Ex-Wife of Highly Ranked Colonel Unveils the Deep State and Crime Syndicate: The Kay Griggs Interviews

LARGE PICTURE: Kay Griggs and husband, Col. George Griggs (right) with Gen. Al Gray (left). Kay's son (far right) married into a Pilgrims Society family very close to the Rockefellers. SMALL PICTURES: TOP: Kay at garden party with Gen. Carl Mundy and her patron that saved her from her husband's clique, Sarah McClendon. RIGHT: Kay with SEAL Team Six founder Richard Marcinko, who say he knew her husband. CAPTION/PICTURE COLLAGE: via ISGP-Studies.com

The Kay Griggs interviews with Pastor Rick Strawcutter deserve scrutiny by those looking for truths in the conspiracy research space. Eight interviews with Kay Griggs and transcriptions were conducted between the period of 1998 to 2006. The interviews go a long way in explaining the nature of the kakistocracy and Crime Syndicate. Whether you accept all, part or none of her account, Winter Watch has shown without doubt that there is a preponderance of bad actors in the system. We also note below collaborating posts to her organic account and what serves as a template.

Kay Pollard Griggs is the ex-wife of former U.S. Marines Chief of Staff Col. George Griggs, who was the head of Special Operations under Admiral Kelso of NATO. Col. Griggs, a Princeton graduate (class of 1959) and graduate of the NATO Defense College in Rome, was also a spy and Special Ops assassin from the period of the Vietnam War onward. Griggs stated that her husband was close to the Bushes among other well-known figures.

She makes a number of specific accusations and names names, which the reader can dissect from her lengthy interviews. Readers are urged to learn deceptive traits in speech and account rendering. (The template for this analysis: Neil Armstrong.) For example, truthful people tend to speak in first-person rather than the universal tense. Truthful people use active verbs, not passive. Truthful people use the conditional tense less often than liars.

Although Griggs rambles, she by and large uses language with active verbs, first-person references and avoids conditional and universal tenses. My main doubt is that truthful people tend to recollect things in chronological order, which she does not. However the interviews are free ranging and unstructured, and she’s describing large, complex and overlapping topics and concepts, which doesn’t always lend an opportunity for a simple timeline account.

Her exposure was to the military-intelligence complex, but the same template applies to other sectors. For example, the U.N. is infested with pedophiles (“Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years“). What is remarkable to me is how much detail she can provide about black ops — details that would have to be developed or researched using the available resources 15 to 20 years ago, in the early, more-scant Internet years.

The following is an overview of her words.

Based on innumerable revelations Col. Griggs made to his wife while he was intoxicated, she reports in an extended interview in 1998 that the U.S. military is run by sexual deviants, mostly homosexuals, and that the U.S. military itself is a mind-control operation. She termed the top cadre as “existentialists” and “members of the firm.” This has compelling logic. This type of nihilism believes in the nothingness of human existence and in “do as thy wilt” philosophy. They believe in one world, devoid of religions. They are typically gnostics and materialists. We discussed individual extreme examples in our articles on Israel Keyes and George Hodel, as well as Canadian Col. Russell Williams.

Kay suggested MKUltra mind-control operations are carried out on prime prospects as a partnership between organized crime (out of New York/New Jersey) and the military. Military (personnel) are involved in drug and secondary weapons sales, using the highly successful Opium Wars model. In the current year, with new drug cocktails and individuals controlled from childhood, this group could be quite large. Kay said twenty years ago, that “it’s a growth industry and it’s growing exponentially.”

Read “Retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Revealed Star Chamber Justice System in Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Case”
and “Precursor To The Global Crime Syndicate: The 19th-Century Opium Trade”

She described gang stalking activities designed to intimidate her and worse. The organized crime involves the Meyer Lansky Jewish-Kabalist group, who don’t believe in God and believe they have to get rid of all the good people.

The criminal black-budget money that Meyer Lansky’s group started in the ’40s has been growing and growing, she said.

The man who started the OSS (William Donovan) was recruiting German-Jewish existentialists who are now running our nation. They have more affinity for the state of Israel than America.

Read “William Langer’s ‘Newest History,’ the OSS and the Frankfurt School (aka New School)”

They know they are protected, Kay said. They know they are above the law. It’s a select cult/secret society. They call themselves “members of the firm” and “the brotherhood.” It’s the same thing that they do in societies like Skull & Bones and Cap & Gown (which has a lot of intelligence officers). They do a lot of homosexual enticements. This keeps them from telling secrets. The cream of the crop are having sex parties, orgies, etc. Homosexuals rise up much faster than those who don’t. They are called “rising stars.” This is what the U.S. State Department calls those who are controlled.

James Angleton of the CIA was a homosexual. The FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual. Much of British intelligence are homosexuals or pederasts.

Read “Spielberg Movie ‘The Post’ Omits Newspaper’s Deep State Connections to The Georgetown Cesspool”
and “Freemason Spies Lodge, Pedophilia and the Case Of Keith Harding”

While working with chief White House correspondent, Sarah McClendon, Griggs went into the Near East Section of the State Department, where Kay said there was not one single Palestinian, not one single Muslim, religious Saudi, Jordanian,  not one plain old American from “corn-pone”. Every single person in all of those offices were either Zionists or dual Israelis, she said.

There were initiation rites, sometimes involving assassinations or gratuitous murders, Kay said. The operatives are tight knit and very hierarchical. She lived with McClendon for awhile, and she told her that Ron Brown, Vince Foster and James Forrestal were murdered. Brown tried for the first time to take away the unfair State Department monopoly on illegal weapons and drug money. Brown was said to have been found with a hole in the top of his head. The autopsy has never been released.

Read “The Case of James Forrestal and the Take Downs of Real America Firsters”

Griggs stated, “If you get a magazine like ‘The Journal of Netcentric Warfare’ (C4-ISR Journal) put out by Defense News Media Group, you see ISI, the Israeli Company. I would go to Army shows and see the Hunter system, which was a command-and-control system, which was Israeli-run with our equipment. They know when we are having all of our operations. They know everything, because they are meeting everyday in Quantico with the FBI, the CIA.”

Griggs said murders were often carried out by “flamers” (a mixed-American and Israeli-homosexual kill team), who would go to other countries and blame their crimes on Arabs. Assassins are actually boys that are brought in because they have a certain psychological profile: no money, no father and often no parents. Think Timothy McVeigh.

Read “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Truth About Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing”

She speculated that Gen. Patton was killed by the General Mark Clark group. He knew that Clark had done all sorts of nefarious things.

Read “Patton Assassinated to Suppress His Criticism of Post-War Policy”

CIA Director William Colby was a white hat, she said, as was confirmed by his involvement in investigating the Franklin scandal. He was murdered according to Griggs.

Read “William E. Colby: A Highly Suspicious Death”
and “The Abduction of Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Scandal Coverup”

In 1996, there was a big purge of any white hats or decent high-ranking officers in the military, she said.

She also confirmed that the deaths of U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone and John Kennedy, Jr. were hit jobs.

Read “The Assassination of US Sen. Paul Wellstone, One of the Last Anti-War Populist Progressives” and “Re-Examining the Untimely Death of a President’s Son: John F. Kennedy, Jr.”

Waco was handled by foreign teams, she said. It was a training operation for them — just a “live-fire training operation.” They do live-fire training all the time, she said, and her husband George was the No. 1 shooter for the Marines for years. They use live bullets on real people and hunt them down.

Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, like the Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, had many Army intelligence people as targets, she said, people who had decided to tell truth. If someone talked, they are disappeared, or were neutralized, or ruined. A conspiracy of silence reigns.

She said drug money pays for the weapons. The brand new weapons are sold by agents of Israel. Masons are connected to the warfare weapons selling group.

“I sincerely believe,” Kay said, “in fact, I am sure that 9/11 was an Israeli special operation.”

The Observations of Soviet Defector Gregory Klimov

Separately Soviet defector Gregory Klimov discovered that the Soviet system was dominated by a secret society of sociopaths bonded by a common pathology termed “the power complex.” He observed the same structure working with the CIA.

“This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is result of latent homosexuality. Anybody who has knowledge of this forbidden area can influence and promote these leaders-to-be to positions of power.”

Klimov observed that admission up the ladder of the power structure required membership in the usual secret societies, clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and, upon verifying a real homo-sadistic inclination in the person, promote him into the real world of power. The real purpose is to select active sado-homosexual maniacs who will not stop at committing any crime in order to be recognized and promoted to the position of power.

Full Kay Griggs Interview

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    • It is worse, the world is run by satanists and for quite some time now. Existentialists / nihilists / pedophiles / homosexuals (e.g. check the Templars) / saddists / masons / zionists / brotherhoods = satanists. The whole “civilization” (systema) worldwide is run by such psychopaths.

    • She give us just a clip of how big the cabals are inside our system. I read comments about her credibility on lack of chronological order. In my experience people is more accustomed to a Hollywood then a real life. I have experience with woman’s the suffer domestic violence are those woman have so many experience and the life is like after a storm they need to take back the order this woman as been under a system of corruption beyond her imagination and the system is treating her life so she decided to record everything to bring light to the corruption system for us to know since those people are not accountable to law and order she cry when she confronted her reality of her eminent death for what she’s doing but she keep her self together. You cant compared her testimony with some else she just sharing her memories not a medical evaluation one of the most terrible things she confronted is they laughed of her cace in her face. That woman is brave she do what she can do in the right direction anyone will do different but she even say there wife’s are accustomed to live like that. How can they get divorce they loose the children’s i know wife’s on military the only way they can survive is to married another military men and Iam not talking about high ranking status.

  1. You have posted previously on the K Griggs interviews – this is a useful summary. (I’ll try to start back on the links.)

    And I have tried previously to “get though” the videos but I find it extremely difficult – for a reason I think it important to mention: Ms Griggs was and remains an obviously (and understandably) hugely traumatized woman – it makes for excruciating viewing.And such an attractive and apparently good woman – it tears at me and I have to stop.

    But I think it has to raise credibility issues; you note the “rambling” – she (and therefore the viewer) seems to have very little grasp of actual chronology or at least little ability to accurately re-construct it.

    Could it be that some of the mind control/domination techniques she describes were at some point directed against her? And – as always – given the claims she makes, why was she still walking around and free to sit for several hours for these interviews?

    The deep state/crime syndicate loves to boast – loves to tell very public stories about itself (would the “Bourne Conspiracy” industry be an example of that?) but they tell them in such a way – and employ story tellers – that no “rational” person would ever believe were anything but fictional or crazy.

    Hall of Mirrors – there’s no escape!

    • One more thing about Kay Griggs – I did once get through 50 min of the first video; and she was (as I recall) entirely unable to construct even a single chronological narrative – A happened, then B, then C – no – it is A – then jump to X – and never get back to B. etc etc

      I think this is likely very common among those suffering from PTSD (as she almost certainly is or was at time of filming). And there is also the issue of “fabulism” – telling stories, being aware of the general dimensions of reality, but weaving in totally false, baseless claims into your own narrative reality. Very often observed in those suffering from traumatic brain injuries. And who’s to say whether she was bounced around physically enough to produce such an injury (can be very difficult to identify – even – especially! – for those who have suffered them).

      I cry for this woman! They aren’t just (conspiracy) theories! – real people are profoundly hurt.

      • You are reading too much into it – she is simply not being asked to construct a timeline; instead, the interviewer seems quite happy to follow her on every tangent, and makes no effort at all to keep her on message. These are just completely unstructured interviews, apparently to gather raw material for some film, which is mentioned at least once but may or may not have actually been produced in the end. The continuity etc. would have been achieved either through cutting and splicing this material, or through re-recording after selecting the most significant elements from her raw material.

  2. Allll Grey….That explains it after all these years back in my OCS time, and there we were at Marine Corps Barracks in DC to watch 8th & I-That parade where they twirl rifles. Old Al rolls in the meet the “Candidates” since we weren’t yet christened, And there he is with a bejeweled large poodle in companion. Dont get me wrong, a Poodle is a great breed. But people are expecting that the Commandant over these Marines might have a Rottweiler at the very least??? Speaking of dogs, word has it that Mad Dog Mattis confirmed bachelor, builds dioramas for kicks. One has to wonder what those scenes depict??

    • I watch the Kay G. interview often, a bit more after the 2020 election theft and then the Fauci fascism….

      I’ll bet the National Guard stationed at the US Capitol don’t doubt a thing she says!!

  3. Is it possible to order some of these documentaries in DVD format? If soo,what’s the request information?

  4. Most of what she said is already things we already know just a little more in-depth or from her perspective.
    I don’t think we should believe everything she says, I’m not saying she’s lying but it wasn’t like she was in the inner circles or something, just a former wife saying what she saw.

    • She saw enough, I would say. even if it was the tip of the iceberg. None of us would not have known anything powerful in one place if not for her. Brave woman.

  5. Over the years I have listened to the complete interview SEVERAL times and I find her totally credible, articulate, and very intelligent. She makes one cringe-worthy error that I know of when she confuses Tolstoy with Trotsky ( the cameraman corrects her and she fully acknowledges her mistake), but her general recall of persons, places, and dates is remarkable. I agree with Mike——she is not giving a chronological history of her life with Colonel Griggs, but an overview of what she learned about the military and US government, her experiences with same, and what she suffered as a Christian lady when she tried to get her husband to extricate himself from all the corruption. My frustration with the interviews comes when the interviewer does not stop her enough at critical points to ask for more details or clarification on some topic or information that seems unusually explosive or fascinating

  6. Trauma-especially ongoing years of it-makes it increasingly difficult to adhere to a timeline. Also, our minds are associative, meaning one thing associating with another and/or others. So speaking/thinking about event A will remind the person of Z or 4, etc. I know this from experience.
    Also, who has seen the movie Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts? He had a terrible time trying to tell her what had happened to her because it didn’t make any sense, which is a huge stumbling block for victims of MK Ultra type abuse and why so many ended up institutionalized.

  7. RW,

    You olde such and such; you caught us talkin’ bout Mr. Kerr’s father (after yesterday’s thread [porn-hub] I am avoiding the word “Daddy” for the rest of my life = ) last week, and you brought back the intelligent, helpful, insightful and overall lovely Ms. Griggs. Talk about excellent follow through over here at the olde WW!

    All kidding aside, many thanks! I will make sure to review the thread today and re-listen to the interview. Also a big thanks to the individual who posted (a little while back) a link to the transcript here in the comments. Certainly well worth PDF-ing for later review.


  8. Yeah, I am not really all that interested in Lumet flicks, but a great match for this thread is this excerpt:

    What caught me on this thread, that I had not previously paid too much attention to in the past (even with a knowledge of Mr. Lansky’s ill-gotten gains, the tentacles of his former operation and how the funding moved from the gangster arena to that of politics) was this part:

    “The criminal black-budget money that Meyer Lansky’s group started in the ’40s has been growing and growing, she said.”

    which then gets me thinking and recalling this:

    Just begin listening to the information about Project Democracy and General “Dick” Secord. Old Ollie asks how Dick is going to get the money when the CIA cannot. Should we take bets that we’re talkin’ mob money and Mr. Lansky. I mean hey,8 million in a Swiss Bank Account in the 1980s might get a few things done, but where was the 8 mil. from? My guess is the drug trade and that the mob would have been a partner. Yet, this is just me and I could be 110% incorrect. Pure hypothesis, pure conjecture on my part.

    Now for fun:

    Now you have done it to me again WW! Curse you! (just kidding) My new problem is that I will want to listen to Ms. Griggs again and the Iran Contra hearings! There simply is not enough extra time in the month to get all this listening done. Oh well, maybe I will just skip to the “juicy” bits when Ollie tells Congress that they “…cannot handle the truth!”

    Anyone care to be me that the flick A Few Good Men was not a resuscitation of the military, and paid for by the DOD (yep, I will bet “Meathead” took gov. money to make the film), and just slightly less gay than Top Gun?



    Again WW, I wave my fist at you! (kidding) So I found this hilarious PUFF piece that I just needed to share as a derivative from the Iran Contra hearings:

    It is so overproduced as to be laughable, but then it got me thinking about Barry O., and I began to consider how powerful the deep state is in Hawaii. Wonder if we could find an interesting connection between the Senator (above) and Stanley Dunham Sr.? Could be an interesting nexus.

    Well, gotta run…

  10. Kay Griggs: “…members of the firm.”

    Pastor Rick Strawcutter: “…okay so as the firm grows, even as the old guys, the gray-heads, get old die off, retire, whatever they have already set in motion a system that culls out these young, budding, rising stars and they move their way up well then in time it consolidates to where no one”

    Kay Griggs: “no one”

    Pastor Rick Strawcutter: ” is in this unless you are in the club.”

    Simple Citizen: “Roll out Secretary Pete Butt – GIG, or Butt – EDGE, or Booty-GIG or whatever…get the little fella working under the “Big GUY”, Uncle Joe!”

    Listen in our nation, we all realize that it is never the victim fault, and poor Pete was just psyoped in the 1980s with this very convincing naval recruiting video:


    AMERICA F*CK YEAH! Now go kiss some dudes!

  11. Based on her facial tics, I think it is likely that Kay Griggs had been taking anti-psychotic medication. This raises the possibility that she suffered from some sort of delusional mental illness, which in turn raises the question of how one can tell whether a psychotic/delusional person is lying. I would say that one would have to watch the whole interview and decide whether a third possibility holds, which is that she was psychotic/delusional. Basically, that means looking for consistency between all of her statements (not that I am an expert).

    • Fred,

      Although I had to re-watch some of this video as it has been years (and I only crunched 1.5 hours of watching / listening yesterday), I do question some of the following:

      A little embellishment

      (not a big deal since all of us do this at times when speaking of our past)

      Sheer nervousness

      (understandable considering it could go the way of the DC Madam at any time after these two videos surfaced or in the future; as we know from Gaddafi, the U.S. government / military industrial complex has a long memory and holds grudges)

      Initially there seems to be a rush to get out as much as possible to prove credibility and her own moral decency

      (all very reasonable considering who she is up against; I doubt she will get a movie deal in which Renee Zellweger will play her and Tom Cruise will play the alcoholic abusive husband, so there was more than likely a lot of anxiety)

      You are right, she may have had a combination of medication after the trauma she suffered; however, I do not know about you, but I can get facial spasms from the combination of too much caffeine and a lack of sleep over a couple of nights. My adrenals get taxed and it can cause eye lid spasms / twitches and other symptoms. Caffeine on its own is a very powerful stimulant and as we know, many folks under pressure may actually amplify the problem by increasing its use beyond a healthy restraint. So I believe you could be on to something, but I would (humbly) not rule out other possible reasons.

      Also, I would agree that in order to really support, find the middle or disavow what Ms. Griggs is saying, then we need to look at all the details using what we now know about many of the individuals she is speaking of, FOIAs, archive visits and good old fashioned research. To a large extent, I think you isolated why I began to delve back into the Iran Contra hearings. Although that event predates her interviews, one can draw a line between those two data points and find a progression of commonality.

      Where we really benefit is now looking up what became of so many of the individuals she has named. If they were toward the end of their career then, we might opine that they are either retired or deceased. This may allow for an easier ability to fact check her data points in a manner that would have even been more difficult just ten years ago.

      Certainly, it is worth consideration.


      • I am talking about her unnecessary and repetitive mouth/lip movements. It reminds me of the video of Emma West ranting about nonwhite immigrants on a London tram a few years ago. I think it turned out that she was on some sort of psychiatric medication. The condition is called tardive dyskinesia. It is pretty mild in the case of Kay Griggs, assuming that she has it.

        • Fred,

          Thanks, I did not know all of this, but I am appreciative for your insight and added meaning.

          My sense was a whole lot of anxiety and a bit of embellishment, but I could be completely wrong.


  12. Thank you Russ, the body language video by Richard D Hall was amazing – his channel RAZORDEATH67 represents yet another deep rabbit hole.

    You have prompted me to FINALLY start to watch this Kay Griggs video.

    I don’t know where this is all going or how accurate it is in totality, but just a few minutes in, at 2:49 we see the quote:

    “… In effect the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union. Its industrial and its military capabilities. This massive construction job has taken 50 years. Since the Revolution [sic] in 1917. It has been carried out through trade and sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance.” [Bold emphasis added]
    … [attributed to] Professor Antony Sutton.

    As indicated, I am not fully taken in by this statement but there may certainly have been some of this occurring to at least establish the ground work for Soviet industrialisation.

    For example, I had only recently read the following:

    “The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia” by Tim Tzouliadis

    Some excerpts with a little commentary from Chapter 4: “Fordizatsia”

    “No other firm in the United States, or even the world, conducted as much business with Joseph Stalin as the Ford Motor Company between 1929 and 1936. For above all men, Henry Ford – “the Sage of Dearborn” – understood very well that the power and the allure of the automobile transcended ideology. The whole of mankind was in love with speed and, in that respect at least, the Bolsheviks were no different.“

    [Back up a few sentences – Henry Ford had sold and transplanted an entire automobile plant from Detroit to Russia … ]

    “Henry Ford had been only too delighted to sell the necessary industrial blueprints and machinery, together with seventy-five thousand “knocked down” Ford Model A’s from the River Rouge plant. It was a deal sweetened by the guarantee of five years of technical assistance and the promise of American labour and know-how.” [Emphasis added – see below]

    “The Soviet contract was worth a staggering forty million dollars, and lest we forget, these were 1930s millions paid for in gold at the height of the Depression.”

    [How ironic that] “many of the Americans travelled to Russia only to find themselves working in brand new Soviet factories built by the old capitalist titans of American industry.“

    [which somehow could not sustain employment for these very same workers back in America …]

    [So how did they manage to convince these American – this “American labour and know how” – to travel to Russia? … – with children’s fairy tales, that’s how – read on … ]

    [Comment: as you read this, it lends weight to the ’conspiracy theory’ that the Great Depression was a contrived and controlled demolition of the western economy, just as the GFC of 2008 was and the looming Great COVID Reset.]

    [At the height of the Depression the mainstream press (and government), [Tzouliadis cites articles from the New York Times in particular] orchestrated a propaganda campaign to paint Soviet Russia as a land of hope, opportunity, freedom and fairness.]

    Central to this propaganda campaign – remember Ford’s “promise of American labour and know-how” – was the English translation of New Russia’s Primer: The Story of the Five-Year Plan


    which [picking up Tzouliadis again]

    “had become the unlikely publishing phenomenon of 1931, an American bestseller for seven months and one of the highest selling nonfiction titles of the past decade. Its simple explanations, written originally for Russian schoolchildren [it is published under the group section “Children’s Literature Texts”], were read and reread by an American public searching for answers beyond the deadened reach of another decade of “rugged individualism”. In the midst of Depression misery who could not be attracted to the book’s shared vision of future happiness and social progress?”

    [How convenient that the Ford automobile factories had already been shipped across to Russia – starting in 1929! The vehemently anti-worker and anti-trade union [Ford] had been “paid forty million dollars for the old Model A plant he had only been planning to scrap”! Of course this didn’t deter the hypocritical “workers of the world unite” Soviets under Stalin!]

    Incidentally (and even more ironically), Tzouliadis goes on …

    ”Lenin himself had been a passionate advocate of [the anti-worker] Ford’s methods of mass production, and Ford’s autobiography, “My Life and Work” , had long been a Soviet bestseller, going through four printings by 1925 alone.“


    “The construction of a “Soviet Detroit”, therefore, was deemed essential to the Bolshevik cause.“

    Back to Grigg …

    Oh wait – in this context I must also mention Pavel Sudoplatov, who wrote “Special Tasks”.

    A good intro and outline here by Peter G Myers:


    Sudoplatov was at the centre of the atomic/nuclear technology transfer and I read that he was one of the main characters who arranged photoshops of Soviets dressed up as Germans and committing mass executions in order to project their atrocities onto the Germans.

    Back to Grigg …

      • RW,

        Any idea where the part about Mr. Kerr’s father is? I will listen to the whole thing over again (did 1.5 hours while working yesterday), but I did wish to get back / acknowledge the gentleman in the last Dino thread by finding it, before that thread moves off the main page.

        Any idea where the time signature would be for that section of the interview?

        Many thanks.


        P.S. Oh yeah, for all of us in the peanut gallery: Where is Dino this week? Thanks.

    • JS,

      Hey. Hope all is well with you.

      Interesting post. Although I do not have a text at my fingertips to recommend, I would (humbly) suggest looking at the work of President Herbert Hoover, on behalf of the United States, in Russia as the revolution unfolded. He was a quasi representative of government, and more of an ambassador for American businesses, especially bankers who helped fund the revolution on both sides.

      Also, it may be worth considering how “Lend Lease” was operated with regard to Stalin. As I have understood my own research, we (in essence) built the Russian navy (from older U.S. vessels) and equipped much of the army (boots in particular come to mind from a few sources), as well as helped keep the population alive (K-rations). The level of armament for a nation that we refused to initially recognize was substantial.

      When the entire relationship is then supported by the U.S. propaganda machine (e.g. Frank Capra’s Why We Fight series of films as a glaring example, with other films also lending a support), it would seem that there was a great deal of time and resources invested in a Soviet Union. that we / U.S. citizens / the nation (in our most common history texts and media) are led to believe had very little interaction with prior to WWII (your Ford example being a common exception). Yet, we are also sold the idea (again through common history media sources) that as confrontation loomed in Germany under the partitioning, there were powers equal in strength facing off against one another. How could this be?

      If we simply follow this same narrative, we understand that the Russian people took heaviest casualties of any participant in the war. Further, we understand that their naval power was meager and primarily comprised of old United States vessels, which one might opine that our own naval forces would know how to defeat quite handily. Compound this by the idea that we possessed nuclear weapons capability and a much stronger air force ( to my knowledge the Russians has a few carrier and transport plane, but no fighters — under Lend Lease we only supplied fighters to Britain and China as far as I know), which indicates a picture of imbalance between the soon to be named “superpowers”.

      If I understand what I have read correctly, this complete imbalance of power is the reason the General Patton felt that United States combined forces could end the Soviet Union in less that one year, if the will of the nation choose to do so; however, standard history sources often build the Soviet military forces up to be on par with the United States military forces of that time. A pause in permitting the Soviet Union to build (notice I did not say rebuild, unless we are speaking of tanks and common armaments) its military presence may be considered proof alone that perhaps the “fix was in”. Further, just as with Japan and Germany, the United States made loans available to both the Soviet Union and China for the rebuilding of those nations.

      From my own (humble) perspective, we have countless examples of how the United States government and military industrial complex builds and even shelves its own enemies for use as needed (present or future); however, this may just be my own interpretation of the situation.

      Need to run.


      • Thank you SC, so hard to keep up with all the posts, let alone all the comments. For some reason the ‘switch’ to receive automatic email notifications for WW articles has been turned off and I have to remember to manually ‘subscribe’ for notifications via WordPress. But never mind.

        Yes, what a huge topic/rabbit hole, and one that I have only just poked my head down after my awakening as recently as 2016, primarily due to people like Vanessa Beeley and Eva K Bartlett regarding Syria. To think that just those few short years ago I would drop off to sleep listening on my ‘Walkman’ to the BBC (relayed overnight via Australia’s ABC) with updates on Iraq – Libya – Syria … !!!. I have since traced the lies back to WWI and am now drilling down into phase 2, known as WWII.

        Indeed Lend Lease is the key. Also recall that Trotsky with his band of well armed and well funded ‘revolutionaries’ departed from New York, so it is not surprising that the ‘New York banksters’ (one with the London banskters and their puppet Churchill) figure in the building up of the Soviet Union.

        Just by the way, after I finish reading “Forsaken” (Tim Tzouliadis), just arrived on my shelf are “Stalin’s War” (Sean McKeekin) and “The Chief Culprit” (Viktor Suvorov)

        Also see the full “American Pravda” series on the Unz Review


        But one of the best history lessons can be obtained by reading the actual speeches of Hitler in ‘real time’

        • Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches – 1922-1945

        in particular, those from around September 1939 to late 1941.

        This discussion could go on indefinitely so I will just share the above sources as indicative of my own journey and leave you to yours. Happy to share key passages and milestones, time permitting, but I can only contribute minor details in the context of Winter Watch’s overall grasp on the topic.

        PS – you mentioned General George [“We defeated the wrong enemy”] Patton:


        • Thank you; pressed for time now, but I will look at the links over the weekend. Further, I would agree on the magnitude of the topic and just how much has been researched, complied, written and developed into other media, it can honestly make my head spin.

          Yet, I appreciate the response and look forward to reading the links.


  13. “She termed the top cadre as “existentialists” and “members of the firm.”….[their nihilistic beliefs believed] in the nothingness of human existence and in “do as thy wilt” philosophy”

    What a pack of dumb f**ks.


    If life and existence have no meaning, then it couldn’t be known; for how would it be possible (1) for anyone to stand outside of the ‘meaningless all that is’ and (2) all of a sudden find even just enough meaning or understanding to know that meaning and understanding don’t exist?

    It’s preposterous not just once but twice!

    And as for this ‘do what thou wilt’ horse sh*t, (1) it’s always very curious how they place this so called principle above life in importance and yet very few of them ever kills himself, but rather fights like a dirty dog to live as long and as well as he can….and in the midst of a worldview, I might add, where even he supposedly has no worth; (2) ‘do what thou wilt’ is just another name for relativism; and relativism is just another way of looking like a complete a-hole in front of your better educated friends who know that absolutising that which is relative means that someone backed the donkey in this here race.

  14. For those of you pointing out her inability to recount things in sequential order – keep in mind the pastor is not a professional interviewer. He’s not going to nurture the conversation the way a journalist, or someone accustomed to interviewing people would do. He is simply someone listening to her story and he happens to be recording it, probably upon HER request. She most likely had no one she could trust to talk to and divulge such content besides a priest or pastor.

    I’ve sat through all of these interviews. They are quite lengthy and she jumps all over the place when giving account of things. You’re not watching a polished 60-Minutes kind of interview. It’s a woman who has the weight of all of that garbage weighing down on top of her and she’s getting it all off her chest…to a pastor.

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