Gaza: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

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With some fanfare the White House proclaimed that there would be scheduled four hour daily pauses to allow remaining civilians to flee northern Gaza.  But the US’ ZOG boss and man calling the shots Netanyahu per usual begs to differ:

Yesterday the IDF held a press tour in north Gaza. At 01:10 the spokesman declared that anyone still in Gaza City will be treated as the enemy and all that this entails.

There is not much combat footage over the last twenty four hours. The IDF has re-framed their narrative as a “patient counter-insurgency operation”. One by one neighborhoods are being razed to the ground. If you’ve been following our video reports you will see the liberal use of bulldozers.

There is an in your face effort to insult Muslims. Case in point was this missile hit on a mosque. I am sure Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Iraq , Egypt and Turkey have gotten the word. The huge event along this line would be a black hand destruction of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem tipping the scale to all out regional war. Wouldn’t put it past the more extreme Israeli elements.

The IDF is still moving at a snail’s pace and pushed a thousand meters up the coast from the south. IDF tried to push to the port, but were repelled. Accounts state that they were met with heavy mortar fire from Al-Qud units in this sector.

Up north the battle appears focused on a push towards Jabaliya and have captured and cleared several city blocks. Logically there may be small recons and probes in force, but these are met with ambush and hasty retreat.

The evacuation corridor is still 3 km east of these operations. The combat videos in the actual area of operations reveal a ghost town. New readers can review footage in our last three posts.

I can almost guarantee that an epidemic of cholera or God knows what will break out in Gaza. I am surprised it hasn’t already. That would truly compound the pressure.

Masked Zio death squads are operating in Jenin on the West Bank. These are street level gun battles.

An aspect of ethnic cleansing is the destruction of cultural icons and sites. Here we see the ever present Israeli bulldozer.

Activity in sectors in the rest of the Middle East are centered around attacks on US installations in Iraq and Syria. The Ain al Asad airbase is the most active.


Hezbollah blasts military installation in northern Israel.

Perhaps with all the death by a thousand cuts developments the Israelis are gambling that only Hezbollah will enter a wider war and that the US will continue to bumble down it’s own primrose path to a bad outcome. And that the state powers of Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Egypt will merely observe from a safe distance.

Have the “big brains” in the kakistocracy really gamed this out correctly? To my way of thinking the longer this drags out, the greater the risk for a pile on.

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  1. Man, talk about a case of crying out in pain (the post Oct 7th psyop endless kvetching) while they strike you (everything that’s happened in Gaza since).

  2. As this massacre drags on it becomes daily more difficult for Jews to refer to the Holohoax as an emotional mind control tool. Even to many normies the destruction and death appear as overkill by these vengeful “victims.” The word is probably being passed around not to mention the Holocaust as the term might stick to the perpetrators of this real Holocaust. But I’m sure a few whiners just won’t be able to restrain themselves.

    • “,…won’t be able to restrain themselves”.

      True story:
      My work occasionally required me to travel into the NYC financial district below Wall Street. That meant taking the downtown #4 or #5 train from Grand Central Terminal to the Bowling Green Station. One morning there was a short, very obviously Jewish (scraggly beard, beanie, tassels, black trousers and a white shirt that looked like he had been wearing it for a month) man in front of me when we arrived at Bowling Green. He had a two-wheel wire cart which he pulled behind him as we got off the train. The cart wheels dropped into the gap between the car floor and the platform and got stuck. Right in front of me so I just reached down and yanked the cart up and out and looked up at the little Nebbish not expecting anything more than a simple “Thank you”. And here is why, years later, I still remember this otherwise mundane event: Mr Nebbish was turned away from me, looking up and off into the distance, eyes wide open, mouth hanging wide open, and he was trembling in (ersatz) terror. The “poor, persecuted, suffering, innocent Jew” routine …AGAIN … Automatically. Really, they’re not able to do otherwise.
      Just a small example of why I despise these creatures.

      • You ruined his lawsuit…he was planning on suing the MTA for a new cart and incalculable damages for the horror he suffered.

        • I probably saved the miserable little wretch’s life because he would have otherwise been trampled by an angry mob of commuters.
          A morning rush-hour subway car in the summer is not an environment that is conducive to feelings of peace, love and charity.

    • Speaking of the Holocaust….in a recent interview (wish i could find the link)…two Jewish college female students lamenting the “unbearable death and destruction of Israel” on Oct 7th. The best quote was along the lines of: “Everyone in the Jewish community knew someone or knows someone who knew someone that was killed on Oct 7th”

      Classic!!! Talk about: wash, rinse, repeat. Same way they run Hollywood, sequel original classics until there is no more blood to be squeezed out and the franchise is ultimately ruined.

  3. The out right destruction is just how they role. Look at the Eastern front in WW II.
    I will also say the longer this goes on and the longer the muslim countries stay out the more it proves 1 world government.

  4. I posted under “anonymous” because I didn’t notice you still could post comments without login in, by pressing the email icon. Previously you would get email and user name fields automatically when you started typing. Could be that others have failed to notice that as well and that’s why you have an increase in “anonymous” commentors.

  5. Rex MacInnes
    I was on the train platform in Tokyo and a Jew I know told me he did not want to talk to me. Well, I stood behind him waiting for the train telling him how evil the jews are and how much I hate them, the the reasons why. In Japan “hate speech” is not a crime so he finally escaped like the pussy coward that he is, his arrogance of being a jew and me a mere goyim, but I gave him a full fucking earful to be sure.

  6. The “system” i.e. WordPress no longer allows for names and emails to be published and automatically publishes the comment as anonymous.

  7. Thanks for the update, Russ.
    These people are psychopathic demons. I saw a video of an Israeli woman saying there were no innocents in Gaza except for the alleged hostages and once they get them back they will kill everyone else–she was quite comfortable calling for the killing of 2.3 million men, women, children and babies.

    I used to be uncertain of those horror stories I read about the Jewish Bolshevik slaughter of tens millions, but now after seeing this, I totally believe it. These people are monsters.

      • All gives a warm glow inside…nice having the entire world vindicate what I’ve been seeing right in front of my eyes for years and what seemed obvious yet was aggressively suppressed by those in power…no more…because once you see it, you can’t unsee it. There’s no such thing as a former “anti-semite.”

  8. Latest from Greg Reese, says media was embedded with Hamas on the day of the false flag

    So having the media embedded with Hamas explains the photo of the relaxed grandmother (apparently not at all terrified that she had been “kidnapped” by “Hamas”)–I was wondering about that photo and questioning whether Hamas had it’s own photographers.

    Good questions from Peggy Hall here (video at link):
    Why did Israel promote and fund them in their early years of organizing? How did they get that many weapons in their highly guarded and restricted territory without Israels surveillance and intelligence knowing? How were they able to paraglide/parachute into Israel when Gaza has no operating airport? How were they able practice this paragliding without being detected? How could they be so diabolically clever to bulldoze through the tightly guarded Gaza border, which had recently been fortified with even more security measured to the tune of $1 billion, completed in June of 2023. (video and more at the link)

    (in her video, she has a photo of Hamas after they broke through the gate, where they are posing for photos and at least some were wearing sandals, which is not what you would expect–you would think they would be dressed for a military mission and that there would be a sense of time urgency that would not allow for souvenir photos).

    Watch the no-talent crisis actors in. . . action!

  9. These laser projection gadgets, first used by the GDL (Goyim Defense League really are a bold way to get messages out there in a big way without damaging property. I remember seeing GDL actually projecting all sorts of anti Zionist slogans right across some of the larger metro area police department buildings in Florida. Below UPENN, “gittin’ some”

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