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5 Comments on Wide Generational Split on Supporting of Israel

  1. Don’t like the vibe of things currently. Getting the idea they’re flipping the polarities… in the kippoleth, which is the inverse tree of life. So Joachim would become feminine and boaz masculine. I can’t fathom what mindfuck this would be and can’t really understand but the commies boaz Russia / UN and ultimately Iran, would become hawks, fooling everyone they’re really doing good, and we must understand and this on a vibrational level more than narrative and the differences are very fine. With the US and Israel suddenly caring or submissive (the correct kabbalistic term for the feminine is receptive) in some very strange new way thats fishy. Tho Iran probably may be held in check for the singularity … it’s gonna be a good time to toss the tech tune out totally coming up

  2. Most are not even aware the Jew has a strangle hold on media, (which includes text/history books), for many, many decades now. Blindly believing the Jew media is like catching a fox with a bloodied muzzle and feathers on it’s chin, INSISTING he had nothing to do with all those ripped apart, half eaten chickens. Too happily ignorant to step back and examine the evidence.

  3. I used to watch Ramzpaul like 13 years ago when I still was reading National Review and I got a neo con vibe from him. He is apparently a big time streamer on “the Right/standard GOP” now. No mention or credence to the fact that many younger and middle aged people (whites specifically) are reading the actual history of the last 200 years and realizing that secret societies and ‘financial interests’ are the causes of the past World Wars and said ‘immigrant influx”.

  4. Being a “Boomer” opposed to Christian Zionism, that young (Christian) folks are much less likely to be Christian Zionist is good news. My view? I do not support either side, and want ordinary Israelis and Palestinians to wake up! Your govts. do not support you! (And I believe Israelis ARE waking up…Netanyahu is opposed by most young Israelis (except for the Jewish Supremacist “settlers” that is).

  5. It’s been my contention that when we boomers die off, the subsequent generations will be freed from semitically enhanced ‘social issues’,the rise of filth-lies-ugliness-murderous counter culture & the cinematic/tv degradation of legitimate virtues all of which have been the mainstay of boomer intake in thought, word & belief thanks to talmudic doctrine insinuated in EVERY thing put into our heads & hearts. Judaic mass mentality was at its peak from 1945 through 2005 (boomer years which established the ‘judeo-christian’ religion) but is now losing its grip on their ‘superiority’ in all things white thanks to the availability of ‘antisemitic’ information that exposes their lies, hypocrisy, theft, perversion & their lust for revenge. The stated percentages are very credible.

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