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Mr. Richard ‘Exclusive’ Gutjahr, Reporter On the Scene and More

Richard Gutjahr PHOTO: Vietmeier

What are the odds of that? See Observations on the Munich Attack.


A typical Sunday in Germany: First, from Reutlingen we get — drum roll, please — more action video of the pavement! As an extra bonus: Here is the perp’s bloodless, odd-looking machete.

Was the Reutlingen pavement footage another Gutjahr exclusive? The Munich McHoax pavement footage looks quite familiar.

Then, from Ansbach: Gripping my seat with this one, more sideways footage from non-existent camera models that no one owns.

Night test of 2012 model cell phone video camera.

Update from Munich: Despite 3,200 “security personnel” on the scene, it took two and a half hours to locate the gunman’s body. What are the odds? That is as plausible as the Daily Mail claiming the Tunisan driver at Nice covered a little over a mile in thirty minutes driving 40 mph.



This is the line they’re going to go for? The German born Iranian Moslem “Ali Sonboly” killed people because he’s a fan of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer? Anders Breivik (see this twisted story at Metapedia), yes the guy who hates Moslems and thought the Crusades were awesome.

TNN is Johnny on the Scene with its own “exclusive.” We have located the secret recording of Emma Parkinson of Paris Bataclan fame calling home to mum.

Smoke in right hand.
Left hand shift for this scene.

Another look at Nice. Grieving husband can’t let go of that cigarette. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Back to right hand as side kicks engage in duping delight.

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