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BREAKING: Biden Signs Order Enforcing Social Justice “Credit Scores”

Trending Politics | April 21, 2023

Joe Biden has recently signed an executive order that could potentially affect millions of Americans in the name of environmental justice. The order is an attempt to further strengthen federal agencies and aims to address so-called environmental “inequities” that impact communities of “color, low-income communities, and indigenous communities.”

Under the new Executive Order, titled “Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All,” agencies are directed to consider measures to address and prevent disproportionate and adverse environmental and health impacts on communities, including the cumulative impacts of pollution and other burdens like climate change.


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  1. More evidence still, which proves global communism, (Central Bank Clan), originates with clan at the top.Now, explain to me again why FDR, Morganthau, Baruch et al bankrupted this Marxist hole, stood quetly/obediently by as Jacob Schiff’s, Wall Street’s USSR genocided tens of millions of Christians/Muslims thus SAVING communism and making certain the CBC’s power would spread like a cancer across the globe?

  2. Will this EO require the tent cultists to cleanup their bodily wastes, hypodermic needles & dirty junk packed into shopping carts that pollute city streets & parks?

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