Trump-Appointed Parapolitical Swamp Creature Operatives Rubber Stamp Corrupted Election


President Trump knowingly (I believe), or through incompetence, chose to appoint the usual swamp suspects. Maybe he thought they’d accept him. Trump had four years to appoint people to agencies — including the FBI, DoJ, Inspectors General and Homeland Security — who shared his supposed worldview.

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Case in point is the betrayal by his CISA cybersecurity czar, one Christopher Krebs, who has responsibility for election infrastructure. Mucky muck Krebs is typical of Trump appointments. He came over from Big Tech, Bill Gates’ Microsoft specifically. Big bark Trump enabled Big Tech throughout his term. At the end of his term we are left mired in Big Tech censorship and propaganda.

Indeed, this CISA agency has audit capabilities and has by sheer cowinkydink partnered with contested states Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. Whodathunk.

And what has CISA determined? In a just-released joint statement, members of the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council, CISA Assistant Director, the National Secretaries of State, and others called the 2020 election the “most secure in American history.”

CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council are under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security.

CISA debunked a parapolitical conspiracy theory known as “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” involving a supposed supercomputer and accompanying software that flipped votes during the election, according to Reuters. Krebs has been particularly vocal in debunking this, calling it “nonsense”  and “a hoax.”

Krebs’ Rumor Control website debunked the claim of dead people voting and of hijacked mail-in ballots.


Now that Krebs has thrown Trump’s election challenge under the bus, he has immediately made it known that he expects to be fired. Another top agency official submitted his resignation on Thursday. Bryan Ware, the leader of CISA’s Cybersecurity Division, confirmed his departure to POLITICO.

CISA cybersecurity czar Christopher Krebs. PHOTO: Democracy Now!

Other cybersecurity hacks have jumped into the fray.

“Firing Chris Krebs at this point makes no sense,” said Michael Daniel, who served as President Barack Obama’s cybersecurity coordinator and is now president of the Cyber Threat Alliance, an information-sharing group. “Disrupting CISA’s leadership … potentially opens a window that adversaries could take advantage of.”

So once again, Trump’s habit of appointing swamp creatures has led to a predictable result that we have alluded to on our pages. Trapped on numerous fronts, who could he find among Big Tech fifth columnists to fill these slots. The capture of Homeland Security as an agency to protect election integrity is complete.

Fifth Column

[A] clandestine group or faction of subversive agents [foreign or domestic] who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal. … A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision and national defense. From such key posts, fifth-column activists exploit the fears of a people by spreading rumours and misinformation, as well as by employing the more standard techniques of espionage and sabotage.Encyclopedia Britannica

Trump signed this toothless executive order back in 2018. The problem is that the fifth-column threat was transnational big stateless technocracy, including American and dual-citizen oligarchs.

In 2020 as the fraudulent election was being rolled out, Donald Trump dismissed or replaced five inspectors general within six weeks. The office has been MIA – caught up in swamp creature para-political quagmires and squabbles. Two permanent inspectors general were dismissed and three acting inspectors general were replaced.

We know Trump hires pitbull attorneys, but with the neutered Inspectors General situation does he even have a para-political arm to conduct investigations into all this fifth-columnist skulduggery and counter these ambushes? The U.S. is no longer a democracy; therefore, Trump needed an independent security and internal espionage bureau (a large scale Project Veritas) of his own from Day 1. Alas for him, he’s many days late and dollars short — but perhaps that was the idea all along.

As Trump’s swamp creatures open the para-political corruption flood gates we learn four key democratic legislators, senators Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, Amy Klobucher and congressman Mark Pocan were sounding the alarms about Dominion vote switching back in 2019. Like so much else in this capture Trump’s appointments ignored that memo as well. Trump himself failed to utilize these bipartisan allies in dealing with this infestation.

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  1. Huh? Are you coming around to the fact that Trump is unprincipled? I knew John Kelly back at TBS (The Basic School) when he was a colonel running IOC (Infantry Officer Course) In Quantico VA. That man was religiously patriotic..We almost lost half of our class to a Land Nav Test where cheating ran rampant, usually among the “Academy” guys..
    Trump surrounded himself with a bit of “integrity wash” But no one expects to land a job with their boss being a psycho…Kelly knows who Trump is. That is all

    • Given how the US military has lied to us about Gulf of Tonkin, progress in Vietnam, USS Liberty, Vietnam POWs, the 9/11 Commission and progress in Afghanistan, I doubt John Kelly was a model of virtue.

      F them all.

      • The corruption of the US military goes all the way back to Feb. 1898 and the sinking of the armored cruiser USS Maine. Assistant secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt had placed his creature, one Richard Wainwright as the exec of Maine. Wainwright was not qualified or even eligible to be exec of a modern warship. This was a job for a senior commander and he was a very junior lieutenant commander, and a lawyer to boot. Wainwright hadn’t been to sea for more than eight years.
        So why did Roosevelt put this supremely unqualified sleazeball in this critically important post? Because Teddy and his boss J.P. Morgan wanted a war with Spain, and the exec of the Maine had access to the keys of the magazine. Wainwright put a bomb in the Maine’s forward magazine and retreated to the safety of the officers quarters in the rear of the ship. 261 of his shipmates were blown to hell in the resulting explosion. This was all blamed on Spain, and Roosevelt and Morgan had their war.
        The US military’s response has been a conspiracy of silence for the last 120 years. Three utterly fraudulent ‘investigations’ sealed the fate of the truth.
        Wainwright’s reward was to be made captain of J.P. Morgans yacht, and later rear admiral.

    • BG NV,

      First hello, and I did clarify our original dialogue in the “Dusty Finish” thread; mea cuple for poor writing on my part.

      Now for a simple question (semi related to your post):

      Isn’t New Zealand dependent on Singapore for its naval defense? Didn’t the nation contract out that aspect of national security 15-20 years ago?

      If you have the time and the inclination, I would appreciate your insight. If not, then I will understand completely.

      Simple Citizen

      • Speaking of poor writing meant: “mea culpa” , and “I would be appreciative of your insights”.

        Sorry about that, I am in a rush and not being careful with my increasingly wonky keyboard.


      • Dear Simple Citizen, I can’t answer your question, but I can tell you that national security does not mean the security of the nation. Here is what national security means: If you pretend that the last two words aren’t there, you’ll see what I found when I did the final editing resulting in me LOL and adding them back in for my website developer to include in what people would read.
        Arlene Johnson
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        To access 33 blog posts, to date exposing the coronavirus, log onto

  2. I’m not a Trump groupie (though I see him and the GOP as a safer bet than the insane Democrat/Davos party who is 100% invested in the covid hoax), but from what I understand from “Sundance” over at conservativetreehouse, Mitch McConnell controls the appointments- he tells Trump who he can and cannot get approved:

    This is why Trump has been surrounded by SNAKES from the start!! McConnell is more powerful than Trump IMO.

    According to Lt. Gen McInerney, Trump got in only because Hammer and Scorecard did not work in 2016. The fix was in for HIllary, but apparently there was a glitch with Hammer and Scorecard.

  3. Good article. Very hard to justify what Trump has done.

    “Q” probably has an explanation.

    Paul Craig Roberts claims Trump had good intentions and that he just didn’t know anyone to appoint because he was an outsider.

    There is probably some truth in that. But I think Trump’s Jew bankers had a lot to do with it.

    • And look at how Trump allowed the Covid fraud and condoned Anthony Fauci gaslighting the people from the White House.


  4. Diebold and now Dominion: US electoral processing is designed to be porous and malleable, rendering real time results based on horse trading by the global elites a reality.

    I’m sure Trump, who I consider to have been literally born into a crime family that goes back generations, will have known this and acted accordingly. All the hood ornament ‘king on a chess board’ politicians – Obama, Trump, Biden – are easily removed if the omnipotent media choses to out them with evidence of moral malfeasance, hence the endless evidence of riding the Epstein lolita express etc swirling around as a warning to them.

    I suspect Trump was inserted into the great game to drive everyone nuts and long for normalcy (sleepy Joe). We have the C19 martial law pressure cooker and death count as the grand finale of this act. Now comes the dull authoritarianism, injections, travel papers and Harris as the cackling ‘fashionable’ politician who will be inserted as president along with Newsom/Getty as VP in 2024 if that suits the overlords planning.

    The stick in the spokes is populism as many of the natives are extremely restless, know something is amiss and that the USA is bleeding out economically. Strawman Sanders was the ‘left’ pied piper to nowhere, arguably Trump the ‘right’ equivalent, all bark and little bite. There is an equivalent power vacuum in europe, mostly kept in check by the media, but the goals of the offshore elite with their great reset are making enormous efforts to trivialize national politics and democracy (example: Trump, Johnson), and heavily promote whole cloth globalized ‘reset’.

  5. Trump’s presidency can be best described as a 3rd party (partially) successful, hostile takeover of the republicans. He showed them how win the Presidency. (they dont care).
    Let this be a lesson to people who tout the Ross Perot (or) John Anderson.
    Even if the long shot 3rd party people had succeeded, they would have stepped into the same vipers nest.
    Trump did prove to my satisfaction, Americans live in a simulated democracy, with fake news, and fake elections.

  6. Trump did a wonderful job of exposing the fraud of the professional political class from either side of the aisle. He showed up and got as much done as he could inspite of massive fraud and deception aimed right at him. Paul Ryan did his best for 2 years to resist the border wall, and trade deals. Then Pelosi had her 2 years.
    Ultimately, Trump was always compromised as is evidenced by Jared and Ivanka Chabad practically living in the Oval Office.

    I dread Kabala and Joe along with Fauci and Gates using the constitution like a roll of toilet paper.

  7. This article shows why Trump is surrounded by snakes–that’s all the Senate will approve of. Mitch McConnell is the one with power over Trump:

    Shelton Nomination To Fed Blocked By Senate

    Sidenote-from reading over at conservativetreehouse, they seem to believe that Paul Ryan deliberately lost the House in 2018 to open the door for impeachment. I tend to agree. They wanted him out from the start. The only reason he got in there was b/c Hammer Scorecard had a glitch on election night in 2016.

  8. Swamp is just another psyop jokes on you. Otherwise knowne as wetlands, sensitive places of life, often protected by dread diseases, some like the Okavango only for the wealthy, rehabbed, protected fonts of life. The word you’re looking for is sewer

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