NEW: Project Veritas Suspends All Operations Amid Devastating Layoffs and Fundraising Struggles | Sept. 21, 2023

Project Veritas, the conservative organization founded by James O’Keefe, suspended all operations on Wednesday after another round of layoffs, Mediaite has learned.

According to a letter titled “Reduction in Force” that was sent to Project Veritas staffers by HR director Jennifer Kiyak on Wednesday, the organization is putting all operations on pause amidst severe financial woes.

“In the interest of preserving the possible future existence of Project Veritas we need to put operations on pause and, as communicated since the Spring, another Reduction in Force (“RIF”) is necessary,” Kiyak wrote.

Six staffers were laid off from the embattled organization this week, sources said, including all remaining journalists and one development associate. One former Project Veritas staffer said just 11 people remain on the non-profit’s payroll, including CEO Hannah Giles.


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  1. Yet another aspect of dealing with Satan’s Synagogue the foolish “Goim” don’t quite grasp. Since battling dual citizens’ Central Bank et al is battling a FOCUSED minority, You have a FAT CHANCE of getting corporations to buy advertising etc. (“they” own or control most everything, as they did while destroying Germany and it’s axis allies prior to ordering the dual world powers[U.S./U.K.] and it’s allies to destroy it), any resistance must be supported by an increasingly impoverished group of followers. A site which explains fully what the axis powers were up against can be visited here;
    It no longer surprises me that the majority idiots in this sewer never stop to consider why the snake FDR BANKRUPTED us and facilitated the genocide of tens of millions of Russian Christians/Muslims by duping it into SAVING the literal beating heart of global COMMUNISM, (U.S.S.R.), from being eliminated by same. Nearly a million Russian POWS asked to don the German uniforms to join Germany in it’s attempt to free Russia from Schiff’s Wall Street. Even G. Patton in letters to his wife spoke of delaying retirement to expose what he termed the Semitic influence controlling the West. For decades they warn us of the “dangers” of Communism then prevent the liberation of it’s largest vicitm nation, Russia. At this point, the infection has reached a point that it’s beyond saving…
    The above site has a video series which exposes the TRUTH behind the bankers’ world wars – (The Greatest Story Never Told). David Irvings historically accurate books reveal the TRUE rogue nations’ evil.

    (…) There was a reason why Emmy’s letters weren’t reaching Goring and the others. In mid October Counter Intelligence Corps Paul H. Goldenberg had arbitrarily arrested her and her little daughter; the mother had been thrown into Straubing prison (now designated a “civilian internment camp”) and Edda had been snatched away from her and put in an orphanage. On November 24 Edda had been locked up in Straubing with her mother. The C.I.C. Had also arrested Emmy’s niece, sister and nurse. The other Nuremberg prisoners’ children had been taken away and put in foster homes while their womenfolk were sent to prison.
    Quoted from David Irving’s book;
    Nuremberg – The last Battle
    PP 180-181

    “ Turning to the killing of survivors, Biddles’ dissenting opinion continued that there was no question in his mind that Donitz himself had never ordered this.
    The United States Navy had carried on unrestricted submarine warfare in the Pacific from the first day that nation entered the war. ‘All ships in the zone were torpedoed without warning’, Biddle had found, ‘and the entire Pacific Ocean was declared a zone of operations.’ While implying no criticism of Winston Churchill, Admiral Ernest King or Admiral Chester Nimitz, the respective naval leaders, Biddle felt entitled to cite their actions to show that the allies did precisely what they accused the Germans of having done. ‘it is, in my opinion’, he wrote, ‘offensive to our sense of justice to punish a man for doing exactly what one has done himself’ (…) Judge Biddle made no secret of his opinion, being quoted as
    having said:
    ‘The Germans fought a much cleaner war at sea than we did’.”
    From David Irving’s Nuremberg, The last battle p-267

    “Over the years that followed, there were curious inequities which were apparent only in retrospect: For health reasons Grand-Admiral Raeder was allowed home from Spandau jail as early as 1955 and Funk in 1957;
    but the half blind half deaf deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess, who was the only man to have undertaken, at risk to his own life, a step to end the madness of war in 1941, would be held as a prisoner at Spandau, crippled with arthritis, until his still unexplained death there by strangulation in August, 1987” From David Irving’s “Nuremberg the Last Battle”, P-281.

    This deliberate deception was perhaps the most egregious fraud perpetrated on the British Public throughout the war; A hundred thousand airmen knew and recognized that their aircraft were being dispatched night after night with the deliberate intention of setting fire to Germany’s cities, knew that since December 16th 1940 the aiming points had invariably been in the heart of the civilian housing areas.
    Quoted from David Irving’s book;
    Apocalypse: The Destruction of Dresden
    pp 20/21

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