Bill Gates’ foundation buys Anheuser-Busch stock worth $95 million after Bud Light financial fallout

CBS News | Sept 7, 2023

Bill Gates’ foundation trust bought 1.7 million shares of Anheuser-Busch InBev after the company experienced a few months of controversy and declining stock prices. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust bought the shares — valued at about $95 million — last quarter, according to an SEC filing.

Anheuser-Busch took a hit earlier this year when Bud Light sales dipped following an Instagram ad campaign with Dylan Mulvaney. The transgender actress and activist partnered with the beer company on April 1, outraging many conservatives.

Some people, including Kid Rock, called for a boycott of the beer, and reported sales dropped in the month that followed. Bud Light, which was once the nation’s top selling beer, saw a 23% decline in May from the same period the year before. Sales slipped again in June, down 28% compared to the same period last year, according to Bump Williams, which tracks alcohol sales.


4 Comments on Bill Gates’ foundation buys Anheuser-Busch stock worth $95 million after Bud Light financial fallout

  1. Crash-And-Buy with the aid of bought or duped conservative/MAGA media and pundits and millions of duped conservatives. They used their MAGA minions and useful idiots and the partial control they already had over Anheuser-Busch to anger their right-penned sheep into boycotting it so that the stocks would tank letting them easily and cheaply buy up much more control. This tranny boycott will now bring even post-modern insanity to the company in addition having brought even more control of the food and beverage supply to the Globalists.

    The engagement and effort was great but people need to wise up. You can’t fight the Globalists by doing what Globalist media and social media tell you to do. If you want to hurt them by boycott, you need to boycott and advocate for boycott of their media and social media; their main tools of control and manipulation.

    Anything big that happens or appears to happen is just theater directed by Globalists to further them and their agenda to dispossess and enslave us all. Anyone who takes these things at face value and acts accordingly is aiding in their own destruction.

    It sure does suck and I feel for the people who thought they were fighting the good fight. I hope at least some learned a lesson from this.

  2. Thomas….

    Interesting comment , Globalist ? ¿ you mean like Freemasons .

    Why is it , it seems nobody uses the word Freemasons , of course Globalist is good .

    Both go with REVELATION 13 : 17 – 18

    The ability to buy and sell . The number 1 then 666

    Somebody tell Mr Gates , I just need 10 g to replace my sailboat . Destroyed by Freemasons .



    • These asshats have a lot of names used for and by them. “Freemason” is problematic as they maintain a public image of being benevelent and also fool lower level members into believing this. “Illuminati” or “Illuminists” would work but those terms aren’t as widely known or not acknowledged as real. “Cabalists” is another apt term but one not recognized by the masses. “Zionist” used to work, though lately the term. has gotten more white-washed among people on the left who formerly used to oppose them. Conservatives have long since been duped into believing Zionism is a good thing. “Globalists” is the most widely recognized term so that’s the one I use. When speaking to less initiated people I like to add the term “oligarchy” or sometimes “crime syndicate” to it to describe what they are.. They are an oligarchy, that’s easy to prove (and should be obvious) and also a crime syndicate. To prove that they are, in fact, a crime syndicate I bring up and prove things like the 21 trillion dollars missing from the US treasury between the years 1998-2015 and also their criminal and genocidal invasions and wars and their many horrendous war crimes.

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