The Roundup and Purge of the Truth Movement

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Richard Souder, a Ph.D and architect, risked his life by talking about Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB). He worked with a number of government agencies on DUMBs and later authored the book “Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?”

Mega tunneling machines in action

Fringe-culture rumors of underground alien-human shenanigans are in reality fed by leaks from questionable individuals, usually with intelligence connections. They are simply a ploy of utility to maintain the status quo. The whole captured-alien-hardware story is just a highly elaborate hoax to discredit those exposing the reality of these deep bases.

I could be accused of fear porn for what I am about say, but it is also necessary game theory for serious consideration.

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I’m suggesting that there may be a reset coming that would finish off the U.S. and the U.K. as we know it and usher in a hardcore Orwellian tyranny. War would be the pretense and cover used for this. It is a primary reason the neocons are clamoring for war with Iran and poking the Russian bear.

The rumored “Red List” and “Blue List” is effectively true. Only authoritarian followers and the most dense pajama people are not on the lists. Even being only slightly awake will get you recognition. If you are on the edge, you will go there. If you speak out on Israel and Jewish power, you are there in spades. The Scamdemic has allowed the Tyranny to identify millions of people who don’t tow the party line.

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Red List – These people are the enemies of the New Underworld Order (NUO) Crime Syndicate. They are outspoken leaders or influencers. The theory holds that they will be dragged out of bed at 3 a.m., taken to a facility and killed, similar to how the Cheka did it in the Soviet Union.

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But busting down doors is too risk-intensive and indiscreet. To neutralize your guns, it is more likely you will be maced or drugged (scopolamine). This can be done in public or at home via a tiny drone. You will be instructed to a location to be picked up and driven away. Older people targeted for hits can be given induced heart attacks, and no autopsy will ever be done.

This “fictional” asshole explains how it works. I would merely add that the drones to be used are even smaller.


My SWAG is that 5 million of the best people in society will perish in this operation.

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Blue List – These are also enemies of the NUO, mostly followers of the Red List folks. They’re not hardcore, but are partially awake. For example, it might be someone who tweeted or protested in opposition to the Scamdemic or questioned 9/11. These people will be rounded up and taken to detention centers for “re-education.” Various mind-control techniques will be used on them. Some will not survive this, as the Crime Syndicate may do aggressive experimentation and additional culling.

SWAG is 10-15 million good folks on the blue list.

Yellow List – These are citizens who know little about the NUO and don’t want to know. They’re considered low-threat. Most are already zombified  and will be instructed as to how to behave, and they’ll most likely do whatever they’re told. They’ll be micro-chipped as a requirement to receive food, which will be scarce as a result of recent geopolitics- and of poor quality. An economic collapse makes them more dependent on the NUO Crime Syndicate.

Grasp or Sink – Stanislav Szukalski

Unfortunately, there are too many of these to be effectively controlled, and some may notice Red and Blue List disappearances of family and friends or even wake up to the new sistema. They will be culled longer-term in camps and underground bases.

As we get closer to cyberattacks, war and martial law, those who sense they are on a kill list might consider high tailing it out of the U.S and going somewhere with a less dense control grid.

The bar is set low to make the hit lists, so those on it might as well double down on  resistance and educating of others. If you’re still a fence-sitting pajama person or conformer, ask yourself if life on the Yellow List is really worth it. My personal choice is to go down like a man using the pen.

Trillions of dollars that cannot be accounted for have gone into establishing the control infrastructure. This includes underground facilities like China Lake, California, and underneath the Denver International Airport.

The mural ‘Children of the World Dream of Peace’ at Denver Airport

According to Emery Smith, a USAF whistle blower who came forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert, there are about 300 underground bases in North America alone.

“The DUMBs recycle air from time to time,” Smith said. “Ventilating the air out of an underground base” makes a trumpet noise “almost like a tornado siren. … some of these trumpet noises people are hearing on a wider scale.”

Many underground bases are owned by corporations or unknown Crime Syndicate-related entities. They are serviced by tram, gondola and elevators.

They are in remote locations, so they do not need many guards. They are guarded through satellites and other technologies.

Ramping Up for the Next Phase

Beta test versions of the cull are already in place. The January 6th Capital prisoners are a beta test for how long the Star Chamber can keep political prisioners indefinitely in foul conditions and without due process of law.

In 1963, USP Marion was created as a high-tech replacement for Alcatraz, and 500 of its prisoners  were transferred there. In 1968, prison officials began a behavior modification program at Marion called the Control and Rehabilitation Effort, with the Orwellian acronym of CARE. Prisoners characterized CARE as psychological-attack sessions.

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Over the years, the Marion, Illinois, prison became infamous for this Control Unit, which kept prisoners in solitary confinement on lock down for 22 hours at a time. There were accounts of widespread brutality. The “Marion Model” was tantamount to psychological torture, but the Bureau of Prisons claimed that it was necessary to maintain safety.

The Control Unit did not house prisoners solely based on their propensity for violence.

As former warden, Ralph Arron told Mother Jones in 1990, “The purpose of the Marion Control Unit is to control revolutionary attitudes in the prison system and the society at large.”

After a prison-wide strike, and then the murder of two guards at Marion in the early 1980s, the entire prison effectively became a Control Unit. Later, government officials called for an even more extreme facility, and the Supermax ADX-Florence was built in Colorado.

In October 2011, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons reported that federal prisons house 362 people convicted in terrorism-related cases. However, the government will not disclose who is housed in the CMUs (Communications Management Units), why they were transferred there or how they might appeal their designation.

CMUs are intended to isolate prisoners with “inspirational significance,” to use the government’s language, from the communities and social movements of which they are a part. These secretive prisons are for political cases the government would rather remove from the public spotlight.

Even federal judges sometimes don’t know about the CMUs. This is literally the Star Chamber.

Attorneys for environmental activist Daniel McGowan, sentenced in 2007 to seven years in jail for his role in two acts of arson, argued in court that if he was sentenced to prison as a “terrorist,” he could end up in a secretive prison unit.

Judge Ann Aiken replied, “Now, defendants raise the specter that anyone with a terrorism enhancement is automatically doomed to a dungeon, so to speak, at the U.S. Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. It’s a very emotional argument, but nothing more, because it’s not supported by the facts.”

In a way, Aiken’s comments are true. The argument was not supported by facts, because it was incredibly difficult to learn the details of these prison units.

When the CMUs were opened, Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Harley Lappin testified before the U.S. Congress that they were for “second-tier” terrorism inmates.

“We do not have to have them as restricted, but we want to control their communications,” he said.

This benign characterization of these prisons is a chilling reflection of how, bit by bit, year by year, post-9/11 rhetoric of terrorism and national security swelled into a form that most Americans think can only occur in other countries.

If there is one thing that should be learned from history, from governments that have gone down this path, it is this: Secretive prisons for “second-tier” terrorists are often followed by secretive prisons for “third-tier terrorists” and “fourth-tier terrorists,” until one by one, brick by brick, the legal wall separating “terrorist” from “dissident” or “undesirable” or “deplorable” has crumbled.

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  1. Just found your site thru a web search. Read several articles. Just rocking truth bomb after truth bomb. Yet I don’t see certain topics that anyone into the truth would simply not avoid? You got all this stuff on the Masons, yet you name your website “Winter Watch?” 33…

    • yet you name your website “Winter Watch?” 33…

      Missing your point- Winter is my surname, and we certainly are on a watch.

      I don’t see certain topics that anyone into the truth would simply not avoid?

      We have over a 1000 posts. You’ve already read them throughly? * troll

      • Anon would be in his/her best interest to read all of your articles. I found your site some months ago, and I plan on reading them all as time permits. As I complete one article; I move on to the next because of the compeling common sense, logical reasoning, and historical narrative you provide. I recommend your site to anyone.

        Thank you!

        • I “got” here by Mr Winters postson James Tracey’s Memory Hole Blog – that was some time ago … I was “away” and started on ZeroHedge late Feb of this year when the Virus thing seeped through – it is MSM at best – “honeypot’ is an interesting idea – some NJ news seeped through today as well: “can’t reopen the economy until we test 75K a day …and get “contact tracing” started up – but we are only testing 7K a day” … here is the police state overlay… but the highway STAY HOME signs were turned off just today. Teens are getting impatient… saw my first PDA (public display of affection) yesterday – that’s the only flicker of optimism (as the NY Times says) I can offer

    • Anon thinks he’s a gematria expert… Sites like this are all trending towards using more average or mundane sounding site names in an effort to camouflage them from the online thought police

  2. I am not active on any social media, but my alt site pdf downloads and Amazon book and Kindle purchases have undoubtedly put me on the kill list. Live every day like it is your last, folks.

  3. It’s quite likely ZeroHedge is effectively a honey pot to attract, profile, and categorize visitors and their comments. I post there somewhat frequently – I’m likely on some type of threat list. I can imagine most of this high-tech profiling is implemented in and operated out of Israel.

  4. I suspect that someday in the future the net will be shut down. Those that have invested in seeking truth will be better equipped than the nitwits that are obsessed with topical social media. As to winding up on some list and being locked up somewhere I would think of having the courage of Peter and Paul who rejoiced in the Lord and actually converted some.

  5. Prepare first for the appetizer of predictive programming coming soon to a theatre (or Netflix) near you. Remakes of ‘Logan’s Run’ have been squashed multiple times- until now! Looks like they think Mr. Peter Craig of ‘Hunger Games’ fame can do the job that others couldn’t or maybe the timing wasn’t right before.

  6. I have followed Russ since finding him on Silicon Investor when he was living in Portland, Oregon. He’s usually right but early. Early gives people time to prepare.

  7. “Fear porn,” Russ? No way! If you did “fear porn” I wouldn’t visit this site at least once a day! And you would not have posted a link to my OmegaBooks site snippet post on the likely murders of Hendrix, Cobain, etc. which inspired my “if dead rock stars could talk” theme in my novels.

  8. Patriots have a list too. We’ll let the Elites and stooges figure out how they rank. Either way, traitors will be dealt with harshly. No time for reeducation. They’ve had since 1776 to get a clue.

  9. Re ‘finish off the US and UK’, Alasdair Macleod has an economics piece suggesting the region of the world most in trouble now is the EU, with the euro the most vulnerable to blowing economically as the sanctions insanity boomerangs.

    We also have the EU going crazy tinpot dictatorship with the banning of Russian news sites, Europeans now looking at sites from India etc to try to get objective news … as the Poles maybe enter Ukraine and light up the wider war, it may be the EU that goes full Orwell first.

    Macleod believes that the yen but especially the euro, will be heavily de-stabilised, even before the US dollar

    He makes a good argument that whatever happens militarily with its clumsy Ukraine invasion, Russia is going to win the financial war, which Russia and China seem to have both anticipated … and maybe Schwab as well

    Russia is in part like pre-WW1 USA – low taxes, little government debt. It had $550bn of exports, €297bn imports. But Russia’s trade surplus will now be HIGHER thanks to sanctions.

    With rising fuel prices, Russian exports may go higher, as even ‘discount’ sales to India etc involve higher prices than previously to Europe. Imports are now reduced, with China and India providing Russia’s product needs more cheaply.

    China stockpiled food and commodities for some time now … Visa and Mastercard cancelled Russia, and right away Russian-Chinese MIR-UnionPay bank cards are replacing them. McDonalds cancelled, and overnight Russians took over, turned the golden arches symbol sideways, and it is now ‘Uncle Vanya’s’ with similar products, local ingredients, profits kept in Russia. Seems they were ready.

    Blocking Russia from commerce in euros, dollars etc, serve as ‘force majeure’ in energy supply contracts, enabling Russia to demand payments in roubles from the ‘unfriendly’ Anglo-EU group and its allies, only 16% of global population baiting the bear. The rouble is now trading back to essentially pre-war levels, as traders wake up to reality.

    Russia and China have an estimated 2x the gold reserves of the West, putting them in prime position for when the global financial system moves toward comprehensive reset, somewhat further down the road.

    Macleod argues that price inflation is highly dangerous above all to the oddly-constructed eurozone, with no true sovereign to address severe bond stresses, arriving shortly.

  10. There are zero January 6th Capital prisoners. That event was a hoax, and has been exposed very throughly by famous alt media people. Most of the readers and commenters here would know this.

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