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‘Tinfoil Hat’ Folks Get the Last Laugh: Former CIA Chief Brennan Lauded Chemtrails in CFR Speech


CZYxkgxVIAAfPhKOn June 29, 2016, CIA Director John Brennan delivered a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations during which he clearly confessed in plain English to the use of geoengineering around the globe. He touts the benefits of spraying aerosol particles in the atmosphere to allegedly reflect sunlight. He then finishes by stating that this technology could cause countries to rise up and oppose one another. This is an admission that they have technology that can manipulate the weather, and even use it as a weapon.

Furthermore, it’s Winter Watch’s contention that this method is used for behavior modification on human populations. It creates a listless, lower reactive mind to fog the ability to tell the difference between real and unreal. This is constantly tested in real time via the staged deceptions and surreal CGI.

These empty suits are out-of-control transhumanists trying to play God and with nature. With this admission, the disingenuous “conspiracy theorist” debunking of the chemtrail evidence is looking more and more dicey and suspect. Who is wearing the tinfoil hat now, suckers.

Aerosal is the preferred method of delivery especially if the goal is penetrating the blood brain barrier. The goal isn’t always die off or making people ill, but zombification.

Aerosol particles with a diameter of 1-15 mm mass median diameter (MMD) are readily absorbed by lung cells following inhalation, the primary mode of infection by most biological agents.

Weather Modification 101: Would love to see somebody try and debunk this one. It is from Nexrad’s actual website.

Excellent documentary on geoengineering and chemtrailing (Italian with English subtitles):



21 Comments on ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Folks Get the Last Laugh: Former CIA Chief Brennan Lauded Chemtrails in CFR Speech

    • When they turned off the chemtrails I’m wondering if they were flying over property owned by one of the elites, whom of course they cannot spray toxins over since the elites own them. Chemtrails, like taxes, are only for the “little people”!

  1. It is becoming more of a challenge by the day to get common folk to understand what these psychopaths are doing.

    Because nothing makes sense if you approach it with a normal mindset.

    On the one hand they spend billions, maybe trillions, on propagating the man-made global warming lie, but on the other, they play silly buggers with local weather (weather mod.) and biodiversity (Monsanto), toying with peoples’ lives, devastating ecosystems, ruining our bio-heritage. Could these be the same people?

    On the one hand they spend trillions on the “war against terror”, seemingly with a single-minded goal of destroying Al Qaeda, but on the other hand, they use the same Al Qaeda to take out governments they don’t like eg. Qaddaffi in Libya, and now Assad in Syria. Same people?

    The same contradictions arise when one looks at the full picture of the “war on drugs” – a phony “war” which generates tons of cash for undercover black ops and ruins young lives at home – stoned young people are less likely to revolt.

    And again with the laudable (I say laughable and criminal) IMF and World Bank’s apparent efforts to bring Africa and other Third World countries into the “First” world. Ha Ha!! Except it never happens. Every time a third world leader looks like actually lifting his country out of destitution, he is taken out in a coup,or revolution. The Third World was NEVER meant to join the First World. In fact, some former First World Nations are on the road to join the Third World (Greece), over-burdened by unpayable IMF debt, with all their resources mortgaged to Multi-national Corporations.

    Yes these are the same people, and the truthful explanation of WHY they do what they do, is they truly HATE mankind. Satanic? Evil? Alien? Sure, call them what you like, the truth remains – they hate humankind in general, and are doing all they can to grind us into the dust with sophisticated deliberate deception, trickery and lies.

    And they get away with it, because the truth is too terrible for most decent people to believe, or even contemplate.

    • I dont think they hate mankind. I think its more of a rancher/cattle type relationship. They only care about us as long as it doesnt cost them any money. If you can get away killing a few for the good of the business, then so be it. If the bull decides to destroy the barn, you shoot the bull and find a new more docile one that just likes to eat and reproduce.

  2. The easiest “conspiracy theory” on the planet to prove, and so many still do not believe. All one has to do is look up on almost any day. The evidence is right before peoples eyes and they still cannot see.

    • Agreed. Even my own hubby who actually studied weather (meteorology) in college didn’t believe chemtrails existed until I proved to him the difference between CONTRAILS (that dissipate quickly) and CHEMTRAILS (that do not dissipate quickly and stay around for hours)…too bad there are so many folks out there who are too afraid of being called “conspiracy theorists” to seek the truth.

  3. I don’t doubt that there are geoengineering experiments going on. However, if I wanted to distribute behavior modification drugs or chemicals to the population aerial spraying would probably be the most inefficient way to do so. Seems like the municipal water supply would be a better route.

    I looked in to the actual weather for Key West, FL for February 11-15 2015. I did not see anything unusual beginning at 7:52 PM CST (8:52 PM EST) for Key West. No storms or even precipitation. No sudden or drastic temperature changes.

  4. As I understood the technology, chemtrails work in conjunction with HAARP and stations like it to create weather modification. Metals are dumped into the air or even cloud seeded and then magnetism / magnetic waves provided by stations like HAARP are able to move weather systems. Then this is covered up as climate change and / or global warming, which provides the benefit of further taxing societies through carbon credit schemes.

    All of it is quite sickening.

    Here is Prince on Mr. Tavis Smiley’s show in 2007 speaking about chemtrails (just go to 19:55 if you wish to get to the specific point):

  5. And in other news:

    Now I would like to share with you all the inside news on this debacle. You see what the DC mayor and Council do not wish to speak about is the decline in the number of DC Police officers by nearly 50% since 2020. So from 4000 officers down to 2000 and continuing to drop mas rapido!

    Additionally, many of the active officers are taking as much leave as they can in order not to have to be on duty. The number of officers taking sick leave, time off and leave of absence is also being kept quite. Often whole precincts are very lightly staffed and have zero reinforcements if anything major breaks out.

    Then add into this mix the increase in homelessness and drug users that have grown since lockdowns and you have an extremely toxic mix; however, at the same time, many “mom-and-pop” businesses are closing due to constant changes in direction from the local government. The land owners and development companies want a bailout (which they will more than likely get) and wish to keep moving toward making DC the “next great international city”, so they want the drug users and homeless individuals moved away from the city. It is a purge of very large, but odd proportions under Conjob-19 conditions.

    So the District is beginning to resemble conditions that were worse than the 1970s and 1980s, however, the government is trying to keep it all concealed with the National Guard and hushed with regard to the general decline.

    If we can imagine that this is occurring in the federal city, hen we might all be able to opine / project that New York, Chicago and many other cities are suffering similar losses to their police forces. Who needs to defund anything, when you can make a job such hell that your personnel naturally goes away.

    Consider the larger picture:

    1. California and New York are emptying out, as citizens move to Texas and Wyoming (for example).

    2. Police forces in most of our major cities are being evacuated by very talented officers, because their government dislikes them and the people they serve are turning on them.

    3. New migration is headed our way from Central America and many of these individuals will now fill the vacancies left in these cities; however, many of these individuals will not be able to pay any taxes on arrival, so the cities and states will run massive deficits.

    4. New war in Syria is already on the horizon and the neocons will soon be resuming a reorganization of the Middle East. In order to fight Iran, a draft will be necessary and this time women, homosexuals and transvestites will be considered part of the draft pool if Iran comes after Syria.

    We could keep going, but I think this is enough to “chew on” for one night. To my mind, eventually all of these issues will spill over into the most conservative and peaceful parts of the nation and nothing other than a national secession or an internal war will stop this decline. It is well planned, extremely well engineered, well funded and unable to be halted by a population that is so fractured, as well as confused / mindless.


    • I have a longer response/background info on the draft you speak of and it’s origins but since I am still on the clock I can’t write it now. In response to TX, Houston is fast becoming a dangerous dump to live in. People are fleeing the inner city to the suburbs and pushing the middle class/upper middle class people even further out. I have heard covers for the Nat G. staying in DC is because March 30th or something is the original inauguration date and ‘trump patriots’ will try another coup then…. or something. Seemed like baloney to me.

  6. Leaving in a major agricultural area for the world chemtrails show the brazen stupidity of our oligarchs &us they did biological engendered mosquitoes in Florida. Now there getting ready to do it in Central California hardly any one has any knowledge.these bioenginerd mosquitoes 🦟 are released by the millions for test purposes.and the results In South America and Florida were scientific horrible an they continued. I read all the documents and thru the website .(poison our Air . Water . Food.)genuinely ass hats

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