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Ukraine’s Naftogaz says Russian attacks damaged 350 gas facilities

Yahoo Finance- Reuters | Dec. 7, 2022

Recent Russian attacks on Ukraine have damaged 350 natural gas facilities in the country though production should be largely restored by year-end, Oleksiy Chernyshov, chief executive of Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz said on Wednesday.

Speaking at an event of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Chernyshov said the loss of gas production capacity amounted to a value of around $700 million.

“We have started the heating season – we expect it to be the hardest ever,” said Chernyshov.


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  1. Same time Russia pumps natural gas through Ukraine to central Europe 40 mln cubic m3 a day. Naftogas operates the pipeline.

    Something does not match..

    Our state owned company Fortum was the biggest shareholder of Uniper, which financed the majority of the Nordstream 2 pipeline. Also Uniper had power plants and energy infrastructure in Russia. It is now played out and instead of the NS pipeline the Russia is shipping highly priced natural gas to cold suffering Europe with LNG ships operated and owned by Novatek. Novatek is owned by oligargs Gennadi Timchenko (6th),and Leonid Mikhelson (2nd richest in Russia). Both belongs to Davos party folks.. like their friends in Kreml.

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