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LA Is Spending Up To $837,000 Per Unit To House The Homeless

By Tyler Durden | 26 February 2022

ZERO HEDGE — Are you wondering why so many people are defecting from places like California in favor of tax havens like Florida? Look no further for your answer, which likely lies in how states are spending their tax money.

Take Los Angeles, for example. It was reported last week that the city is paying up to $837,000 per housing unit to try and house the homeless.

It comes as part of a broader $1.2 billion effort to house the homeless, which KTLA reports is “is moving too slowly while costs are spiking”.

So far, about 1,200 units have been built since the spending was approved in 2016. An audit issued by city Controller Ron Galperin, however, calls this number “wholly inadequate” in the context of the homeless crisis, KTLA reported.

Galperin said that the effort “is still unable to meet the demands of the homelessness crisis.” In the meantime, homeless camps have spread into “virtually ever neighborhood” in LA, the report notes. […]

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