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FBI Released Heavily Redacted Files on Sandy Hook Shooter 85-Pound Adam Lanza

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Without notice or fanfare, the FBI on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017, posted links to over 1,500 pages of mostly redacted documents from its investigation and subsequent findings on Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter in the Sandy Hook case. We examined the documents and found they are completely lacking in the names of eyewitnesses. There are also surreal and contradictory statements made by interviewees. The report does not note which of these claims have been verified.

FBI Vault Sandy Hook investigation (This is a good link)

This “chronology” was included:

The “gunman was discovered at the scene” by the police as of 1:05 p.m., over three hours after police arrived at the crime scene. How is this late discovery even possible? Cambridge dictionary defines “as of” as “starting from a particular time.”

Timeline (source Wikipedia):

9:40:03 a.m. Last shot heard. Believed to be shooter’s suicide.
9:44:47 a.m. Newtown police officers enter SHES.
9:46:48 a.m. Connecticut State Police enter SHES.

We learn that the elusive 6-foot tall “no-motive” Lanza weighed a mere 85 pounds. The Rambo pip-squeak was suited with a bulletproof vest and booted with a Bushmaster XM15 .223 caliber rifle, a Glock 10 mm handgun and was also in possession of a loaded 9 mm Sig Sauer P226 handgun.

After he’d already fired 154 rounds, Lanza also had more ammunition for the weapons he had on his person, as well as three 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster. However, the FBI report is inconsistent with the other narratives, and states only, “A Bushmaster long gun and one Glock pistol were recovered at the scene.”

Those familiar with the Sandy Hook narrative know that those 27 dead were left laying in the school until removal in the middle of the following night, 18 hours later. No Medi-vac was ever brought in.

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, the FBI conducted interviews with a number of unidentified neighbors said to live near “Nancy Lanza” in Newtown. The majority said they didn’t know her, nor did they know a boy Adam’s age was living in the house. One neighbor said she hadn’t seen a child in the house for four years prior to the school event. Another said there was a kid wearing all black traversing Yogananda Street “four or five years ago.” Yet another said she never saw people in the house but noted “many empty bottles of water” at curbside recycling.

Appearance straight out of cartoon world

Despite the fact that many neighbors never saw No Motive Lanza, another unnamed individual provided considerable detail about Adam’s hobbies and activities. The redacted person contradicts the shut in narrative and reveals that the elusive Adam regularly loved to walk around town and especially to his “beloved” Sandy Hook Elementary.

Another unnamed person said the elusive Adam was into computers and had a computer repair job briefly, yet had no friends or associates. This person was able to provide detailed information about the guns the Lanzas owned and even detail on Adam’s favorite video games. He claimed Lanza loved board games. Last time I checked board games require other players and tends to be a social activity. He said Adam was never violent nor did he use alcohol and drugs.

Winter Watch finds it odd on its face that the FBI is interviewing so many unnamed people with intimate knowledge of a boy who has no friends or associates- nao combinam.

Another no name source claimed he was a loner, was a vegan recluse who loved to hike and was “weirded out” by Hurricane Sandy. “Source” even stated Lanza was taking private classes in Mandarin Chinese with a professor.

Another unnamed individual claimed Adam Lanza was in “complete denial of his disease” and never took his medication.

Another statement from an unnamed person who “knew of Lanza’s postings online” told the FBI: “Lanza did not consider death to be a negative. He saw it as an escape from his joyless existence.”

According to yet another unnamed person so-called joyless Adam Lanza -between his board games, Chinese, and computers- reportedly played the saxophone and wanted to climb every mountain in New Hampshire.

Neighbors Intimidated

About a half dozen different unidentified neighbors said they received threatening phone calls on Dec. 16, two days after the Sandy Hook event. The caller identified himself as Adam Lanza and made death threats. Another person with a redacted name claimed to encounter someone who was exhibiting copycat behaviors after the Sandy Hook event.

Another unidentified neighbor said she was ordered “by police” to evacuate her residence at 10 a.m. and not to return until early evening.

In the aftermath of the event, subpoenas were issued to dozens of unidentified individuals to appear before a Federal Grand Jury. No details of such testimony were provided in the FBI file release or anywhere else.

Connecticut State Police says they received a call from an unidentified woman whose son was playing the video game “Call to Duty” with another unidentified kid who ominously said, “Watch the news tomorrow.”

Another no-name witness provides the following account about how Adam Lanza hacked into a government computer, which prompted a visit from the FBI or CIA (Nancy Lanza didn’t know which).

Adam had made it through the second level of security and when he tried to breach the third level, the screen went black and the authorities showed up at the Lanza’s door,” the FBI document reads. “Nancy had to convince the authorities that her son was just very intelligent … the authorities told Nancy that if her son was that smart he could have a job with them someday.”

Yet other no named individuals describe Lanza as retarded and learning disabled.


20 Comments on FBI Released Heavily Redacted Files on Sandy Hook Shooter 85-Pound Adam Lanza

  1. It’s not easy to formulate the right message for a wider audience about these incidents … confusion seems itself a major government goal, and so the ‘agenda of confusion’ probably should be in the core message we present … that the government itself is purposefully creating & adding factors that don’t make any sense, just to help discourage & discredit anyone looking at the truth

    Another Messed-Up Mass Killing Incident, with a Suspicious ‘Official Story’
    – For sure governments try to terrify us
    – For sure governments try to kill some of us, not just ‘terrorists’ or ‘insane killers’
    – For sure governments try to confuse us
    – For sure governments try to discredit & distract from, whatever is the real truth
    – For sure governments try to control media, or have oligarchs controlling both
    – For sure governments hire fake ‘truth people’ to blow smoke, to confuse things even more, along with pushing an ‘official story’ that can be half or more ridiculous too

    It can be hard to know the full truth, but we know for sure there are a lot of big lies out there
    – Big lies about events that happen
    – Big lies about how governments & how investigative – judicial systems operate
    – Big lies sold through mainstream media
    – Big lies sold through alternative media, ‘controlled opposition’

    • Online for some years the Lanzarone, hence Lanza, acting family playing roles in this made for TV fiction, including one in the role of the mother. Another of the family has one of the same names, “Graf” as the female tennis player known as Steffi Graf. The british royals oversee Wimbledon.
      The royals want the USA to be part of the Commonwealth, a corporation, where all people are subjects of a British monarch. The folk that aided and abetted royal Savile. Anti gun means pro child abduction and pro child abuse.
      The FBI was founded by one of the royals, Astaire/FDR/Marx, as in the Marx brothers/Disney family Zeppo aka J E Hoover. Brothers included the Hitler/Groucho actor. Co-star of The Campaign actor stage name “Sarah Baker” aka Disney, appears alongside the Robbie Parker actor. The Campaign movie also starred the Will Ferrell aka Larry Fink actor.
      The Feb 2013 Superbowl shows many of the thankfully not dead SH child actors singing, and at the same event singing in black face is the Shakira aka Beyonce actor. Whose media soccer star now ex-boyfriend is Prince William aka Pique and in black face, William is aka Jay Z. Read the lyrics from Empire, as in British, state of mind, sung with the Kate Middleton actor also in black face as Alicia Keys.
      This enormous family is involved in all media, that’s all sport, music, fake news. All of it. Cached web pages 3 weeks before no one died asking for donations irrefutable and the school shut 4 years before no one died, except in the movie shown on TV. “Good news, children alive” is not a reason to pass fake gun laws with the help of the Disney/Astaire controlled media and the British bar association. A great article, thank you.

  2. I have long thought that the “left laying the school” for 18 hours part – no presence of EMTs – that’s the narrative – was the in-your-face-case-closed proof of hoax. But I had not realized that he was only 85 lbs and carrying that load … I once saw a video of a 10-12 yr old – fairly chunky boy – firing a semi-automatic rifle at a shooting range – his first time using that rifle – it was cute – obviously precocious gun skills and sense. Under the close supervision of his dad – in a prone position firing one then a second round at a target – and you could see it was some struggle for him to control the recoil … … … don’t know what that proves… other than that a population that fails to find the purported treatment of human corpses at Sandy Hook to be thoroughly shameful and finds it unremarkable that not as single parent had anything to say about that is in a state of complete subjection. Bit of the same in that shooting of the on air journalist in Virginia – one video showed two investigators in jump suits calmly “scouring the scene” while the purported body of the cameraman victim lay uncovered 8-10 feet away from where they were working – it does.not.happen. – well, the boy and his dad were real at least.
    (Brabantian – you showed up as I was keying this in – a complete and forceful summary of the enormity of the assault on reality – I think I added: governments try to disrupt natural sensibilities )

    • Jones was sued, this can put fear into most people — eventually he caved.

      Compare to James Fetzer, who went to court, lost in a farcical proceeding, and is now subject to a $450k judgment (which is he is appealing).

  3. Speaking of “heavily redacted”, when they released the results of the SH investigation (sorry, I do not have the link at the moment), crime scene fotos were made available collected in PDF files — I forget how these were organized, e.g. by room number, hallway, photographer, etc — or some combination of these — anyway, several of these PDFs were so “heavily redacted” that they were completely blank — each page of the PDF allegedly held a foto, and while you could see the name/number of the foto, the entire page was otherwise black — nothing visible whatsoever — not one drop of blood, no evidence of death, nothing.

    The non-redacted fotos looked fairly innocuous, or could have been easily staged — e.g. a chink out of a wall with the claim it was caused by a bullet, when the same could happen by bumping into the wall with a loaded cart — or a shell casing sitting on the ground.

    One wonders: had Lanza not conveniently killed himself (no fotos of him either, just what was alleged to be the hat he was wearing, which did not look bloody or damaged), what would the state have used for evidence at his trial?

  4. The sad thing is, most of the goyim responded to the emotional story spun for them precisely as the script writers intended. Those that were a little confused about the official narratives strangeness and inconsistencies, probably just dismissed their unease by assuming they themselves were not listening close enough to the talking heads of the mocking bird media and that things do add up somehow because “they” would never fib about the death of so many “precious children.”

    • Yes, one has a hard time imagining how this frail flower could handle the recoil of his chosen weapons without constantly falling on his a** with each round.

  5. Just some observations:

    1. Great thread and thanks for the updates regarding the new files.

    2. Mr. Lanza is beginning to sound like multiple individuals in much the same way Mr. Oswald did.

    3. Evidently Officer Derek Chauvin’s neighbors thought he was a real estate agent and never, ever, saw him bring home a squad car or dressed in any uniform. Plus, I am still wondering where are the counterfeit bills? Why has no one showed us the bills that Mr. Floyd attempted to utilize in the package store? Also, has anyone seen any interviews with the other man and woman in Mr. Floyd’s automobile at the time of the incident? I have not seen either of these individuals on anything other than the police’s video of the stop.

    4. As with Mr. Holmes, Mr. Lanza has this, “Appearance straight out of cartoon world.” as Mr. Winter pointed out. If we think about it, what other “cutout” could we name who shares this appearance, but deals in a different type of crime? If you answered Mr. Zuckerberg, then my hat tips toward you.

    That actor looks very much like these young men and shares that “shocked meth. look” often, Makes you wonder if they are growing these men in a factory of some sort.

    Thanks for the thread; I am appreciative.

  6. Good! Very happy to hear this news.

    Out of all your appearances and the shows you support Mr. Winter, this one is my favorite. The other shows are good as well; however, you and Dino just work very well together naturally and since you are not speaking with more than one person, the topics are very easy to follow. The time flies by in those broadcasts, but a listener (like myself or any of the great people who come to WW) can derive a lot of great information (thought provoking for days afterward) from those shows.


    • No the poster boy for white privilege is Mittsy Romney.

      Heck, he even has special white underwear that gives him special white superpowers and privileges none of us could ever imagine if we do not live through the ideas and practices of Mr. Joseph Smith (he got his white privilege superpowers from special gold plates; I do not think their were special underwear stores in the Burned-over District at that time).

      Heck a few of his associates may even have more than one wife as a result of their special white superpower underwear that gives them white privilege (s). Mittsy even used his special superpower white underwear, which gives him white privilege (s) to avoid the war in Vietnam. Good thing to, because I am not sure how that largely Buddhist nation would have survived, first the out of place Catholic / U.S. installed government and then a white privileged superman with special underwear that provides him special powers.

      For the sake of that nation, I am really glad Mittsy never headed there.

      Sorry to see Dino so upset, but I do get his points.

  7. Okay, okay, okay…a little off topic (sorry about this one Mr. Winter, I will keep it short; also, I thought you might find the sad ad as funny as I did).

    Anyone catch the Ritz cracker commercial with the dude putting on his make-up to meet his boyfriend and eat Ritz crackers? If not, check this one out:

    This commercial is the best psyop I have seen in years. I mean the dude with the makeup is hilarious, sort of the Ritz version of Ronald McDonald and his boyfriend the Hamburgerler; however, the rest of it is a sell for every woke, corporate sponsored, idea for a new world order. They are missing BLM and ANTIFA joining hands to sing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” and then Molotov cocktailing a preschool or something (maybe a mall Santa).

    Yet the ad is funnier than I thought it would be (like Mr. Winter I use Apple and actually do not really see ads; however, someone pointed this one out to me). Forget about the fact that the GMOs and corn syrup in Ritz will literally (physically) hurt you, now you can also feel “woke” while cause harm to yourself. Splendid!

    Oh and by the way, the Hallmark channel is now putting out movies with men loving men, so there is no where to go / no wear to hide (not even on the allegedly Christian, very corny, Hallmark channels — which 99% of homosexuals will most likely never even look at) in American television.

    Just as well, that stuff is bad for the brain; sort of like sugar on the teeth, liquor on the liver and / or smoking on the lungs. Please do not get me wrong, I am all for the freedom of personal choice (so long as it does not injure another or prevent their own freedoms); however, I think the market will guide Crown Media to rethink such a silly move based on their historical patrons.

  8. The most obvious question is – why would anything in this case be redacted whatsoever? Why would they invoke some States’ Secrecy privileges?

    It’s not like Sandy Hook is Area 51, or Desert Rock Airfield. Or that they were exercising some extreme form of respect for the alleged victims.

    Wolfgang Halbig was right about everything.

  9. i have worked with 2 people who had schizophrenic episodes. the common thing about both of them is that they thought the fbi/cia/police were spying on them and they both contacted authorities to stop it. in fact one of them stated he was happy to do what the fbi wanted, he just wanted them to ask directly instead of trying to control him subconsciously.
    Based on my very small sample size, i would guarantee the fbi has a huge database of many of these contacts and the treasonous deep state actors in fbi/cia only have to query for a suitable patsy anytime they decide to pull off one of their fake staged attacks.
    Notice how the fbi ALWAYS admits to having contacts with fall guy mass shooters after the fact.
    The world has thrown off satan and his nwo before for freedom loving Christian based societies….it would be glory to God time if it happened again, but not sure if it could this time..and we might need the Son of God to make His rule with a rod of iron time appearance.
    Faith in God will keep us sane as He advised be as wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

  10. I got my motivation from adam…
    Currently on Call Of Duty, I’ ve earned a gold SCAR AND a gold Axe50.
    I” believe ” that insinuates I’m now Qualified to scope out my own empty elementary school to shoot cyber monkeys or nonexistent ones.
    Call of Duty provides me training which my military training never could. And I qualify on weapons I never saw in real life!

    This has really shaped my views on the mass gun violence of ‘muriKa…

  11. LOL Another ridiculously photoshopped fictitious creation is ‘Adam Lanza’ – yeesh they weren’t even trying with this one.

    Some pertinent facts regarding Sandy Hook:

    -Only an MD or Coroner can pronounce a victim legally dead. At SH, the police declared 18 alleged victims dead with NO doctors or EMTs allowed onsite.

    -All 18 alleged victims died of their alleged gunshot wounds. Even if many of the victims were children, a 100% kill rate is highly questionable to say the least. Even experienced marksmen have said they would not have been able to achieve anywhere near this kill rate in less than 20 minutes, let alone an inexperienced, waif-like youth like ‘Adam Lanza’.

    -If 18 people really had been shot to death in that school, there would have been rivers of blood flowing down hallways and literally out the door but there is not a single photograph of any significant blood or carnage – certainly ZERO photos of any casualties.

    -Teams of EMTs at nearby hospitals had helicopters ready to immediately transport EMTs and the injured, but they were told to stand down.

    -State law requires that the site of any mass casualty event such as that alleged at Sandy Hook be subject to a full bio-hazard clean-up. No such clean-up ever took place.

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