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Bill Gates: Animals Need Vaccines

Dr. Panda’s Newsletter | Jan. 13, 2023

Why is Bill Gates now pushing animal mRNA vaccines? He wants to give livestock the mRNA vaccines that they forced upon us. But he’s not the only one.

This specifically ties into an article Dr. Robert Malone wrote yesterday on his Substack. Animal mRNA vaccines are already here and have been since 2015. We know nothing about them. Drug companies aren’t required to publish their trial data like human vaccines. The little information we do know often comes in the form of press releases, conference notes, “occasional” peer reviewed papers or another obscure way.

In fact, BioNTech (co-makers of the Pfizer vaccine) and Bayer have been working on mRNA vaccines for animals since 2016. Bayer, who secured exclusive rights to BioNTech’s mRNA technology for animals, even produced the human COVID-19 vaccine in their facilities in Germany. This manufacturing facility was presumably intended to produce mRNA vaccines for animals.

Merck is already selling their mRNA vaccine for pigs, “SEQUIVITY.” Merck Animal Heath promises a “revolutionary swine vaccine platform” that can “combat current and future swine diseases.”


3 Comments on Bill Gates: Animals Need Vaccines

  1. We’re all the same as swine to these degenerates. Hate is just the way they roll since they were raised to be hate-filled from the jump. “Amalek must die!! Never forget!” Given time, I could cite a dozen others; but I needn’t bother.

  2. “current and FUTURE swine diseases? Like the ones they will be developing? Who’s the swine now? My apologies to the swine, who re much farther up the food chain in my opinion.

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