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Clueless Social Justice Warriors Wage #RumiWasntWhite Protest


The Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are dumb as a mule and twice as ugly. In 2017, demonstrating the phenomenon of smartness only in their own minds they protested the film casting of white man Leonardo DiCaprio as Iranian poet Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (1207-1273). The stink centers around the hashtag #RumiWasntWhite. Per usual, the SJWs are completely ignorant of hidden history. Time to set things straight.

Rumi was born in 1207 and lived during the Mongol invasions of Persia (aka Iran). The Mongols swept in starting in 1219 and rapidly slaughtered the men and enslaved the Iranian population — a lesson to which Europeans should pay close attention. Miscegenation, or interbreeding, was rapid with the exception of bastion regions in northern and eastern Iran (including Tehran) and central Asia. There many still have white European features and haplogroups.

Since Rumi was born in 1207, he would have been a non-miscegenated Aryan, as Iran at that time was yet unaffected by the Mongols influx. Furthermore, although Iran was Islamized starting back in the seventh century, it was not Arabicized. Unlike under the Mongols, Persians remained Persians under Islam.

Accurate casting for Rumi

To this day, the Aryan haplogroup has held out tenaciously in parts of Iran, as shown on the map. Draw your eye to Europe, and you will see the same dominant R1a-M17 genetics in eastern Germany, Poland, as well as Scandinavia and western Russia. The R1a-L62 haplogroup is also common in Iran and these Germanic and Slavic regions.

Rumi and his generation would have been distinctly white people. Later generations were overrun and colonized by Asiatics, but the white R1a genetics is still well entrenched and has never gone away. Iranians, Germans and Poles are distant cousins.

Winter Watch Takeaway

The ignorant, non-fact-checking SJWs may not like to hear this, but the best casting for Rumi would be a Germanic or Slavic male. Therefore, we have no logical or scientific objection to Leonardo DiCaprio for the role. Good casting for a change.

3 Comments on Clueless Social Justice Warriors Wage #RumiWasntWhite Protest

  1. Having known some Iranians, they are more concerned that it be known they are not Arabs, i.e. rather than having it acknowledged they are Aryan — many have European features, but more olive than white skin.

  2. There are many smoking hot Persian babes, although the ones in that video look like a bunch of fake-ass plastic hoes to me. The young Rudi Bakhtiar would be a classic example of a Persian beauty- thirty years ago there was hardly a more beautiful woman on this earth.

  3. A couple of days late (away from computer last two days), but so glad you posted this Mr. Muller. The fact that Persia/Iran is Aryan-Caucasian has always fascinated me, and glad that their Farsi language is different from Arabic. I also suspect that Iran is not “semitic” so to speak (more Japhethic that is), could be one reason Israel (which of course is mostly Ashkenazi–that is Japhethic!), which wants to destroy Christianity as well as Caucasians (never mind they are mostly also Caucasian), wants Iran out of the way so to speak….to the last American, of course.

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