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9 Comments on G-Man, James Fetzer, Zach Logos and Russ Winter Go Through the Issues Du Jour

  1. James Fetzer is completely clueless when it comes to Trump. Donald Trump is not an America Firster and if he was the Crime Syndicate would kill him. Trump is and has always been controlled opposition and Israel First. He did absolutely nothing during his 4 years in office other than promote deadly vaccines and the assassinate of Soleimani. The “attacks” on Trump by the media and legal system are as fake as pro wrestling.

    Trump surrounded himself with the same Globalist/Crime Syndicate advisors as every president before, despite promising to “drain the swamp.” No investigations of the 911 attacks, despite his background in skyscraper construction and understanding that airplane impacts alone could not have brought down the towers. He also didn’t audit the FED or close the borders.

    Also notice that everyone around Trump goes down accept him. Roger Stone went to prison, Steve Bannon was ousted and so was General Flynn. Yet nothing ever seems to stick to the Donald, and that is because he is one of them James. He is a Rothschild agent and I’m betting he wins in 2024, and will screw his supports yet again. The Crime Syndicate will never allow a president in the White House that they do not control, JFK, Garfield and McKinley were real America Firsters Presidents and every single one was assassinated. The fact Trump survived his first term is proof that he is controlled opposition.

    • Good comment, I would only add that Lincoln was done in by the same crew, after they no longer needed him.

      Zach Logos is an impressive guy, who should have been allowed more air time by the good old boys.

      • “”should have been allowed more air time by the good old boys””.

        “good ole boys”? All I can really think is fuck you. Ageism much?

        And it doesn’t work that way with me. Four people is a quite full slot approach. It is probably not ideal for me. I come prepared to get my material in even if it hogs other’s time.

        I have no social media presence as am heavily shadow banned. I have one other show for two hours once a month with Robert Phoenix. That allows ample time for both of us.

        Other than that I have no outlets and am not out there much. If I can’t get sufficient air time I might as well completely hang it up (which I regularly consider). BTW Zach has his own shows and does have star quality. You might dial in there for more of him if your cup of tea.

        • Great comment Russ. I am so glad you and Zach have been introduced. Yes, I follow Zach on GTV, Odysee and gab. I only discovered him a month ago via Karl Haemers

          • Interview of Logos Revealed – KARL HAEMERS

          return interview:
          • Karl Haemers Interviewed BY Logos Revealed – KARL HAEMERS

          It was appropriate that you were given the floor as your material was the core of the discussion. Zach is operating at a slightly different level and not focused on current geopolitical minutiae. His latest is a reading of Chapter 2 of Mein Kampf which I have just completed. Zach has introduced me to a number of new people including ‘Flood’, ‘Handsome Truth’ and Tom Sewell through his interviews.

          I have to agree with Stephen about Jim Fetzer and his adherence to Trump (and compliments for DeSantis). Otherwise, Jim made some great contributions, especially in response to that hasbara troll caller ?’Reece’.

          I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. G-Man is a class act as host and facilitator and I am so glad to be getting to know him also.

          Russ, your body of work is unparalleled and much appreciated.

          • I realize the audience is younger, and the boomer days of me and guys like Fetzer are passing. Our goal should be to leave a body of work.

            The younger group seems skewed toward entertainment. G-man is cultivating this. I have listened to some of it, and it is pretty biting and I might add good up to a point. But it is really not my style.

        • Russ, I’m the guy that made the comment that irritated you so much. No insult was intended- I’m only a couple years younger than you, so I fully understand the frustration of finally achieving a degree of enlightenment, only to have your body start crapping out on you. Our time is passing, but has not yet passed. Keep up the good fight.

      • I was a week late in watching this program, and, as is so often the case, Jim Fetzer manifests his lack of composure and maturity.

        No question Fetzer has contributed a substantial amount of research and resistance over-the-years on various important topics, from JFK to Sandy Hook. But, whenever Jim encounters substantial resistance or is confronted in a significant way- he calls on his embarrassing “tempest in a teapot” demeanor.

        As he has done with you in the past Russ, so he did early in the show with regard to Trumps “authenticity.” Then, later in the show, when the the first caller confronts him about: 1)MAGA being 5th-level in Satanism, 2)The Rothschild’s being behind Trump’s early bankruptcy, 3)Trump doing nothing serious to close the border, 4)Trump doing nothing about Hillary, 5)Trump being behind Convid & the jabs, 6)Trump being the biggest pro-Israel shill as president…what does Fetzer do?

        He quickly claims Hillary was CIA, claims Trump is not Satanic, when that was not even what the caller said,…then,… he basically goes into a lengthy digression about JFK, Sandy Hook, and Alex Jones. All this, while supposed moderator Guiseppe just sits there and let’s him ramble on for at least 5 minutes, not once calling him out for not addressing the callers points.

        Because Fetzer can be so volatile and lose control so easily when challenged, I think others hosts fear him, and are afraid to confront him and put him in check. Giuseppe is one! If you are going to moderate, than moderate! You owe it just as much to the listeners and callers, as you do the guests!

        I’ve dealt with hot-headed Fetzer before on the radio- same scenario; he didn’t like the material I was bringing up about Jackie O’s involvement in her husband’s death, and he immediately went Berserker-rage, calling me ridiculous, telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about, then calling on the radio-host to hang up on me, which he subsequently did.

        In closing, many other listeners are tired of Fetzer’s conduct and constant equivocating as well. I read the comments on the shows he hosts and is a guest on. He’s 83 now, I believe, so things obviously will never change with him.

        Hope your health is well Russ! Been awhile since I’ve posted here. Have a good Xmas weekend!

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