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  1. This is a little off-topic, but speaking of the Czech Republic, I would like to recommend this Czech production of King Arthur by Henry Purcell:

    I consider the musical performances to be quite good, aside from a male falsetto singer, who doesn’t seem to be cut out for the job. The exuberance of the performance is appealing, although I can’t understand what the actors are saying and have to skip past the spoken dialog. The Czech-accent rendition of English lyrics can be amusing. For instance “the wanquished inwaders” (33:40).

  2. Czechia reinstates border controls with Slovakia due to overcrowded facilities and Slovakia’s refusal to accept back migrants

    Checks on the Czech-Slovak border have been reinstated as of Thursday due to the increasing flow of migrants. According to the Czech chairman of the parliamentary security committee, Pavel Žáček, they had to be reinstated because of non-compliance with readmission agreements between states, which caused the Czech facilities for migrants to be overcrowded.

    The ‘readmission agreements’ probably refers to provisions of the Dublin Accord, which is an EU wide ‘safe third country’ agreement requiring migrants to apply for asylum in the first EU country they enter — it was Merkel’s announcement that Germany would not enforce the Dublin Accord at its borders that set off the rush of migrants in 2015, as other EU nations let them pass thru on their way to Germany.

    Obviously Slovakia is acting in its own self-interest by not taking them back.

    I read recently that in the under 10 age cohort, kids who are migrants or have a migrant background are now the majority in Germany.

    It is clear where all of this is going: every country in Europe will soon have to decide about its demographic future, and if it wants to remain majority white leave the 1951 refugee convention and ignore EU decisions, including court decisions, requiring it to take migrants — so far only Hungary, and to a less extent Poland, have done this.

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