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The US Bombed a Vital Dam in Syria, Lied About it and Called Anyone Who Reported the Truth ‘Crazy’

By Tyler Durden | 24 January 2022

ZERO HEDGE — Many years too late, it appears The New York Times has suddenly discovered that the United States has been committing war crimes in Syria, coming long after it was clear Washington was pursuing regime change in Damascus. With Assad still in control of most of the country, US efforts have turned to far-reach sanctions of late, which have greatly increased the sufferings of common Syrians. Like with Bush’s disastrous invasion of Iraq before, the Times was the foremost cheerleader for that war, laundering Pentagon and admin propaganda, and only many years later admitting the truth that it was all based on lies… so now it seems to be going with Syria.

In its latest reporting, the NY Times has “uncovered” that an elite US military unit intentionally targeted and destroyed a large dam which was vital to the daily life and survival of tens of thousands of people near a vital Euphrates River reservoir. When the 2017 bombing of the Tabqa Dam (or al-Thawra Dam as it’s also called) was first reported, a top American general labeled those accusing the US of being behind it as “crazy”. Like much mainstream media reporting on Syria, those who had it right in real time – many from independent and alternative media – were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” and loons, but now this … […]

7 Comments on The US Bombed a Vital Dam in Syria, Lied About it and Called Anyone Who Reported the Truth ‘Crazy’

  1. The United States had no business in the Middle East, it does not help our country financially, it has caused hundreds of thousands, it not more, of our young men to be murdered or maimed; look at the influx of “refugees” from these “wars”. Our country is falling into shambles I want our young men and women here protecting our freedom and why if life.

  2. I looked through it and sent it to my PC for a better read; seems like all those wounds have something in common 🤔I’m sure I’ll figure it out once I read the whole thing, but I’m sure I already “nose”.

    • Some milestones:

      Wound #1: 1896 – Adolph Ochs buys the New York Times
      • Wound #4: 1913 – The 17th Amendment (Direct Election of US Senators)
      • Wound #6: 1913 – The Federal Reserve Act
      • Wound #9: 1926 – David Sarnoff Establishes NBC
      • Wound #10: 1928 – William Paley (Paloff) Buys CBS
      Wound #11: 1933 – Eugene Meyer Buys The Washington Post
      • Wound #16: 1940-1960 – Marxists Consolidate Control Over Hollywood
      • Wound #18: 1947 – The CIA is Established
      • Wound #20: 1953 – Leonard Goldenson Takes Over ABC
      • Wound #32: 1979 – The Department of Education is Established
      • Wound #34: 1985 – Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein) Buys MTV

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