Thousands Of ‘Bogus’ Jet-Engine Parts Sold To Global Airline Fleets: Report

Zero Hedge | Sept 21, 2023

Lawyers representing jet engine maker CFM International and its co-owners General Electric and Safran said “documentary evidence” shows thousands of jet engine parts with falsified documents were sold to global aircraft fleets by London-based AOG Technics, according to Bloomberg.

On Wednesday, in a London court, lawyers for CFM requested the judge force AOG to hand over documentation of “every product sale” since the company was set up in 2015.

Since late August, AOG has been at the center of a counterfeit components controversy, supplying third-party repair shops with “unapproved parts” for CFM56 engines used on older Airbus SE A320s and Boeing Co. 737s.

“The apparent large-scale falsification of documentation uncovered by the claimants gives rise to the risk that evidence relevant to these proceedings will be destroyed by the defendants,” lawyers for CFM wrote in a court filing.

CFM lawyers noted there is documentary evidence that thousands of these jet engine parts were flooded into global aircraft fleets over the years.

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  1. Upon discovering Reagan’s “handlers” were covering up all near misses after the bankers’ tool fired air traffic controllers, (striking, not for money as told but for better equipment and more controllers), I never flew again and never will…

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