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Florida Passes Harshest Hate Crime Bill in America to ‘Combat Anti-Semitism’; Gov DeSantis Signs Bill in Israel

Information Liberation | April 26, 2023

“The Free State of Florida” is on the cusp of having the most oppressive hate crime laws in America in order to “combat anti-Semitism.”

HB 269/SB 994, which sponsor Rep. Randy Fine (R) said earlier this year was written to make hate-filled anti-Semitic “littering” (aka leafleting) a felony punishable by five years in prison, has been passed unanimously by the GOP-controlled Florida House and Senate with zero concerns for the First Amendment.


4 Comments on Florida Passes Harshest Hate Crime Bill in America to ‘Combat Anti-Semitism’; Gov DeSantis Signs Bill in Israel

  1. Notice how the ADL put a comma between “antisemitic”
    and racist. They desperately try to keep it from
    being antisemitic racism (which it is).
    The paranoia of locking and fusing antisemitic
    with racism (the racist/racism that they have
    beaten down Westernkind with) is their achilles heel.
    While they push “anti-black racism” and
    “anti-Asian racism” as concepts in their
    media to get those concepts into one’s
    mindset, they carefully put comma’s between
    their “antisemitic/antisemitism” and the
    words racist and racism effectively
    conflating their complaint/suffering to
    be conflated as something unique and special.
    This careful crafting of words to keep them
    “head and shoulders” above and so apart from
    their “ism” is no coincidence.
    All the more reason to say:
    antisemitic racist
    antisemite racism
    & also semiteness (as (((they))) push the
    antiwhite slur “whiteness” which is a trap
    and not something positive.
    Buckle the legs and collapse the stilts of
    their paranoia by always locking and fusing
    their “special” ‘ism’ to
    be antisemitic racism and or antisemite racism.
    Be careful though. Greenblatt hates it
    and whenever it appears in print in the
    manner I put forward
    our ADL friend goes ballistic.

  2. LOL! So,… It begins.
    In many “Christian” nations through out Europe, (and other U.K. colonies), One word of TRUTH about members of the CBC, (Central Bank Clan), results in years of prison for the “heinous crime”.The CBC has worked for centuries (after gaining control of authorities having jurisdiction), to install “hate crimes” on the books. Other than doing nothing more than exposing the CBC’s deep love (for themselves), it self-imposes a blockade meant to silence TRUTH regarding the CBC’s interference with the basic rights of the people. In this Marxist hole, all that matters is the proper amount of “grease” be used on the palms of (s)elected officials.

  3. Just my opinion, but I suspect DeSatan…sorry, DeSantis…did this abomination for a couple of reasons–one, to try to overtake Trump as the Republican nominee in 2024 as the ADL etc. have so much control over this; two, since there are large numbers of Jews living in Florida (snowbirds or otherwise), esp. south Florida, he did this to secure the Jewish vote; three, he is a secret or crypto-Jew (as is Trump I suspect) who is doing the bidding of anti-Christ Talmudic Jewry (see Tractate Gitten 57a if you don’t believe me) and esp. Chabad Lubavitch with their anti-Christ Noahide Laws (that decapitate believers on Christ) because he does what he is told by the minions of anti-Christ…and, oh yeah, because he knows “Christian” Zionists won’t turn against this abomination. Folks, it isn’t just a treason against Freedom of Speech, but perhaps also against Christ and His followers.

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