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The Juárez Organized Crime Sex Trafficking and Murder Cartel

The missing women of Juarez found in a secret morgue. Photo credit: Los Angeles Press

An organized criminal cartel called Los Aztecas (aka Barrio Aztecas) has colluded with Mexican police, military and plutocrats to run a large scale female exploitation ring in Juárez, Mexico. An alarming feature of the ring involves kidnapping of thousands of young women and girls and the hell-on-earth sadistic murders of hundreds. By sheer coincidence, ALL the victims are attractive.

These women — most of them teenagers — are raped and tortured until they’re unrecognizable, and their bodies are left to rot in the desert.  Many of the murders have the hallmarks of serial killings, such as tied hands, cut hair or breast mutilation. The Juárez region is considered a center for the production of snuff films. Numerous victims are kept in the morgues for years without notifying families.

Many of the kidnapped girls work as the cheap labor in the regional maquiladoras (textile factories). Upon employment, full-body photos are taken of female employees. These photos are cataloged and delivered to the hands of deviants and sadists in Mexico, the U.S. and internationally. After victims are selected and snatched up, there are a number of isolated and protected ranches in northern Mexico with landing strips to accommodate this activity. This is likely part of Mexico’s kompromat control operation a la Epstein’s Lolita Express and Zorro Ranch.

On June 1, 2017, a protected witness who is an admitted member of Los Aztecas testified he was responsible for paying the police to turn a blind eye to the group’s business of kidnapping and forced prostitution. The protected witness, identified by the initials LJRL, told the court that the Federal Police and Mexican Army accepted sex with the underage girls in lieu of cash.

News magazine “Proceso” reports 727 known disappearances between 2010 and 2014. There have been several thousand more since then, and many others date back to the ’90s. Few real culprits have been convicted of directly participating in the murders, and family members have been framed.

For example, in January 2012, the remains of 21 young women between the ages of 15 and 21 were found dumped in a dry stream bed called Arroyo del Navajo, 80 miles southeast of Juárez. The modus operandi is industrial in scale, as the bodies are taken to remote locations requiring all terrain vehicles to access.

While this is transpiring, 6,800 Mexican soldiers and 2,300 Federal Police were deployed to the area to combat organized crime as part of the “Joint Operation Chihuahua.”

The compromised government of Mexico is dominated by pederasts, pedophiles and sadistic rapists, even more so than in satanic America and the U.K.

For further reading:

Two high-ranking leaders of Los Aztecas ran the gang’s sex-trafficking and kidnapping ring from inside the walls of two prisons in Juárez. The gang leaders in question — Jesús Damián Pérez Ortega (alias El Patachú)and Pedro Payán Gloria (alias El Pifas) — were free to enter and exit the state prison “to cool off when things got hot.” The operational capacity of the gang is not hindered when its leaders are imprisoned.

“El Pifas” was also the gang’s intermediary with Mexican soldiers stationed beyond the city limits.

Q. To clarify, why did this man you call El Pifas, why was he in communication with soldiers?

A. Because it was another point where women were kidnapped from, sometimes they asked to keep them a day or two for pleasure, if you will, or to hold the girls, it was also a point where the women were held en route to being transported to the United States or wherever it was they were being taken to.

While sex trafficking relates to a person who is forced to engage in a commercial sex act, labor trafficking is when a person is subjected to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage or slavery. Sometimes they overlap.

Los Aztecas goons usually have U.S. citizenship, making them ideal cross-border criminals. Some illegal Mexicans arrested in the United States are imprisoned in Texas, where they consequently join Barrio Azteca. After they serve their sentences, they are deported across the border into Mexico, where they quickly join the gang’s ranks and carry out a number of crimes.

Barrio Azteca is also reported to have kidnapped people in El Paso, Texas, and driven them south into Ciudad Juárez to torture and kill them before a large and cheering gang audience. According to the testimony of an alleged Barrio Azteca member, holes in the ground are dug, mesquite added, and then gasoline. The gang members then beat up their victims and throw them in the hole, before lighting a match.

Very few apprehensions — let alone convictions — for these kidnappings and slayings have been made. However, a trial of six sex slave traffickers in 2017 brought a little color to the cases. A total of 158 witnesses testified in the case. The men stand accused of sex trafficking and the kidnapping and murder of 11 young women in Ciudad Juárez.

The witnesses have testified the defendants operated a kidnapping ring in plain sight in downtown Juárez from 2008 to at least 2011. They are accused of terrorizing girls between the ages of 15 and 21 born to humble families, coercing them into prostitution, and disposing of them as they pleased. It should be pointed out that young boys are also snatched by these elements.

State prosecutor Jorge González said some of the defendants were passing themselves off as small-business owners in the busy area of Reforma Market downtown. Witnesses described a grocery store with no merchandise, a shoe store with no customers, a modeling agency with no furniture. They were business fronts set up so the criminals could lure young women with employment offers.

Curiously, the corruptos set up military checkpoints that were part of the fabric of the city. Kidnapped girls slipped right through.

After fulfilling their mission, the gang members returned to safe houses throughout the city or returned across the international bridge to El Paso. The criminals have resources. Ciudad Juárez is filled with safe houses, armories and garages with stolen cars for the cartel members, kidnappers and assassins to use.

Hotel Verde, Juárez

Many of the young women who were murdered had been prostituted at a brothel no more than a few blocks from a police precinct headquarters. The brothel, called the Hotel Verde, is also near the Santa Fe International Bridge that links Juárez to El Paso.

The Hotel Verde was a three-story headquarters for Los Aztecas, with prostitution on the first and second floors, and a drug warehouse on the third. An estimated 70% of the drugs and trafficked slaves entering the U.S. come through this city.

As we have documented in a number of our true crime cases, when it comes to organized rings of various types, there often is a tendency for terminally corrupt investigators to treat the disappearances and murders as isolated instances.

Any non-corrupted government — whether in the U.S. or Mexico — would correctly identify the threat and take strong measures to exterminate such a gang. Instead, they largely operate in and out of prison with impunity.

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8 Comments on The Juárez Organized Crime Sex Trafficking and Murder Cartel

  1. Sounds like the TV show “The Bridge” was just more predictive programming. Including trafficking women out of El Paso, which I know for a fact has been going on for years…I taught in an El Paso HS and (with my limited knowledge of Spanish) used to hear (part Spanish part English) tales from gang-affiliated students about this trafficking (some of the girls trafficked were also gang-affiliated,,,who woulda thunk it?) And the two assistant principals also verified it.

    Stay away from Juarez…if you like bull fighting, travel to Spain…screw Chamizal bull fighting ring!

    • “…There have been several thousand more since then, and many others date back to the ’90s. …” Which is when I taught in El Paso.

  2. The FBI was created to combat this type of cross border, international crime syndicate. And, yet the FBI is (AWOL). Actually the entire US Federal Government de facto OPEN borders.
    Hope you like what you see in Ciudad Juárez.
    Oh, you thought Mexicans were just bringing some spicy ethnic food to the USA! A new ethnic mafia is coming to Kansas City, and Des Monies, and Chicago, and your home town.
    And brown creeps like Julian Castro will organize them politically with La Raza (The Race).

  3. You know, as much as I favor due process of law, I really think we need to….compromise a bit on being ‘totally fair to all” when it comes to this shit. Specially trained, tough SOB’s from the US Federal authority should get plain, dirty mean with these guys-bury more than a few; yes, I know, you will say “this will only drive this underground” but I doubt that is ALL it will do. At the end of the day, ONE of the reason it is too common is that those guys KNOW the risk to them is very small, this will always motivate a coward. And coward is what a man is–who want to fight little girls, then hurt them, kill them. There MUST be fear in them, for them to begin to hesitate, and somewhere, right now, a LITTLE GIRL suffers and dies, while we “talk” about it. And the problem is “largo y profundo”, as it goes so deep, two sins of course, “omission” and “commission”, all those that DARE to hurt others–simply because the can, and those who stand by and do nothing, nothing at all. Police, judges, the average citizen–you and I, all who could do something-and do instead, nothing. Remember that little girl, think about her–do what you can. Learn more, yes, put your money out there for this cause as I will, MAKE the phone calls, DEMAND action be taken, for God’s sake, these are HUMAN BEINGS, just like you and I. Surely, the PEOPLE of the United States and Mexico can rise up, demand better-get off our dead asses and HELP for God’s sake, please, please, please. How can we rest when others suffer while we have “sweet dreams”, how can we?

    • The maya keep this shit out. Aztec culture has always been satanic and broad “Mexican” brushstrokes are ignorant and unhelpful.

    • Jim Isbell,

      From 84′ to 90 I operated on two such teams in various areas of Central & South America. Lots of it in Mexico.
      I’m certainly not going to go into detail but we had zero restrictions. Here’a the intel, find target(s,) eliminate. Due process did not exist. It couldn’t exist.

      It was very dangerous work as you can imagine. We were not government as it were, but contractors. Almost all former military.

      So I can confirm for you at least at that time what you’re proposing existed. Today however, I’m not so sure since the “deciders” are clearly in on the game. Anything approaching this methodology now appears to be for show. Maybe what we were contracted to do was all part of the show as well, but I can confirm it works.

      There were several like teams. Did we make a difference at the time ? I’d like to think so, but there simply wasn’t enough of us. You basically have to set men like us loose and give us what we need.
      The risk was very high. We had a pact between each other. If one of us were caught the others would try to take you out if rescue not possible because these animals would skin you alive. Luckily the teams I was on never had to do that, but word was out it happened on another team. There really are fates worse than death.

      The average person doesn’t seem to be able to accept there’s only one way to solve this sort of crime and that’s well funded kill teams with zero restrictions.

  4. I am posting this in the hopes that you will take in Amalia Ortiz’s riveting performance of “Women of Juarez,” which moved me so deeply when it was on Def Poetry Jam in 2005, that I sought it out again SIXTEEN YEARS LATER.

    This remains an ONGOING problem.

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