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Summertime and the Jasmine is Blooming

‘Above all else, the devil can not stand to be mocked.’ — C.S. Lewis

It’s a jungle out there.

Sub-Zero Biden can’t have long.

The quality of employees forced to endure this narcissism and belligerency is at rock bottom.

Be alert and very careful out there. Probably not a good idea to turn your back on sneak attack approaches.


Situational awareness of these white women is low, but apparently they can’t even safely walk undisturbed down the sidewalk?

Zombie apocalypse suicide by cop.

Just say it: dindus attacking whites.

More zombie apocalypse wilding in the streets.

The police have been effectively neutered – classic kakistocracy chaos.

Remember when we predicted that staff would be reduced after the sub-zeros instituted mandatory Covid vaccines? Whodathunk: “Jab Mandates: Tracking the Resistance.”

Nuff said. This discordian is a good candidate for a turtle-on-the-fencepost position in the kakistocracy.

Is the band getting back together?

11 Comments on Summertime and the Jasmine is Blooming

  1. TMC must be getting a huge uptake in viewership. People realize the 1930’s-1950’s may not have been perfect, but people were a hell of a lot saner than the s–t show of today.

  2. Russ, I asked you why you call the Sub-Zero kakistocracy and you answered with other peculiar invented epithets.

    I looked to see if there’s a Latin or Greek-based fancy term for name-calling and according to Wikipedia it’s just plain name-calling.

    Why do you do it in almost every article? Talking about the current events are economy and financial markets really brings it pouring. But not so the historical events.

    It detracts from your credibility to be using the simplest and most juvenile of ad hominems on a daily basis.

    • Your no value input isn’t even considered on this one troll. I will continue to use this term liberally and as cornerstone language. I suggest you go somewhere else if you don’t like it or get it.

      peanut gallery

      • Well said. I, myself, prefer to call them psychopaths and predators, but your sub-zero and kakistocarcy definitely captures their essences also.

        • There is a nuance. Psychopaths are a dime a dozen- but the sub zero kakistocrats are the actual turtle on the fencepost operatives that are installed to run the system into the ground and bring about discordian chaos. The term and process is fundamental to the reading of Winter Watch.

    • If you were the guy in the car getting pummeled by a gang of dindus, you would be the one saying you are on their side and calling them brother. It’s way past the time of reasoning.
      We’re not jumping off of the cliff with you and you’re not taking us over with you. Grow up

    • Not private language, you have totally failed to put on a thinking hat about what this is all about. As such what good are you? You act like I am supposed to accept – without comment – communication and writing advice from you?

  3. Erich Fromm (1964) The Heart of Man: It’s Genius for Good and Evil, p. 17:

    Man: Wolf or Sheep?

    There are many who believe that men are sheep; there are others who believe that men are wolves. Both sides can muster good arguments for their positions. Those who propose that men are sheep have only to point to the fact that men are easily influenced to do what they are told, even if it is harmful to themselves; that they have followed their leaders into wars which brought them nothing but destruction; that they have believed any kind of nonsense if it was only presented with sufficient vigor and supported by power–from the harsh threats of priests and kings to the soft voices of the hidden and not-so-hidden persuaders.

    It seems that the majority of men are suggestible, half-awake children, willing to surrender their will to anyone who speaks with a voice that is threatening or sweet enough to sway them. Indeed, he who has a conviction strong enough to withstand the opposition of the crowd is the exception rather than the rule, an exception often admired centuries later, mostly laughed at by his contemporaries.

    • You can subjugate and exploit entire peoples or groups of societies for a long time, but they will react. They react with apathy, or with such impairment of their intelligence, initiative, and skill that they gradually fail to fulfill their functions in the service of their masters. Or they react with such an accumulation of hate and destructiveness that they eventually destroy themselves, their rulers and their system. But their reaction can also be such a longing for freedom and independence that they use their creative impulses to build a better society. The reaction that occurs depends on many factors, economic and political, as well as the intellectual climate in which these people live. But whatever their reaction, the claim that man can live under almost any condition is only half true. It must be supplemented by the fact that when he lives in conditions contrary to his nature and the basic requirements of human growth and mental health, he cannot help but respond. He will then either deteriorate more and more and perish, or he will have to create conditions that better suit his needs.

      Erich From, Ways out of a sick society

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