University: Don’t say ‘Christmas’ because it’s too ‘Christian-centric’

College Fix | Dec. 17, 2022

A British university’s “inclusive language guidance” document recommends using the phrase “winter closure period” in place of “Christmas closure period” because the latter is … “too Christian-centric.”

It also recommends not asking people about their “Christian name.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Brighton University language guide, developed by staff and students, “is part of [a] shared commitment to making Brighton a place where everyone feels respected and valued.”

“[The guide] actively aims to promote and maintain an inclusive and diverse academic community in which students and staff are free from bullying, harassment and victimisation [and] to empower staff to use inclusive language confidently and effectively, in order to ensure that both students and staff alike feel safe, valued and respected,” it reads.


4 Comments on University: Don’t say ‘Christmas’ because it’s too ‘Christian-centric’

  1. It’s out in the open, cannot be hidden: this is yet another attack on western European culture specifically. Universities are turning out to be the most Cultural Marxist yahoos of all time. They put the MSM almost to shame.

  2. ‘Universities’? They are anything but that. How about. ‘diversities’ or ‘perversities’ or ‘subversities’ or conversities’ or ‘reversities’ or ‘inversities’ or ‘unversities’ or nonversities etc?

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