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Torchy’s ‘merika: Gender Neutral ‘Fashion’ for Cucks, Kooks, Discordians and Commies

Singer Kanye West is looking to invest $100 million in his non-gender clothing line called Yeezy. PHOTO: NY Magazine

During the feminist movement in the ’70s, women moved into the professional workplace dressed in masculine suits because they were told that in order to succeed and be taken seriously, they would have to masc it up, or dress more like men. Smart women soon realized that there was power in beauty and femininity but to never rely up on it.

By the mid ’90s, women began bringing sexy to the boardroom for a competitive edge. Meanwhile, men began dressing down. Thanks to Silicon Valley’s tech titans, CEOs aren’t “cool” anymore unless they slouch around in jeans, tennis shoes and faded t-shirts.

Flash forward 25 years and almost nobody dresses up for work anymore. Non-binary neutrality is the norm. Don’t stand out, just fit in. And increasingly it’s about gender neutrality – which depending on a given retailer could mean anything from everyday frumpwear (sweats, jeans and T-shirts) to men fem’ing it up.

How is this not putting gender identity pressure on a little boy?

According to the usual suspects (aka the Lugenpresse), Millennials are to blame – gay, straight and trans. They don’t just want gender-neutral clothing for themselves but for their kids, too. They apparently don’t want to put any gender or sexual-identity pressure on their children.

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Though the trend seems to be draped in a wide banner labeled “non-gender,” there appears to be a wide spectrum in approach. At one end of the spectrum is truly non-gender clothing — sort of like a one sack fits all approach. At the other end, there’s transgender clothes — meaning women’s clothes tailored for men and vice versa.

Well-known retailers like Zara, American Apparel and The Gap are rolling out truly gender-neutral clothes. What a bottom-line coup for marketing, manufacturing and retail. Mass-produced, plain clothes sold as trendy “gender neutral” fashion with high markups and bulk-bin style merchandising. Oh, the profits! Brilliant.

What’s most disturbing about non-gender clothes is that they’re reminiscent of Communist China after the Cultural Revolution.

GB Times: As a result of the political reforms of the Cultural Revolution, people’s outfits changed dramatically. Any expression of individual style or sexuality through clothes was highly discouraged. Symbols of a bourgeois lifestyle, such as Western-style suits, ties and jeans, as well as traditional Chinese gowns, disappeared from view almost overnight.

Women had to put aside their elegant cheongsam dresses, silk stockings and high-heeled shoes to say nothing about cosmetics and jewelry. Instead, they had to wear gender-neutral and rather humble robes. Long hair had to be cut and hidden under a cap.

The not-so-new non-gender uniform also brings to mind prison garb. Meanwhile, local police are getting new garb, too. Ah, life in ‘merika.

The transgender “non-gender” fashion is equally disturbing. These victim-card-carrying, gender-bending guys and gals are encouraged to flaunt a flamboyant style that screams, “Your rights end where my feelings begin!” I wonder if a SJW membership is included with purchase.

Lean in a little closer, Millennials [aka media], I have a secret for you: They’re not called “non-binary people,” they’re called androgynous — or as Gen-Xers called ’em, “Pats,” back when people had a sense of humor.

8 Comments on Torchy’s ‘merika: Gender Neutral ‘Fashion’ for Cucks, Kooks, Discordians and Commies

  1. I’m sorry, but the fashion brand for the ladies trousers is hilarious… Mr. Mary…. I’m still amazed that people buy this tripe and I’m almost inclined to believe that the pajama people who buy this stuff aren’t responsible enough to decide their gender, even though nature has clearly decided that for them…if you’re so weak mentally that you can be essentially tricked into mutilating your genitalia, all the while ostracizing the decent people around you who are trying to wake you from your slumber, well maybe you just deserve your lot in life, which is probably how the crime syndicate thinks. I know that’s the wrong way to think, but at some point one must cut one’s losses and make decisions as to if it’s even possible to wake them up. They’re the flotsam and jetsam of the cultural processing that is taking place. I’m not responsible for that process, and I vehemently oppose it, but I’m leaving these folks for someone else to sort out.

  2. We’ve had consciously gender neutral clothes since the late 50’s – jeans and T shirts, working class/blue collar attire that was synonymous with aspects of the 60’s counterculture both real and imagined. This is what many men and women wear to work decades later, signaling a corporate ‘get things done’ vibe, with more recent pretentiously worn and damaged at purchase denim, as though pushing a mouse around in a cubicle is in some way like heavy labor.
    What is new is an effort to encourage and applaud cross dressing at all ages and regardless of gender, a similar type of signalling but where sexuality seems to be subverted into a predominantly female form (it is not acceptable for a woman to show up to work dressed as a ‘real’ diesel mechanic covered in tattooes and grease for example but ok for a man to show up in a Mrs Clinton style pant suit).
    On the street you’d cross dress at your peril unless moving in rarified social circles – the streets of San Francisco are full of predators and violent opportunists despite media portrayal, and the east coast is way more buttoned down. For the upcoming generations it’s going to be a shit show of virtue signaling and penalties for not complying though, at least on the coasts…

  3. Star Wars didn’t feature the Mao Book , but even without the Mao Book these are imperial battle droids unplugged from the central computer. Diverstopian (Roger Roger ) Politically Correctoid (Roger Roger ) Gender Neutral Correctoid (Roger ). I wonder if they annoy their Separatist Commanders as much as the B1s?

  4. Inmates in a concentration camp.

    But yes, on my van trip in the US I did lots of goodwill and there were hardly any skirts. I don’t wear fancy dresses (lots of those, worn once) but I match my tops with a skirt and if it’s chilly then leggings under the skirt and/or ankle-length skirt, but no leggings (longjohns/underwear) with a T out the house. I don’t like scratchy uncomfortable bulky jeans and there just wasnt much in either knee-length or long skirts on the east coast, Carolinas or Midwest and I was hoping to stock up because it’s the same here (but not as bad). I now have a seamstress who makes me my bias cut skirts in the simple designs and fabrics I like that match with everything. One of the joys of being a girl.

  5. I knew the trendy fashions were a hustle when I saw a few young men at the mall standing in a group all wearing the same outfit. They had on skinny jeans, hoodies, deck shoes and flat brim baseball hats. Other than the colors they were dressed the same, they looked like they were in uniform. These people are not individuals they are part of the hive mind. The media sells fashion as a way for people to express themselves but the reality is they are selling a uniform so that people subconsciously know who is part of the collective and who isn’t.

  6. Since ending my teaching career (secondary math), I’ve only worn dresses or skirts at certain special events (like weddings). Living in rural remote far west Texas, wearing pants and t-shirts lets one get work done (like chopping wood, gardening, hiking, etc.).

    As for the fact that Mao forced women to stop looking “bourgeois” so-to-speak, it’s interesting that North Korea and its dictator Kim Jong Un seems to WANT women there to dress “dressy” if you know what I mean. Thanks to “defector” Yeonmi Park’s videos, it looks as if women have to look “dressy” wherever they go (if they can afford it, that is)…well, at least in Pyongyang anyway…. Her channel is called “Voice of North Korea with Yeonmi Park” on YouTube.

  7. This brings to mind a video from PJW that I saw awhile back, of a beautiful well dressed woman walking down the street.
    ( Not trying to promote anyone’s channel)
    It pretty much speaks volumes.
    Add another factor – women thinking it’s ” cool ” to cover their bodies with ugly tattoos. But that’s a rant for another time.

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