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REPORT: Director Of George Soros Organization Has Visited Biden White House Over A Dozen Times

Gateway Pundit | Jan. 27, 2023

The Biden administration is apparently even more friendly to left wing billionaire George Soros than the Obama administration was.

A director at the Soros Open Society Foundation has visited the Biden White House over a dozen times.

Top George Soros director has frequent Biden White House access, records show

A high-level director at George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) who is tied to a group bankrolled by the billionaire and quietly working with President Biden’s administration on policy has close access to the White House, records show.

Tom Perriello, Open Society-U.S.’s executive director and part of Soros’ leadership team, and who sits on the board of Governing for Impact, an outside Soros-funded group maneuvering behind the scenes to shape and implement policy, has frequently visited the White House for meetings and events.

Perriello’s name appears in White House visitor logs 13 times on eight different days between May 2021 and September 2022, the last publicly available month for the records, a Fox News Digital review has found. On three of the days he visited, multiple appointments appear in the forms.


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  1. More proof, if any was needed, the United States is completely controlled by outside forces. The same is true of many countries. for example I’ve seen photos of Trudeau with face to face meetings with Soros and Klaus Schwab on separate occasions Any normal publically elected leader of any integrity would avoid those two evil characters like the black plague; for the good of their country’s continuance, if for no other reason. Plus any representatives of their organizations should be banned forever.

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