Two Front War with Hezbollah

Even before it’s ground offensive Israel has all but guaranteed a large regional war by leveling Gaza and engaging in collective punishment of non-combatants. Further these atrocities results in a more fanatical last stand resistance during the Israeli ground offensive.

The Ground Tactical Situation in Gaza

To listen to the war drum mongers on social media all the US has to do in a regional war involving Hezbollah, Syria and Iran is sit off shore and lob missiles. The wags think the US has an unlimited supply of expensive weapons of this nature. It is Sgt. Rock comic book warfare. In reality all the Navy has is quite limited and is designed for countering China and Russia.

The Department of the Navy in particular plans to invest in buying and upgrading a total of 830 of various types of Tomahawk missiles in the coming 2024 fiscal year, compared with the 552 Tomahawks that it procured for this fiscal year, according to the service’s proposed budget.

If China invaded Taiwan, the U.S. military would need a lot of LRASMS to sink the Chinese invasion force. However, the missile is still being developed, so it is not ready for large weapons buys, a senior military official told reporters. The Navy plans to buy 125 SM-6 missiles in fiscal 2024  — the same number as it purchased this fiscal year  — is that the production line for the missiles has reached its maximum production capacity, a Navy spokesperson said.

Notice we are talking about hundreds of missiles- and depleting them on Hezbollah would be a huge strategic mistake. So in reality unless the US is prepared to send ground forces to fight on Hezbollah’s home field, the options are limited.

What is Israel’s preparedness to fight a regional war? Dependent on their political muscle is the answer. The “greatest ally” is asking for weapons from the US, including restocking Iron Dome interceptors.

The system uses artificial intelligence to determine if interceptors and rocket debris could endanger people or buildings and can recommend against firing. When Hezbollah launches a portion it’s 100,000 precision guided missiles at densely populated Tel Aviv the deterred firing option becomes problematic.

Hezbollah will enter the war. Israel has promised to destroy Lebanon in a conflict with Hezbollah. This two front war- leveling Gaza and Lebanon will require substantially more weaponry. What does Israel do with their 300,000 troop force facing Gaza when the Hezbollah barrage opens up within hours of the ground offensive?

While at it, Israel bombs Syrian airports at Damascus and Aleppo.

Additionally the already overextended war parties have threatened to attack Iran if Hezbollah enters the war. This will ratchet the region up into total war. At the same time the sub-zeros running the US have severely run down the SPR.


The Houthis have excellent asymmetrical warfare capabilities and would be a threat to Israel’s southern front.

And how about Egypt- they are bankrupt and about to be nailed by a refugee crisis. As of today 338,000 Gazans are displaced. Israel in their hubris is sloppy in their military actions too, so Egypt may be hit by collateral damage and dragged in.

According to Politico, officials told lawmakers that the administration is weighing the use of some portion of the $100 million of presidential drawdown authority to send weapons from U.S. military stockpiles.

Drawing from existing U.S. stockpiles would undoubtedly place more stress on both the Pentagon and the defense industry, which have been hard-pressed to issue new contracts and increase production of certain munitions already sent to Ukraine.

The needs of the Israelis and Ukrainians are different in some key respects. Israel will rely heavily on precision air-to-ground munitions fired from F-16 and F-35 fighter jets and Apache helicopters, none of which is in the Ukrainian arsenal. The issue of 155mm artillery shells, which both countries rely on heavily, will likely loom large, however.”

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  1. I have a suspicion that the resolution of this conflict will be that the US and other western nations will take in tens or hundreds of thousands of refugees from Gaza. It will be sold as a “humanitarian gesture” to the left and “necessary for the security and stability of Israel” to the zionist right.

    • Indeed and israel will remain the most melanin deficient country in the middle east and none will draw the conclusion that if it was truly their homeland why the people living there were so blank compared to historical neighbors

    • You may have nailed this one! And will TX gov. Abbott (a core Christian Zionist) allow all those Gaza refugees (including maybe Hamas members?) into Texas…esp. far west Texas, rural-remote and desert-mountain, since these Muslims like desert regions, and will Hispanic-majority become Muslim majority?

  2. At moments like this one witnesses the very disturbing levels of psychopathy that has engulfed much of the ruling predators of the Western world.

    These psychopaths are openly cheering for their Israeli psychopath counterparts to commit genocide in Gaza. It’s absolutely astounding. All in lockstep from tv, newspapers, national politicians, local politicians, etc. … all to the same vile chorus and drumbeats.

    Yes, we saw the synchrony with the scamdemic, but in this case it’s a little more disturbing as these people are salivating for outright murder of tens of thousands of innocent people … not even using euphemisms or coded language; no. Just brazen “kille’m all” i.e. kill all Palestinians, turn Gaza to a parking lot, etc etc

    • Totally agree- psychopaths everywhere.
      And do we have any actual independently verified evidence of the crimes.
      I did see an Israeli guy on Rumble, cursing the govt because he got shot and there was no govt help for 6 hrs.
      But since I know the govt and media lies, I really have no way of knowing what happened.

  3. Netanyahu Bragged About Zionist Support for Hamas
    Scott Horton, the editorial director of the Antiwar website, has found further evidence that Hamas is an Israeli-controlled terror organization. Horton points to a recent post at the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The article is locked up behind a paywall. However, it is posted on the website.
    During Netanyahu’s fraud trial, writes Gidi Wewitz, the prime minister is quoted as declaring,
    “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” he told a meeting of his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy—to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.” (Emphasis added.)

  4. Had the Bolshevik/communists been overpowered by churches as well as right thinking officials, military & academia in the 20th, this charade of wars, shootings, white replacement & sexual deviant advocacy would not exist.

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