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The High Strangeness of Javier Milei

6 Comments on The High Strangeness of Javier Milei

  1. And to think, there are a bunch of right wing/patriot/truth/ websites parroting this guy as some sort of hero. The same thing happened with Giorgia Meloni of Italy, everyone jumped on her bandwagon when it turns out she was just another globalist puppet that supported the Covid scam. And of course, there was RFK Jr, who seemed like a good guy until he sided with Israel and showed his Zionist colors.

    When will people learn that the chances of a good man or woman becoming leader of a country are slim, and in the rare chance they do, it is almost guaranteed they will be forced out of office one way or another? Whatever created this world/reality wants bad people in charge, so you can forget about ever getting a Ron Paul in office anywhere in the world….

    • Yes, you are right. the zio/nwo types create and infiltrate candidates and movements to make sure their countries are always on point: supporting israel, interventionism, government control scams, etc. From the American conservative movement itself to the tea party to the Russia hating tory party, to the “new” nationalism of meloni, and now the “libertarianism” of this guy–arriving right on cue to support the US and Israel.

  2. What a Trojan Horse. Can you imagine any “real” candidate announcing on a public forum that he is going to single-handedly dismantle the entire “infrastructure” of the Deep State. Does he have his “affairs in order.” However, it makes great “theater” on social media. Scratch deep enough and you will find that he has the full support of the globalists.

  3. It is my opinion that the real reason for the war in Ukraine (ancient Zhazaria) is to ethnically cleanse it of its Slavic population to make room for the Orthodox Jewish “elect” to resettle there after Israel has been sacrificed.

    I can’t remember exactly, but I think they believe there will be 144,000 “elect.”

    Wolfgang Eggert — Jewish Doomsday Cult Controls West, Plots WW3

    Of the seven countries that will suffer the greatest reduction in population, according to the Deagel Report, Israel is number six (63%)

    Deagel Forecast: Gonna Have to Nuke us, yeah?

    Unfortunately the Jewish people have been sacrificed through history primarily by by their elites. They have been the biggest victims of all.

    “Nazi” is from “National Zionist”- Eustace Mullins

    Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder

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