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A Shrunken Arsenal: The Alarming Decline of U.S. Munitions

Real Clear Wire| Dec. 23, 2023

As fighting rages in the Middle East and Europe and China looms as a threat, America’s dwindling arsenal of high-end munitions emerges as an alarming crisis. The United States, once a fortress of military might, now faces the prospect of a munitions deficit in an era brimming with uncertainties. This desperate situation demands the development of a national critical munitions stockpile.

European weapons makers are overwhelmed and struggling to meet Ukraine’s consumption of more than 6,000 artillery rounds each day during peak counteroffensive fighting. Ukraine’s ability to stave off defeat and defend itself against the Russian invasion largely depends on an uninterrupted supply of these rounds. Ukrainian forces are conserving their ammunition supply, which might lead to postponements in upcoming counterattacks. Over the coming months, this shortage of ammunition could compel Ukrainian military units to make difficult choices regarding the allocation of resources across various frontlines, focusing on areas where maintaining control is most crucial and potentially allowing minor territorial losses in less critical sectors.


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  1. The real annual military aid to Israel is not the annual 3-4b, HUNDREDS of billions out of the Pentagon budget over the years have been siphoned off. Entire squadrons of F16s, F35, Apache left behind after joint exercises, all missiles on Syria (plus profit), etc. Rumseys 911 two trillion hole is the result, the Pentagon accounts cannot be audited EVER. Every goy is in fear TERRIFIED of the jew now running the country, including top Pentagon brass.

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