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Census shows white decline, nonwhite majority among youngest

By Mike Schneider | 24 June 2020

ASSOCIATED PRESS — For the generation of Americans not yet old enough to drive, the demographic future has arrived.

For the first time, nonwhites and Hispanics were a majority of people under age 16 in 2019, an expected demographic shift that will grow over the coming decades, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday.

“We are browning from bottom up in our age structure,” said William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. “This is going to be a diversified century for the United States, and it’s beginning with this youngest generation.”

At the same time, the number of non-Hispanic whites in the U.S. has gotten smaller in the past decade as deaths surpassed births in this aging demographic, according to the Census Bureau population estimates. […]

20 Comments on Census shows white decline, nonwhite majority among youngest

  1. I see starvation as one of the consequences of the demographic shift. The white heritage American farmer is the most productive food producer in the world. The white farmer not only produces enough to feed the U.S., he also feeds many other peoples all over the world. Once those men are gone and the farms are in the hands of brown and black people food will become scarce and expensive. Mark my words. For every action there is an opposite reaction.

    • If you visit ‘flyover country’ (along the ‘Blue Highways’), you’ll see that, outside of some larger cities, or towns where there is a meat packing plant, it is still largely ‘legacy America’ there, i.e. 90% white — so I see a “starvation” scenario as unlikely, or a long way off.

      Some kind of ‘black farmers’ expropriation scam cannot be ruled out.

      • I was thinking more about grain farmers than meat producers. Most meat packing plants employ immigrants, anyway. Corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, hay and grass seed are dependent upon legacy farms with large acreage. We’ll see how it goes, but I don’t see the current food situation improving without white farmers. South Africa and Zimbabwe didn’t fare well at all without white farmers.

  2. The browning of the United States and Canada is by design and has gone past the point of return. A few decades ago it could have been reversed, simply by applying tax incentives and other perks so generous to newly married couples, that they would gladly have two or more children. The more children, the more generous the tax relief. Unfortunately our racial chosenite enemy which controls most everything, including the media, brainwashed more than one generation of white Women that they weren’t fulfilled unless they rejected marriage and family.

  3. May I just point out the new census questions allow all manner of non-white people to declare their ethnicity as “white”, so the deliberate extermination of Ethnic Europeans (=”white people”) is much more advanced than census figures show. There is no such thing as a “Non-Hispanic White”, because Hispanics & Middle Eastern people are not genetically “white” if they have the single most fundamental genetic marker of non-white humans.

    And what is that most fundamental genetic marker? BLACK HAIR.
    It’s one of the first things professors taught in basic biological anthropology classes at universities years ago, and still holds true, though modern political correctness desperately tries to hide it.
    Europeans may have very dark brown hair that looks almost black, but lightens with exposure to summer sunlight, and all other colours of hair, but anyone with true black hair is genetically NOT WHITE, and will never be white. It’s that simple.

    93% of all humans now have black hair, including the 3 world ethnic groups of Africans, Orientals & Indian Subcontinentals, who are rushing to dye their hair any other colour but black. Think about it— cast your mind all around the world’s peoples, and see the one thing they all have in common: BLACK HAIR. All except Europeans, who now comprise only 7% of all the people on the planet, falling to 5% within a decade, and total extinction after that. Blondes & redheads are particularly targeted for destruction.

    • May I just point out the new census questions allow all manner of non-white people to declare their ethnicity as “white”, …

      How is that any different from previous censuses? — I mean before you could claim whatever ethnicity and no one would attempt to verify it, right?

      • By your reasoning, every census is useless and should be abolished, because everyone can lie about their ethnicity. But if your name on the census clearly indicates that you are from the Middle East, Africa or Guatemala, your claim of Japanese ethnicity will be questioned.

        Also by your reasoning, any doctor can claim you have cancer, blasting you with radiation & chemotherapy while raking in money killing infidels, like Muslim “Dr.” Farid Fata did in Michigan, and no one attempted to verify it for years.

        The difference with the new US census questions is that if you list your ethnicity as “white”, you must specify what kind of “white” you are, with a whole mishmash of non-white countries tacked onto the “white” label. Next time they may expand it to include the whole of the Indian Subcontinent. And that is why the census results drastically and deliberately over-estimate the real number of white people remaining (= Ethnically, Biologically European), so as not to alarm the population targeted for destruction, lulling them into thinking they are still the “majority”.

        • By your reasoning, every census is useless and should be abolished, because everyone can lie about their ethnicity.

          WTF — I didn’t ‘reason’ about anything — I just pointed out something about what you said/wrote that seemed a bit strange/unclear to me.

          I don’t vote/play the ‘lesser of two evils’ game anymore, and I don’t reply to the census — so in that sense the census is of no use/interest to me — beyond that I have no opinion about it.

          • All the materials I received from the Census Bureau were thrown into the trash this go round. Nobody has come to my door, either. I’ll just tell them to pound sand should they show up.

            • It’s a difficult one, because:

              “1950 census form Under Title 13 of the U.S. Code, you can be fined up to $100 for refusing to fill out a census form and $500 for knowingly answering questions falsely. Noncompliance used to also bring the possibility of a 60-day prison sentence.”

              “However, the fine could be significantly higher than $100 for purposely avoiding questions. The Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 increased the fine for any criminal misdemeanor to as much as $5,000, effectively raising the penalty fiftyfold for refusing to answer a census question. Any prosecution would be handled by the U.S. Department of Justice, and a census spokeswoman has said, “We view this approach as a last resort.”

              I forget who said “Choose your battles wisely”, but it might be better to save your warrior spirit for another time.

              • If they can’t go after rioters they won’t go after me. The rule of law is DEAD. It is too much trouble for them to pursue. How much would it cost to prosecute those who do not cooperate? The thought of the census worker appearing at my door won’t keep this person up at night.

                • Well, you are right that they don’t go after rioters, but it seems they will look for any excuse to go after Patriots.
                  Better not to give them any excuse.
                  But that’s only my opinion.

              • Oh no, a law! — “LOL” — come on man, be serious; I never had a problem — just like I never had a problem when I wrote “Not at this address, return to sender” on all those jury summonses I got — I even voted after doing that, until years and years ago I put an end to all of it by cancelling my voter registration.

                Living in California at the time, I saw the state go from a near paradise of 20m people to an unrecognizable alien shithole of 40m in just a few decades, and I never got to vote on that — so what’s the fucking point?

                • As an ex Californian and ex Oregonian I feel your pain. I moved to West Virginia. I hope they will leave us alone here. I’m not moving again.

                  • I still have relatives in CA, but I could never return/live there again, which angers me.

                    I’m looking at rural west TX: still fairly remote, low population density, mostly white, pretty good weather (if you won’t miss snow), no state income tax.

                    WV is one of the many states I’ve visited — hearing of the high opioid death rate there, and seeing the apathetic reaction to it, also makes me angry, and sad.

  4. For some white groups, yes. But not all. My hubby’s “Cajun” ancestry which also goes back to Medieval France has for some reason caused most of his close relatives to procreate like crazy–whereas my immediate family is virtually dead (me and my brother are the only survivors for part of my family which is German-Scots-Irish; he had two kids, one has three girls and the other unmarried), my hubbies relatives number almost to 1,000! ALL of his uncle’s children, three of them, have FIVE or more children! (And none are poor either). Some of his relatives have TEN or more! Nearly all live in Cajun country: Gulf Coast Louisiana, Mississippi, and far east Texas, including our son’t family (two kids, I hope a third is coming soon).

    We had two kids.Why? Because the first was when I was almost 36 and second at age 40. Didn’t want a Down’s Syndrome child….

    One thing the movie Idiocracy got right: while upper and upper-middle class whites hardly procreate at all, working class/”cracka”/lower middle-class whites are keeping up with those who tend to procreate even if they can’t afford to or depend on welfare…you know who I mean.

    Not including Hassidic Jews here that procreate like crazy….they aren’t “white”, after all. Bwahahahahahahahahahah!

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