The Mysterious Disappearance in Nashville of Riley Strain

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After being escorted out of a Nashville bar at about 9:35 PM on March 8, 2024 and stumbling through the downtown area and toward the Cumberland River, Riley Strain, 22, a student from Missouri University disappeared.

Young men leaving bars is a common theme in fake accident accounts that are in reality abductions. The “accidents” then involve being found in water.

12 days have passed and an extensive search has been underway. Two Tik Tockers located Strain’s credit card on the river bank in the vicinity of a homeless camp near his final phone ping.

If this follows the numerous patterns reported on these pages in the past, Riley’s body will turn up in a location that was previously searched.

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The sequence is covered in this You Tube video. She has the sequence of the street videos wrong, as the two scenes of Riley stumbling were BEFORE the clip where he appears normal and encounters the police officer. This last clip was 17 minutes after he left the bar.

In the police cam sequence notice two silver cars moving by one after the other. There is also a red jeep of interest.

Note that in many previous cases of this nature, CCTV footage is lacking. In this one we can track him up to the final phone ping by the river.

This is where it gets squirrely. The last video showing the brief exchange with the police officer is in red. The last cell phone ping is in blue at the toll bridge. Then in orange we see a segment I will describe below.

The video segment at the orange location is grainy and dark. This location is near to where the credit card was found.

We see a tall thin person (Riley was 6’6- 160) with a whitish shirt. Wags have declared that this is not Riley because he wore a white and black shirt – see headline photo. This is a non-starter as in dim poor quality light, black doesn’t reflect as well as white. Therefore I strongly lean towards this being Riley. There are also dark forms in the shadow along the walls. I see two.

At 0:27 an approaching spooky dark figure seems to have a light from a phone. The white shirted figure flinches as if startled. He then back peddles and stops. The light comes on again at 0:43 from the dark apparition. Given the behavior of Riley the dark figures likely pulled a gun on him. But then the clip abruptly ends with the figure in white (Riley in my theory) standing still.

There is a prime witness who drives by at 0:30 in a pick up truck. Two more cars drive by at 0:21 and 0:25. If the police are doing their jobs (???) these witnesses should located and interviewed.

Riley’s walk from Luke Bryan’s at night gets sketchier at 6-7 minutes. Begs the question where does he think he’s going.  Finally at 9 minutes- a good stretch for an ambush abduction.

Datapoints on Cumberland River on March 8. Shallow-possible to stand or wade up to 10 feet from shore. 3.8 ft per second water flow, but that would be further out not near shore. Water in high 50s so one would need to get out after several minutes, but would have little effect in the time needed to wade back on shore. So unless he was badly injured or knocked out, which would turn up in an autopsy, there is no reason he would have been swept away even if he got through the brush and obstacles. More holes in this story, dogs can’t pick up the scent?

Riley Strain’s body was found on March 22, 2024 eight miles downstream in the Cumberland River. As the Police Chief went over the details, an individual  with a Smiley Face phone cover lurked next to the Chief and filmed the scene. Like a scene from a Batman film.

Same person at vigil with crocodile tears and duping delight. Proclaims, “finally glad to meet him.”

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  1. There is now another video from Birch showing a group of people on scooters and then they come back carrying someone or helping them walk. It’s posted by kilakingren on tiktok. Also – about the shirt… I’ve noticed in most of Riley’s other (past) posted photos, he has on a white t-shirt under the main shirt. There is a good likelihood that he could have had a plain white t-shirt under his black and light tan shirt.

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