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Independence Day in Highland Park: High Strangeness and Demoralization (Updated)

NOTE: This post will be updated. Updates are marked.

Whether you view the Fourth of July parade shooting in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park as real or staged, it’s  the ultimate in national demoralization.

The alleged perp is Robert “Awake” Crimo III, a freakish-looking boogeyman, straight out of the Aurora shooter James Holmes’ School of Psyops. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Read “The Aurora Shooting: James Holmes’ Strange Psychiatric Interview”


Bobby Crimo decked out here in Smiley Face garb was described as a recluse by people who knew him, according to Reuters. PHOTO: New York Post/Reuters


Pre-crime interdiction is a core agenda.

And, as I have predicted numerous times, they swing between leftist and white supremacist boogeymen.

Yes, per usual, there is a manifesto. It was offered on Amazon but is now deep sixed. We imagine somebody will reveal the contents soon enough and we will report back on anything interesting or original, or whether it’s just another plagiarized bombast as with the Buffalo grocery store shooter.

Read “The Buffalo Shooter and His ‘Plagiarized’ Manifesto”

Meanwhile, people (or bots?) on social media — specifically Hegelian dialectic pajama people — argue about the confused inconsistent images of Crimo. In some, he’s using MAGA garb and others shows leftist and Antifa symbolism. He was online calling for #arrestthemall in regard to January 6 protestors.

He had a series of incoherent rap videos that reinforce the pre-crime mentally ill narrative.

In this incoherent video, he seems to have access to a production studio, a classroom stage complete with secret passages and filled with Phoenician markers – and an overhead swing or boom camera.

He has this tattoo.

Perhaps the most telling social media posts from Crimo (if real and not a cut out) are these.

Update: Bobby Crimo’s hokey looking and unnatural “Zoom appearance” before court.

While the pajama people are all caught up in the MAGA or leftist slinging, we — as is our wont — notice that little attention is given to the shooting event itself.

How did he manage to access a rooftop of a several-story building and closed business with a weapon in the midst of a parade with police present? And how did he escape the rooftop after raining 60-70 rounds (updated) on the crowd?

Update: WaPo reports there was a fire access ladder (not fire escape) to roof on the far corner of the big block that gave him access. The circled ladder from the NY Post was police going on to roof.

New York Post

According to Highland Park Police Commander Chris O’Neill, the gunman was perched on a rooftop and was “very difficult to see,” adding that the rifle was recovered at the scene.

Update: This photo would be directly across the street in the field of fire from the rooftop. Roped off but no signs of casualties or blood or even bothering with moulage.


Update: An ogre like black magik image of the cross dressed perp has made the rounds. It is unclear if he is fully shaven here. This is alleged to “be a disguise” so he “could blend in”.

We have been unable to locate the current mug shot. The media is running this one, which doesn’t combine with the cross dressing photo.

Of course, in due course, we should see the CCTV and surveillance video of the whole sequence, right? Yeah, right.

We see this brief video, showing paraders bolting followed by standard herky jerky filming of the pavement. No one is seen falling.

Not a speck of blood, second clip is typical poor quality but no-one seen going down.

Yet another phone video clip of noises and the ground.

Meanwhile, as per usual, the images that are out don’t show much at all. There are these emotional photos, but where are the mass casualties and signs of blood. Why so little activity?

Aftermath of a mass casualty event with up to 50 hit and 70 bullets fired? -zero visible blood and no-one took their lawn chairs on departure?

Roped off bloodless mass casualty event?


Highland Park Fourth of July Parade chairs

Waukesha Christmas Parade chairs

Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated)

This one shows vague body-like figures in the background.

32 Comments on Independence Day in Highland Park: High Strangeness and Demoralization (Updated)

  1. I saw somewhere on the Internet that the shooter was wearing a yellow backpack. If true, then he wanted to be noticed by someone(s).

  2. As you observe, this is about getting hate crime laws in place. All suspected of being against against the Judeo-Masonic religion from Hell become terrorists.

    • Interesting. These events are starting to show “all over the place” patterns. The typical template from at least Sandy Hook has been all deaths/few to zero non mortal wounds – to the point of statistical near-impossibility. This one is different. I read an account year or two ago, a scenario, at least – (won’t be able to find the link) – of how FedGov officials can contract with local hospital officials to – in effect – rent entire ER operations and physical installations for short periods – to “conduct a drill” – so, the normal personnel are all cleared out; and fed gov personnel are shunted in – and “media” is none the wiser. As I recall, the hospital that treated the wounded from the Boston Marathon bombing – Apr 2013 – was brand new and not fully (or barely) in operation; that sounds like a drill venue.

      • Boston Bombing was one of the wake up moments for me. The whole thing was so poorly done, that and Robbie Parker.
        Oh, and did we ever get any real answers to the Vegas thing?
        More and more to come until the midterms.

  3. The suspect’s father was involved in politics of some sort. I believe he ran for mayor awhile back. Probably worth looking into if he was causing problems. This is a affluent area full of tribe members.

  4. How is it that, according to one photo I saw, there just happened to be an extension ladder leaning up against the building so he could access the roof to set up his sniper position?

      • I see you have a photo from the New York Post with a ladder circled. I clicked on the link and their caption says:

        “A ladder can be seen propped against the building where suspected shooter Robert Crimo allegedly fired upon parade-goers as authorities examined the scene. Cops said Crimo climbed a fire escape ladder to access the building.”

        This suggests it’s a ladder used in the aftermath by the police. (Why did they circle it?) It’s extremely difficult for me to believe the scrawny Crimo could have gotten this ladder into place, passers by and parade security would have ignored it, etc.

        Alternately, fire escape ladders are not usually so handy that the public can roam around the roof.

        • Digging further we found a WaPo story that states he got access to the roof from the far corner of the big block via a fire access ladder (not fire escape). We have deleted the NY Post angle as immaterial.

        • Why all these NY types reporting on Chicago? Is the Sun-Times also running pix from some NY fashion photographers?

    • You’ve GOT to be kidding me! Wow, (((they))) are really going ALL-IN on these fraudulent fakery fests anymore – they seem to find a way to interject some “anti-semitism” to these PsyOps, for good measure. No point in letting a good crisis go to waste, eh? I think a previous mayor of Chicago said something to that effect, he was Jewish, too!

  5. I was only vaguely aware of this last PsyOp. I read and watched NOTHING about it and had hoped for a Russ Winter article & there it was! I had a feeling, even before knowing any of the details, that this one was going to be over-the-top PATHETIC, and, of course, I see I was correct.
    I see what you mean about demoralization. The ridiculousness they know the masses will continue to eat up is hard to tolerate anymore.
    The disgusting photos and 2000 page manifesto was icing on the cringe cake, for sure.
    Thank you for having the cast-iron stomach to stay on top of these “fractured fairy tales”.

  6. Ever since 2012 when Congress rescinded Smith Mundt to make falseflags legal, the Pentagon has been given NDAA authorization to stage multi agency public deceptions with local police departments and a professional crisis training industry. They have a huge budget so the exercises are able to be staged frequently. Any cop who spilled the beans on what they do could, since 2012, be legally prosecuted as a traitor.
    Congress besides making falseflags legal and truth prosecutable, hands off creation of the currency to the jewish mafia, and in return becomes fabulously wealthy. Then the people all over the world on Independence Day become dependent on this jewish money for everything they do. In fact given the choice of how to repay their enormous debt to the jews, who just make the shit up out of nothing, the people always want to repay in devalued money, so they demand inflation, and that was what they did during Shay’s Rebellion. But inflation is a hidden tax, or slavery, unless you issue the currency being devalued.
    The “government” fakeshow team get some demented people in screenwriting to dream up demented actors and do a meme dump characterization. The sheeple never get it about Robbie Parker or duping delight.

    • Anytime I try to educate normies on the repealing of the Smith Mundt Act, I get brutalized and called CT. I appreciate the knowledge you seem to have on this and I learned a few things, so thank you for that.

  7. What is it going to take to make it known that the Deep State is involved in these events? The Buffalo shooter was working with a former fed daily, the Michigan Governor kidnapping was all feds. I guess true whistle-blowers will have to come forward and say they were directly involved in an operation for Psyop purposes, has that ever happened?. It’s getting stupid out there, this can’t continue to go on.

    • It can’t go on? What’s going to wake the dumb*ss retard children up? The truth is easy to find, they just can’t see it.

      The truth just doesn’t stand to reason for them. They can’t comprehend that there is no news media, only choreographed liars. Why, they still believe the 70 year old greatest pity play ever told.

      And now they are lining up for their slave shots. There is no long covid, only the planned damage by design.

    • I feel the same exact way. I am a very logical, realistic person and to me, it really is as simple as showing LEGITIMATE PROOF. What is so pathetic about it is that they know we know they have the capability with which to do this – yet they continually make it a point of NOT doing this very thing. I guess it’s because they know by now they simply do not have to – why put in the effort (oh, and that whole pesky having to be honest thing) when the sheople accept this bullshit with no real questions asked.

  8. Russ, in the article you say:

    “In this incoherent video, he seems to have access to a production studio, a classroom stage complete with secret passages and filled with Phoenician markers”

    Please could you explain more about the Phoenician markers and show screenshots of them?

    I’m very interested in the role of the Phoenicians/Canaanites/Edomites ie “The Reds” in all this, and would appreciate any info you have on their symbols and markers.

  9. Like the fake Boston Marathon Hoax, fake blood is almost always fire-engine red and not its natural wine or cordovan color! And, as usual, no footage of CPR on victims, Air-Med evacs, ambulances driving to and from the scene, and no clear and concise cell phone footage that isn’t 80ft away or grainy in content. You already addressed the absence of CCTV which is a given as well! And all of the victim family/eyewitness interviews I’ve seen have been crisis actor par excellance!

  10. Russ.

    I have a guy who I have been ‘working on’ to get to understand these psyops! I’ve recently introduced him to your site and this specific article! He came back to yesterday saying he was frustrated with your article because he didn’t understand what ‘deep-sixed’ or ‘pajama people’ meant! There were others, but those I remember!

    I think it is a valid criticism! While those like myself and others within ‘the choir’ understand your language and terms, it confuses and befuddled newbies! Maybe if you had some sort of ‘glossary of terms and phrases’ on the sidebar, that could help a bit.

    You know I’ve always appreciated your time and effort here! I just thought I’d give a constructive criticism to help polish things up a bit!

    • Deep sixed is common language and means to hide away or toss in the ocean. I don’t really think this is an older generational etymology, but if so I am not going to reinvent myself as a 20 year old. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/deep_six

      Pajama people requires the slightest imagination to make sense of, and means people who are asleep. I love this colorful descriptive term and will never give it up.

      Come on, seriously, I think your friend is just jerking your chain and playing dumb.

      • Do with the criticism what you want partner! I know what the terms mean, as do those who are even somewhat aggressive in their research, but most people do not know what a ‘kakistocracy’ is or what it means. Even a term like ‘snuff film’ has to be explained to your average dork today.

        I know in interviews you like to take credit for utilizing many of these ‘coinages’ and are proud of deploying them in your articles, but I’m here to tell you my friend, most people who have zero to limited education with regard to ‘hidden government’ and the world of ‘conspiracy,’ find those terms and phrases confusing and too much effort to understand, in addition to understanding the overall thesis of your articles.

        For our everyday 21st century, camel-brained meathead, it’s important to simplify what is complex, not scramble their heads with inventive internet idioms and fanciful phrases! Their brainwashed enough as it is!

        From the tone of your reply, it’s apparent you see the matter as frivolous foolishness. Maybe it is I who have underestimated our contemporary clown world! Keep on keepin’ on brotha!

        • I am not really writing for meatheads who can’t be bothered to look up the meaning of kakistocracy or snuff film, or any other word they don’t comprehend. I personally use dictionaries all the time for clear definitions. I also like to pick up so called clever words and phrases from others. These folks need to pick it up a notch and not expect me to dumb down for them.

      • I completely agree! People should be more proactive with learning, but they are not! To the extent that you don’t adjust(at least minutely), so that you can render these ideas comprehensible to the average crowd, you’ll simply be preaching to the choir!

        I’ve made my point and I’ll let the matter go!

        • I think there are reasonably smart or partially awake people that can be converted. I was a pajama person until 63. The authoritarian followers or those too uncommitted or lazy to look up “kakistocracy”, will rarely convert no matter how much I dumb down to them.

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