same treatment of unquestionability..something very close to what was once called ‘the sacred’….
            My thinking is that the very jarring, macabre humour that is spreading like wildfire around holocaust ‘events’ are the exact, opposite reaction to this sacralization, and becomes understandable only within that dynamic. It was predictable that once good, dedicated research would establish the fictitious character of most holocaust claims, it would then be open season on all said claims. I do think humour serves a purpose in all this, although the callousness of many – including me, to be honest – is quite astounding….Twenty years ago, some of the memes making the rounds today could have put me in one of those self-righteous rages…now, I am somehow part of that Overton window smashing enterprise and often wonder where it is all going.

            Thanks again for your reply and feel free to not publish this.

  2. The pepe frog came from a cartoon I first saw back on in mid 2000’s. It slowly became a smiley/emoticon through the rest of the web but not until 2010 onward. Before that time, it was excursively a usage. I’m not really up to date for usage or intent of the pepe frog meme except it being stoned looking frog.
    Just some background…

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