Leopard 2 tanks were unable to penetrate Russian tanks protected by dynamic protection “Contact-5”

Avia.Pro | April 15, 2023

Russian tanks, protected by dynamic protection “Contact-5”, proved to be impenetrable for the German “Leopards”.

An accurate hit by a German Leopard 2 tank causes absolutely no damage to any Russian tank equipped with Kontakt-5 dynamic protection elements. The main damage is muted by the armor, however, the integrity of the tank’s structure is not violated. This fact indicates that German tanks of this type will not become a serious problem for Russian combat vehicles protected by such means of dynamic defense as the Contact-5.

Today, in the NMD zone, Russia is actively using modern-style tanks equipped, among other things, with Kontakt-5 dynamic protection elements. This provides a high level of protection for the crews of Russian tanks.

However, experts note that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already received Challenger 2 tanks and ammunition with depleted uranium for them, the armor penetration of which is much higher. 


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