The Ground Tactical Situation in Gaza

I would not want to be the tip of the spear going in there. Looks like Stalingrad or Monte Cassino and heavily bunkered and tunneled.

Here is Gaza’s Rimal district. The remains so far are primarily gutted skeletal structures offering firing lines on narrow streets slowed by rumble. This is not conducive to armor or even traversing by infantry on foot, but building to building fighting.

This is the Al-Sikka East area of ​​the Jabalia Camp. Perfect fortified set up for sniper and ambush tactics.




Hamas drones also have an offensive capability. An easier path to a precision-guided bomb, especially for asymmetrical armies, is a suicide drone, also known as loitering munitions. Such a weapon would enable Hamas to accurately hit military bases, defense facilities, power stations, naval targets, force concentrations, and other vital targets.

Drones can fly low to avoid radar, fly a complex route to a target, and can be used swarm-like with other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)  (source- Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) 

They possess advanced US supplied weapons, but are the Israelis really that smart and skilled at warfare? Are they badly miscalculating? Do they suffer from monumental hubris? There is definitely some bad karma here.  The measured average IQ of Israel is a quite average 95.

The Israelis have turned anyone that wasn’t a fighter into a fighter. Previously passive Palestinians will now be around every corner and hiding in every crevice sending rounds their way.

Over the last 24 hours Israelis hit the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt three times. This is the way in for humanitarian supplies and the way out for refugees.

As these images and displacements from Gaza spread and the battle unfolds it will be a rallying for surrounding Arab states and factions to join into a regional war. Israel’s only hope will be to draw in the United States into a global war.

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  1. Re: “Hamas parachutists” – it is reported that the footage showing the parachutes is not from the music festival in the desert but shows parachute jumpers in Cairo, Egypt.

    So, whomever produced this video cut that footage into the desert footage to con the viewers …

    Video of parachute jumpers in Egypt mischaracterized as Hamas paratroopers during Israel attack

    Video From Egypt Falsely Viral As Hamas Fighters Parachuting In Israel

  2. Would seem vain but Israel influence in US was starting to wain as too many people asking the right questions despite headwinds. But surely a global war and mass die off are on the list of objectives in all of this too. Any politician in the US wouldn’t dare slander Isra-hell in their time of need. Several markets about to implode, Banks about to fail. Should be a fun winter.

  3. The Palestinians have no heavy weapons, few if any sensors, a tiny ammo supply, no logistical train, no water, little food, no commo net- this is not going to be a fight, just pure butchery.

  4. When do Russian and US troops hit the ground in Gaza? Egypt need to open their border and let the Palestinians escape. Israel is perfectly happy killing all 2 million+ of them.

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