Russ Winter Rejoins TradCat Knight’s Eric Gajewski for a Look into Britain’s Spies Lodge, Juarez Femicide and the David Parker Ray Case

Russ Winter and Eric Gajewski’s monthly conversations typically are short half hour surveys of more hidden topics. These are summaries with added color but the listener is also advised to read the underlying posts to gain more details on what is going on here.

This month’s topics were:

4 Comments on Russ Winter Rejoins TradCat Knight’s Eric Gajewski for a Look into Britain’s Spies Lodge, Juarez Femicide and the David Parker Ray Case

  1. I know, i know: no such thing as a free lunch, yada yada, but those plugs at the opening were a bit much.

    -brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

  2. So you took the jab to your blood brain barrier so you could get out of jail?!?
    Not so bright. Wow, cog disorder from being in the woods. Hmmm. Sorry
    Russ, lotsa respect lost not to be regain.
    You should have that swab to know for sure as to what really happened. Just sayin.
    For all I know you have been wired by Da Man…

    • Anybody who believes in killer swabs is truly deep paranoid and a nut. They have a thousand other ways for killing or wrecking you that are far more effective. A swab is way down at the bottom on the list of weapons to fear.

      As far as your “respect” and opining goes- leave and don’t come back. I don’t tolerate purity spiral low brows who call on others to fall on their swords for no reason. And anyone else like minded, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  3. This is my last post on this site for a while, but I had to chime in. Russ Winter is pretty much always right and he displays it here on the subject of nanotechnology killbots in Covid test swabs. For the record, I haven’t had a Covid test because I live in the Republic of Arizona, a state in which you can stay out of the way of such coercive tactics if you want to. You know, that freedom of choice thingymajigger that so many pajama people have forgot about. That said, anyone out there who’s hanging their hat on the ‘reality’ of mass exposure of nanotechnology killbots via Covid swab tests is severely misinformed. I’m being kind here. Obviously the food or water supply is the best vector, if you will, for mass population exposure to a harmful substance of any type. Duh. So put that out of your mind. The whole subject is moot to me, regarding all things Covid- outside of the effects of the response, which is what is causing the real damage, as planned. I’m over it and so is my Republic, Arizona. We don’t need permission from anyone to get on in life. And people who believe in civil war two are in the same conspiracy ballpark as the nanotechnology killbot believers. I mean honestly, not to keep mentioning my home to make the analogy, but it’s my frame of reference- a place like Arizona, and really many, many places in the USA can not be taken. Geograhic fortresses abound in our wonderful country my friends. A war of invasion, or civil war 2 just isn’t possible, folks. Yeah, I’ll say never on this one too. Just fear porn for misled/uninformed folks who just don’t understand the spectacular level of firearms we possess in this country. More guns than people by a lot. Factor in the reality that the vast majority of the gun owners in this country are Almighty Father (Who Art In Heaven) fearing salt of the earth types, and even an absolute dolt can decipher that there’s not even two “sides” to fight against each other. Not to toot my own horn, but I called this Covid bollocks a crime syndicate psyop in March of 2020 on this very site and I stand by that assessment. I’m scattering a bit but my point is that it’s all just lies mainly. It’s up to you what you decide to believe. I recommend praying to the Almighty Father Who Art In Heaven in the name of his son. I mean it’s worked for me miraculously and I find myself researching conspiracy less, and real life counters to the actions of the crime syndicate more. The best part is that you can do whatever you want, that you think will help fight the bad guys. Maybe get insanely rich and fight the bad billionaire crime syndicate flying monkeys. Pray in Jesus’ name and watch it happen my friends, for if you had one ounce of faith and told a mountain to move, it’d move. Those who don’t believe that are “ye of little faith”. The Almighty Father answers every one of our prayers. Sometimes it’s just not the answer that we want to hear. People of real faith will accept a “no” answer to our prayers because they understand that He has written our entire book of life before we are born, numbering the hairs upon our heads. His Will is the only one that matters. So if you don’t want to go with the “get insanely rich and become a bigger better billionaire to fight the bad ones” plan, maybe do what I’m doing to fight these baby rapists/murderers- become a farmer. I mean we all need a farmer three times a day, right? I reckon that if I can’t grow plants in this beautiful Creation, The Almighty will guide me where He wants me to go, and I’ll constantly be asking for directions. You can count on that. And it looks like it’s within His will for that to happen. Mr.Winter will always be welcome at the farm if he chooses to come back to the states. For the record I’ve never corresponded with him outside of the comment section. I consider him a force for good. I mean read his amazing articles, people. They’ll drop your jaw often if you’re new to this information. And notice I said Mr. Winter is right “pretty much all the time”, you know, because no one is. So all the haters can go back to their sorry lives. They’ll get nowhere as long as they look for someone else to blame for their shitty lives… Going to the point of blaming The Almighty before blaming their own wretched selves. Not good form. Recipe for continuous strife in your life. I know from experience… Oh and how do you get to be a billionaire to fight the bad ones? Crypto might be it. And no not Bitcoin, which is the canary in the coal mine in what I’m about to explain, and that is this: Bitcoin’s recent plunge in value is due to the fact that it will crash completely when the real global crypto is realized. This coin already exists and is at $0.62 currently. It’s expected to go to bitcoin level prices in the next 5-6 years. Getting in now with $1000 will net you something around $31,450,000. Ration your investments and only invest what you’re prepared to lose, obviously. Simple stuff really. Full disclosure: I know nothing about crypto. This is word of mouth information from a guy who knows this stuff. And cursory internet research confirms his tip. The crypto that already exists, and is currently already used by SWIFT for international transactions is called XRP. As I said it’s already used by SWIFT and is likely to completely replace it in the future. Look it up. Bitcoin is experiencing it’s death spiral because it’s another pump and dump op, like everything these scum do. But XRP might be for real, irregardless of geopolitics. Godspeed Winter Watchers, this sparrow has gotta fly. Thank you Winter Watch for speaking truth to power.

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