Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Skewer the Architects Of Dystopia

We turn our attention to Jacques Attali and in particular his book A Brief History of The Future (2006). This is a blueprint for the New Underworld Order’s agenda for the 21st Century.

From this base we step into the morass that is the Prophetic 2016 DC-Leaks Reveals George Soros’ Schemes for Societal Chaos and Discord.  We look into the plutocratic donor and political class organized around NUO skullduggery. see Plutocrat Donors Lead the Campaign to Legalize Crimes.

Monthly Sane Asylum with Focus on the Nature of Black on White Threat

We went down a lesser known but important side alley with a look at- For Greater Glory: Mexico’s Cristeros Resistance

Show is here.

8 Comments on Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Skewer the Architects Of Dystopia

  1. One point on an excellent chat.

    The Pfizer guy is not “fairly high on the food chain”. He’s a director, not even a senior director, which is a lower middle management level position. Typical US corporate hierarchies are as follows:

    “C-level” positions e.g. CFO/COO
    Various VP levels where EVP may have some executive decision making ability, but lower VP levels (SVP/VP/RVP/AVP) likely do not
    Senior director

    Below director you may have various levels of lower management tiers supervising hands on workers – or – in a specialist/professional area, a director may even be a specialist function without any direct reports. In addition you may have some other titles above director – people with “Chief” in their title because they head up a group or a department, who are nevertheless not “C-level”.

    This is a junior guy – several levels removed from the CEO. He’s sufficiently afr down that (depending on the CEO’s management style) the CEO may well not even know who he is, or that he exists.

    • I should also add that titles are sometimes handed out in lieu of payraises. They’re much cheaper and some employees are just as happy with status as $ :-).

  2. Also – you may be able to guess I’m commenting as I’m listening here – I believe directed evolution is genuinely not the same as gain of function. Directed eveolution could be used to achieve gain of function, but can also be used to generate mutations which do not result in gain of function.

  3. Im careful with that veritas story and the Pfizer exec after reading this substack article about his bio, background, online presence, its all not fitting and questionable, its like the whole character is made up but very bad.

  4. Totally agree with Robert about Kamala actually putting on and act and pretending to be dumb. Just go dig out old footage of her prior to her becoming VP. Even during the debate, she was able to go after Biden for being racist (something like that) and was clearly able to make an argument and put words together. I think both of her parents are PhDs and she’s a lawyer–hard to believe she could possibly make it through law school being that dumb. All of these people have speech writers–IMO, they are deliberately making her appear dumb. I think it’s part of the cover story for the deliberate take down of America–the sheep will simply write it off as a product of a senile President and dumb VP. Even Steve Hilton, who has a show on Faux News on the weekend, says she’s not dumb–she even met with her face to face years ago (apparently he lives in CA and was talking with her about CA problems), and says she’s intelligent, etc.

  5. George, Bill, Robert, Klaus, Charles, Hillary, Kamala, etc etc,
    They’re all gonna die.
    Why don’t they face that INDISPUTABLE fact and act like human beings instead of human wantings.

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